Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck


By Lew Rockwell

Last night, when CNN shut down its election coverage after Ron won the Adelson caucus, there was no explanation, just a confusing switch to earlier coverage. We still do not know the results for approximately half the votes in the state. I believe Ron came in a solid second, at least, beating Newt and threatening Rom. And who knows, he might have done better than that. We can be pretty sure there are shenanigans going on, because the MSM is not questioning the unprecedented delay. It reminds me of the Iowa strawpoll, which I believe–with good reason–was won by Ron, and not Bach. I guess we will never know, without some courageous whistleblowers, but the US has a long history of stolen elections. Are we supposed to think the present breed of pols is above such things, when trillions and trillions are at stake?

UPDATE from Scott Weisman:

This is why I’m pretty pretty sure (in addition to the “it” in “in it to win it” being the presidency, not the nomination) that the good doctor is going to go all the way. At worst, he’ll just rally more people to the cause.

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