Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a quick time out to wish all here in the U.S. a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

Many of us spend much of our time pointing out, explaining & discussing the problems around us, of which there are many.  Whether it be the growing illegal and immoral wars we are engaged in, the corruption in government along with all the needed smoke and mirrors provided by the main stream media to help cover it up, along with the failing economy created by the Federal Reserve and a power hungry government that has run up $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities (#528k per household), high prices & unemployment accompanied by higher costs of health care & education.  In fact, the only things that are lower is the interest on our savings, the quality of the products we purchase,  the quality of education that our students receive and the quality of health care that we all receive.  Yes, we do not need “them” dumping fluoride in our water supplies anymore than we need heavy metals sprayed into our air supply.  As you all know, the list could go on for days and weeks.

Whatever your situation, employed or not, surrounded by family or not so much, in good health or dealing with illness, take a look around, and you may not have to look very far.  You, regardless of your situation, are better off than some others around you.  If someone is to feel depressed today I would hope it is because they see a friend or neighbor that is worse off than they are and they have no way to help and share with that person.  And for those that do not see one worse off than you may I recommend looking in the mirror.  That image in the mirror is worse off, as it is simply a reflection of you today, at that moment, nothing more and nothing less.  The real you, on the other hand, has the ability to make good decisions, to make changes that can help create a better life for you and possibly those around you in the future.

I hope all have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving Day!