Maine fraud goes mainstream


By pchanson

Maine fraud goes mainstream: Chicago Tribune (Chicago wrote the book on voter fraud) Update: Also in the LA times!

Another Mitt Romney win could be undone in Maine caucuses
By Michael A. Memoli | Chicago Tribune
February 16, 2012

Mitt Romney has already had a caucus victory in Iowa undone. Could his win in Maine be next?

On Saturday, the Maine Republican Party released the results of a presidential preference straw poll that had been conducted over several weeks at municipal caucuses. The party declared Romney the winner by 194 votes over Ron Paul.

The result was immediately called into question by supporters of the Texas congressman, and for good reason — not all the votes were counted. The tally was made public even though most towns in Washington County had yet to caucus — their meetings were postponed because of snow — and will instead be held this weekend.

Furthermore, the results published by the Maine GOP had no votes recorded from another 200 cities and towns…

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And in the LA times (nice pic of my hero to go with this release of the article):…

Can you say viral?? These 2 papers are as mainstream as it gets. Many newspapers are in decline but these 2 are near the top of the shrinking pile.

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