Google Silencing Washington Times?

Google Silencing Washington Times?


From a recent security scan and alert I received while performing the scan, Google has placed the Washington Times web site ( on the list of offenders added to Google’s Safe Browsing List.

[Updated to include security scan screen capture below, 1 example of 22 such results.]


The results seemed mixed as the mobile site loads without a problem or warning screen but the screen capture below is what loaded when viewing in my machine browser.

8-20-2013 7-06-27 PM

When scanning posts on I had 22 posts that contained a link to information posted on’s web site, dating back to at least June of 2011 at quick glance.  When going to Google’s diagnostic page regarding their Safe Browsing list here is the information displayed…

8-20-2013 7-14-26 PM

Funny, Google has been monitoring the site and has seen 20 issues in the last 90 days but late this afternoon the site is now listed on the evil roster of sites that could cause potential harm to all that visit, calling the site an “Attack Page”.  Did all those issues manifest late this afternoon?

Is the Google notice based on fact or fiction, presented for safety or censorship?  You be the judge, just passing along the information.  Feel free to enter your thoughts in the comments below and let us see what the general consensus is.