New Poll Shows Paul More Electable Than Romney


In a head to head match up Ron Paul fares better against President Obama than front-runner Mitt Romney. A new Poll conducted by Public Policy Polling shows Paul in a statistical tie with Obama and performing better than Romney. The poll was published on 3/22/12 and shows the continued divide among republicans nationwide and their inability to unify around a single candidate in this long, drawn out primary season. One of Paul’s greatest strengths from this poll is his performance among somewhat liberal and moderate participants. 26% of somewhat liberal participants approved of Paul, double that of Rick Santorum who was next closest. Paul also polls well among moderates as well coming in second to Mitt Romney in that category.

As the primaries move into their fourth month of elections and what seems like countless months of campaigning prior to that there is no clear nominee yet and this poll just reinforces that. Mitt Romney has less than half of the delegates needed to clinch the GOP nominee and there are still 22 more contests including the two states richest in delegates Texas and California, which combined have 321 uncommitted delegates. Only time will tell how the GOP primaries and the RNC will play out however it is important to remember that despite the media bias towards Romney he would have to win nearly 100% of all delegates from now until after the May 22 primaries to clinch the nomination. At the absolute minimum there is at least another two months to continue fighting for the cause of liberty (in this primary at least) but more than likely this will go all the way to Tampa and the RNC.

The full poll can be viewed here
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