Is Ron Paul Too Big of Threat to Government Way of Business to Become President?


Is it possible that Ron Paulis actually too big of a threat to the way the government does business to be allowed to become president in 2012? Paul seems to be doing a great job in relaying his idealism on how to get the U.S back to a AAA status country with a flourishing economy, yet he is continually ignored by mainstream media.


He is also going unmentioned by the Obama administration. It is acting as if he is no real threat to President Barack Obama’s chance of winning re-election despite the fact Paul came within 1 percent of beating winner Michele Bachmann in the Iowa Straw Poll as well as doing exceptionally well in online polls and shining like a diamond in GOP debates.

When it comes to answering tough questions on everything from the economy to bringing our boys back from Iraq and Afghanistan, Paul knows which direction our country should take. He has answers that make sense and he gives matter of fact details about how we can climb out of the hole that has been created.

Paul seems to know exactly what his is doing, and has answers to hard hitting questions covered like no other presidential candidate in this race but that is nothing new, even back when Paul ran for Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 election he had great foresight into the future state of the nation.


He warned about the economy imploding and made clear we were headed in a bad direction; he understood then the magnitude of our debt issues and had enough insight to know our economy and our dollar were going to take a dive, yet no one took heed. Now his prior warnings are reality, a reality that has the Obama administration in hot water and yet Obama refuses to admit he is in over his head and that the government’s way of governing needs an aggressive overhaul, one which many Americans believe should include a new president.

Paul acknowledged in a Tuesday video on that he is “trying to change the course of history” and the media doesn’t want to discuss his views; he believes the media are frightened by his campaign challenging the status quo and the establishment of our current government.


Is this why President Obama’s administration has yet to focus on Paul as a front-runner in the 2012 election? Is it possible Obama, his administration and the mainstream media do not want to bring Paul into the spotlight any more than he has already been because they are afraid of the right kind of change; unlike the change President Obama has brought us?

Paul’s change would be the kind that reforms a broken government from the ground up, and that’s change our government would not want. Is it plausible that there is a silent war being waged on Paul one that is designed to keep him out of sight and out of mind?

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