Freedom of Speach, Ed Vallejo and the first Amendment as it applies to this blog.

When setting up a blog and all the extra plug-ins needed to protect the site from spammers there are times when you have to deal with situations / options that you do not like.  My friend Ed Vallejo pointed out a very good point regarding censorship of comments which I appreciate and take to heart, thus this reply.

Firstly, by default the best spam blocker sets comments as spam or needing approval for those considered safe.  I have no issues of someone disagreeing with anything I post and encourage the banter.  Banter only stimulates conversation and an exchange of knowledge and I encourage it.  I support the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech and expression as long as it does not intrude on the rights of others.

Back to the software issue, offering up real stats as to why I maintain the default settings….. I am looking at 246 spam comments, iPhone 5 to sewing machines, verses 16 real comments, as was yours, held in an approval status. The point is well made, and fully agreed upon but no comments are censored other than for spambots as all others are approved, whether they be in agreeing or disagreeing.  Happy to see either, as that means they are thinking and willing to communicate.

As of now, real time, I am looking at a comment ratio of 78% spam.  That being the case and stuck in a 24 hour day, it would ugly to have to review every post to search for spam and delete it should the comment gate be opened. I have no issue with comments that agree, disagree or challenge, kinda like the last option :), but would never see them as time would be spent “taking out the trash”.

Please do not confuse the comments above as saying my blog is a “free speech zone”, as it is not.  To clarify, where your feet are standing, where your butt is sitting, where you are going to or coming back from, they are all free speech zones.  If we happen to connect feel free to speak your piece / or peace, and it is all good and shared.  Disclaimer, pimping Iphone 5, software and sewing machines need not apply.  I see freedom of individual speech quite differently than marketing bots.

Due to the high spam content I will keep the default settings. It may slightly delay valued feedback but it will make that feedback visible and not buried in spam.  I can except this tradeoff.  Any comments or concerns are appreciated.

Ed, I hope this helps to explain the current condition and reason behind it,  I enjoy the input 🙂