Aurora Massacre Update: Prescriptions Seized, Victims’ Families Invited to Party at Movie Theatre


By Ryan W. McMaken

Aurora Massacre Update: Prescriptions Seized, Victims' Families Invited to Party at Movie TheatreAccording to today’s Denver Post:

Aurora police seized four prescription bottles and immunization records when they searched theater-shooting suspect James Holmes’ apartment in July, according to newly obtained filings in the murder case against Holmes.

…The documents — many of which are heavily redacted — do not reveal what prescriptions the bottles were for or whether prosecutors intend to use them as evidence.

In related news, the families of the victims were invited by Cinemark to the Grand Re-Opening of the movie theater where the victims were gunned down. There’s no word yet on whether the PR geniuses behind the move were fired.

Several families are suing Cinemark and citing the fact that Cinemark provided insufficient private security at the theatre. Personally, I hope Cinemark is sued out of existence. This is a company that prohibits guns on their premises, but cannot be bothered with providing private security. In other words, Cinemark denies its customers the option of protecting themselves, but refuses to provide adequate security. Prudence dictates that one or the other must be available to patrons.

UPDATE: Writes GB: “I would agree with you wholeheartedly, and would certainly if I owned the business have a plan for security, whether by individual patrons or my own. But in this case, those who went to this theater did so voluntarily. The same holds true for those who allow their children to attend atrocious “public” schools. What is needed here is mass self responsibility, and dissent to the degree that the state is unable to counter it.”


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