Common Core: How Career Training Has Replaced Public Education



By Susanne Posel
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Common Core: How Career Training Has Replaced Public Education




Last month in New York, the Common Core Learning Standards will leave some students behind because of the focus on passing tests and lack of direct education.

The working group of Board Regents (BR) state: “Educators whose jobs are threatened because of this year’s and last year’s test results should be able to raise as a defense a district’s failure to provide enough training or guidance on the standards.”

The BR will be releasing a report on CCLS which demands that a 3 year moratorium be placed on implementation of Common Core to properly evaluate the consequences of drastically shifting the focus of education from learning to effectively passing exams.

In 2022, students in high school would be required to pass CCLS exams or risk not graduating with a diploma.

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These recommendations by the BR apply to 2012 – 2014 school years and represent an obvious turn from agendas laid out by John King, NY education commissioner, and Chancellor Merryl Tisch.

Both King and Tisch decry that CCLS is “necessary to ensure that students are college and career ready.”

Media reports assert to the public that “common core isn’t a government conspiracy” in an attempt to legitimize this “initiative in our classrooms.”

In the mix to contribute to this shift in what education means in America, a groups called Student Achievement Partners (SAP) prides themselves on “working to support teachers across the country in their efforts to realize the promise of the Common Core State Standards for all students.”

According to the SAP website: “This website is full of free content designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core State Standards. It includes practical tools designed to help students and teachers see their hard work deliver results. was created in the spirit of collaboration. Please steal these tools and share them with others.”

Ben Gibbons, a father of 3 children, wrote an op-ed piece explaining his view on CCLS.

Gibbons said: “Common Core’s lead architect has publicly admitted that his team was not qualified for the job, and it shows. The standards for early childhood grades, for instance, are wildly at odds with what educators and child psychologists know is developmentally appropriate for young children, setting the stage for undue stress and suppressed creativity.”

The father continued: “In math, rather than teaching students to competently and confidently solve arithmetic problems using the classic algorithms, Common Core mandates an avant-garde approach in which children are taught a confusing amalgam of solution strategies, most of which are utterly worthless in the real world. As a result, your grandmother will likely be faster and more competent at simple arithmetic than your kids.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) published a document entitled, “Shifting into High Gear: Accelerating the Common Core through Teacher Networks” which creates “robust teacher networks to accelerate the impact of their efforts to support Common Core implementation.”

The College Ready Work (CRW) team is an off-shoot of the College Ready Strategy (CRS) provides “existing Foundation partners” to become “networks” for educators to ensure that CCSS is implemented “successfully”.

Under CCLS new standards of learning have been implemented with the expressed purpose of dumbing down the population. These include:

• Basic knowledge of the “classics” without a focus on reading comprehension
• Reinvention of writing skill to focus on keyboard and typing skills for college and career readiness
• Learning how to speak improperly by integrating slang and other alternative modes of communication
• Using media as a form of learning to train students to become dependent on mainstream media for their information while de-emphasizing personal research and independent thought
• Replacing cursive writing with courses on keyboard and focus on improving typing skills
• Replacing cognitive thought facilitated by mathematics with the broad belief system that illegitimates logic and reasoning

Memorization is the center of this new way of educating children with a focus on visualization to understand relationships between numbers. This is a technique that supposes the child will eventually come to the correct answer to the question.

By using deduction, the CCSS standard is part of the uniform “what every child should know curriculum.” [/wpex]

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