Breaking…Government agency now into your private retirement funds 1


By RandysRight

Breaking…Government agency now into your private retirnment funds

Bloomberg has reported that the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering taking a role in managing the $19.4 Trillion in American’s retirement US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Yes, you read that correctly, the government agency created in 2010 as part of Dodd-Frank is weighing ‘helping’ Americans manage their retirement funds…naturally by protecting them with the safety and security of Treasury bonds.

As we have been warning readers for nearly 2 years here at SD, the coming risk of confiscation is not in your gold and silver investments (the American public has nothing to confiscate), but in your pension, 401k, and IRA retirement funds through forced allocations of US Treasury paper.

Those who are unwilling to take the tax hit and get out of Dodge in time will likely soon find themselves directly funding the US ponzi scheme through their retirement funds.


One thought on “Breaking…Government agency now into your private retirement funds

  • MotherGoos3

    Thanks for the article. I’m getting a PO box to avoid paying the outrageous ~10% sales tax (whatever happened to the proposal of removing state sales tax on gold and silver?), and the site you link is perfect for my needs. I’ve been buying a silver eagle a week for a few months now. I knew there was going to be a grab for the IRA’s so I refuse to participate.

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