Google Declares Revolution PAC Tops on YouTube


Ron Paul super committee leads 2012 election cycle in organic viewership.

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 12, 2012

Among all super PACs vying for a piece of the global YouTube audience, Google has named Revolution PAC – backer of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul – the clear leader in the field.

Logging 3.15 million views to date, Revolution PAC’s YouTube content outranks by a significant margin that of its closest counterparts supporting Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Revolution PAC officers cite a uniquely organic draw and high video production value among the reasons for the Google distinction.

“The work of other committees simply lacks the creative punch and substance that our message carries,” notes Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi. “While most PACs or campaigns must buy views to generate interest, the majority of our viewers exhibit a consistent, natural hunger for our content.”

Revolution PAC’s single most watched video is “Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!” The three-minute kinetic typography ad warning of the unintended consequences of overseas military adventurism has enjoyed 958,964 views since its October launch.

Revolution PAC is supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination and his consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising, direct mail campaigns, vote-watching initiatives and innovative Web promotions complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.

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