Video Library

A video library, or collection, on topics of freedom, liberty, money, Federal Reserve, banks, U.S. Constitution, health, GMO, inalienable rights and Ron Paul.  This is a beginning and meant to highlight what I consider classic educational videos for historical purposes, not the latest fad or top video of the week.

As with all, or most all, videos online, their posted life expectancy is unknown. Any video can be pulled at any time, as I know of 6 or 8 that I had in this library that now show as deleted. Visitors will see the twenty some videos available while unaware of the 35 or so that this list started with. Although each video was free to share at the time aspects arise due to copyright claims, censorship due to certain entities objections or plain political correctness complaints, as this is the world we now live in.

Should there be a video or more that you like, I would recommend downloading and saving the video locally. Like most things in this world, we are told that “there is an app for that”. Not reviewing or recommending any such apps, which are safe, which have spyware or adware, etc. There are many browser third party plugins that do the job, should you have the need. My only advise, as with all information, is to do your own homework and research.

Speaking of apps, the one I used to post the video collection here took a turn for the worse and is in the process of being replaced. The developer blamed most of the changes on YouTube, but then extremely limited the app functionality to sell a higher end version. That is a bad business model as I had considered the higher end app model but now am replacing the app all together and searching for better.

Excuse the mess below for now, as you may temporarily see multiple displays as I try various video posting replacements.


test 1

test 2

[youtube_channel channel=UCN839g2w3tmuceCloxsDrhw playlist=PLTHD9TD-rjI8mW_m5C1eXmlolLslObKhA resource=2 cache=300 fetch=10 num=1 ratio=3 responsive=1 width=306 display=thumbnail norel=1 nobrand=1 showtitle=none desclen=0 noanno=1 noinfo=1 link_to=none goto_txt=”Visit our YouTube channel”]