Keep Those Pathetic, Potbellied Pilferers from Stealing Your Stuff


By Becky Akers

You might think that airports would be absolutely free of crime. After all, between the mass, generalized, warrantless searches of every passenger and the hysteria that erupts when LaWanda discovers a firearm (which she does very rarely — only about 1500 times in 2012 for 750 million trips), concourses are as devoid of guns as tyrants can render them.

But alas, airports are Ground Zero for sexual assault and theft. Indeed, you might think poor old Piers and his fellow morons would look to aviation’s gulag, where Our Rulers have disarmed passengers of everything but their fingernails, to see the results of their dream: the cringing, shuffling lines of potential victims who hope to go about their mundane affairs without a uniformed bully’s noticing and humiliating them; those unfortunates who don’t escape attention suffering gate-rape and other insults; iPads, cash and other valuables disappearing from luggage and bins to enrich the government’s goons. If Piers and other Progressives crave such a dystopia, they are very sick puppies indeed.

At any rate, a friend sent me the video below in which Mike Adams of Natural News shows those of you who must fly how to prevent the “TSA criminals and thugs and pathetic, pot-bellied thieves that work at the airports” from stealing your stuff. His method is as clever and inexpensive as it is effective. Even if you don’t fly, you may want to watch the clip and enjoy Mike’s splendid adjectives (“pathetic and lazy”) when he describes these public predators-sorry, servants.

Update: Sean Casey writes that there’s “one problem…the scissors you will need to cut the zip-ties when you arrive at your destination will probably be confiscated” — Sean, you’re too kind: stolen is the word you’re hunting — “by the gate-rapists.” He included a link with tips for meeting this challenge and adds that “a good pair of nail clippers should also do the trick.”