A funny thing happened on the way to impeaching Donald Trump (America started to wake up, It’s all coming to light now, Sorry Soros)

By Nick Sorrentino

Against Crony Capitalism

May 8, 2018


A funny thing happened on the way to impeaching Donald Trump (America started to wake up, It’s all coming to light now, Sorry Soros)


A funny thing happened on the way to impeaching Donald Trump (America started to wake up, It’s all coming to light now, Sorry Soros)


However this all plays out a few things are pretty clear, the chief being that there were (maybe still are) people in high positions who wanted to take Donald Trump down at all cost. In fact, back in December 2016 we posted on a confab in which George Soros, other big time billionaire donors to the Democratic Party and David Brock, the propaganda mercenary, met to put together a plan to “kick Donald Trump’s ass” in the wake of Clinton’s loss.

This was Davd Brock’s strategy as shared with Time Magazine in January 2017.

Among Brock’s plans are new efforts to shift his media-monitoring operation to focus more on smaller news websites*, which often work by looser editorial standards in an effort to win converts to the conservative cause, and to pressure Facebook and Googleto further clamp down on false news stories. He hopes to pivot his social-news brand, Shareblue, with a new editor who has long railed against the Democratic establishment, to become a competitor to the conservative powerhouse Breitbart. He is also seeking $8 million to $10 million more to build a legal team. “What we are going to do is use litigation as a way of tying Trump up in knots every way we can,” Brock says.

So let’s see. He and Soros HAVE pressured Facebook and Twitter to limit the speech of those who oppose people like Soros and Brock, but we have a tradition of speech in this country and users have pushed back (it has been quiet but strong) against such censorship. Also it looks like the effort to “tie Trump up with litigation” has for the most part failed. In fact, now we are coming to see who the actors behind this effort to “tie up” Trump and really derail the country are. Clinton and Company thought they could get away with it. Classic hubris.

Also from the same Time article;

Among those who have advised him on the plan is Hillary Clinton, who suggested to Brock in a phone call after the election that he should sign up some top-notch litigators who would do pro bono work against Trump. “She spoke about trying to construct a suit that would get you discovery on potential or alleged contacts between the Trump organization and the Russian government,” Brock remembers. Brock has since been in talks with attorney Gloria Allred to help fund the defamation suit she has led against Trump on behalf of a former contestant from The Apprentice, who has said Trump made unwanted sexual advances on her.

So Clinton was pushing the Russian conspiracy theory from the outset. This is a shock. I’m sure there was no communication with the Obama White House on this either. Oh, and they were going to try to embarrass and shame Trump because they, again, couldn’t handle that Trump bested them and was now (and has) decimated any “legacy” that Obama “the great divider” had. What Clinton/Brock/Obama/Soros didn’t understand is that everyone knows (and knew) that Trump’s a cad. They don’t care.

And it’s a YUGE surprise that the Obama administration appears to have been laying the foundation for the anti-Trump efforts from day one along with a petulant Clinton squad. (This is a real shot at everything America stands for, and to the peaceful transition of power.)

But the American people are now wise to these people and Soros and Brock haven’t been able to shut down speech and communication and the deplorable uprising. (It’s really more than an uprising at this point.)

And now its all coming out for the American people to see in ugly stark terms. Brennan, Mueller, Comey, Clapper (who lied bold faced to the American people under oath), Clinton, Obama, Brock, Soros, and many others were involved in what appears to be an effort to undermine the democratic process. Only the most partisan Dems can’t see the damage the Dems have tried to do to the country over the last year and a half. Even still, it’s not really the rank and file Democrat’s fault, but the party leadership that appears to have gone way over the line. As pipers get paid (watch) it will be important to remember this. There are many good people who identify as Democrats, it is their leadership that it sure looks like failed the country.

But who knows maybe Mueller will make it all better for this group? Maybe in the end he can pull it together. But it looks less and less likely. And it is said that Trump is going to appeal to voters directly in the mid-terms to come out and protect him. I don’t think the Democrats really know what that means. People aren’t going back to the dreary Obama days.

(From Zerohedge)
A funny thing happened on the way to impeaching Donald Trump. After two-years of investigations by a highly politicized FBI and a Special Counsel stacked with Clinton supporters, Robert Mueller’s probe has resulted in the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, the arrests of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, and the indictment of 13 Russian nationals on allegations of hacking the 2016 election – along with the raid of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.
The nation has been on the edge of insanity waiting for that much-promised and long awaited link tying President Trump to Vladimir Putin we were all promised, only to find out that there is no link, the deck appears to have been heavily stacked against Donald Trump by bad actors operating at the highest levels of the FBI, DOJ, Obama admin and Clinton camp, and the real Russian conspiracy in the 2016 election was the participation of high level Kremlin sources used in the anti-Trump dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for.
Now, as the out-of-control investigation moves from the headlines and into court, the all-encompassing “witch hunt,” as Trump calls it, may be in serious jeopardy.
As of Friday, three separate Judges have rendered harsh setbacks to the Mueller investigation – demanding, if you can believe it, facts and evidence to back up the Special Counsel’s claims – in unredacted format as one Judge demands, or risk having the cases tossed out altogether.

*Smaller websites huh? Like what websites David? Any with which we are familiar? 

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