Detroit’s rise and fall 1

A CBC News interview with Heidi Ewing discussing the economic plight facing the city and residence of Detroit, Michigan along with her documentary Detropia.


Detroit’s rise and fall

CBC News speaks with Heidi Ewing, director of Detropia, a documentary about the rise and fall of Detroit.

CBC Video capture

CBC Video capture

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  • PabloKOh

    How long can we ignore the absolute immorality of public debts and public pensions? Why should a future resident or child who did not vote for and had no hand in these negotiations be forced to pay for what current residents decide to spend? We made up this term “kick the can down the road” to disguise the absolute theft from future generations. Theft is wrong no matter what you mislabel it. If we want to prosper as a human or as a family or as a group of people we MUST not hit, steal or lie.

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