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Bernanke’s Warning: We Stand on the Precipice of Economic Destruction

Source: http://www.infowars.com By Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com Earlier this week, Federal Reserve boss Ben Bernanke again warned that out of control borrowing and spending will eventually destroy the country. Said Ben to the the Budget Committee: Sustained high rates of government borrowing would both drain funds away from private investment and increase our debt to foreigners, […]

Pentagon Announces New Strategy: Rapidly Develop Cyberweapons to Attack Specific Targets

Source: http://www.popsci.com The Pentagon wants cyberweapons, and it wants them fast. Deftly recognizing that cyberweapons are nothing like the materiel of physical warfare, the DoD is devising a means to fast-track and field certain cyberweapons, some of which will take only days to go from development to deployment. The Washington Post has obtained a Pentagon-prepared […]

Corrupt Canadian Banking System

This is my daughter. She gave this speech at a businees meeting in front of 600 people. Her eyes have been opened to a scam that is being perpetrated upon Canadians and the rest of the world. I am the owner of this video. Please copy the following http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axS-QdUkMqk and add “Corrupt Canadian Banking System” […]

Support for Afghan War hits a new low among Americans

Source: http://rt.com Nearly eleven years in and the United States’ war in Afghanistan is still waging on and now more unpopular than ever. The results of a just released poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post reveal that the American public’s support for the country’s decade-long military operation in Afghanistan is at its […]

TSA Admits $1B Nude Body Scanner Fleet Worthless!

Source: http://tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com My last video demonstrated how easy it is to take a metal object through TSA nude body scanners undetected. In this video, I interviewed an actual TSA screener to hear more about how these machines are an epic fail. “Jennifer,” who asked me not to use her real name or face, has been […]

Americans Agree with Ron Paul on Military Spending

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com By Jack Hunter Americans Agree with Ron Paul on Military Spending Reports the Houston Chronicle: Thirty-six percent of Americans think this country is spending too much money on the military and national security, according to a new survey from Rasmussen Reports. In comparison, only 27 percent think the country doesn’t spend enough on […]

Our Movement in Fort Worth

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com By Jack Hunter After speaking to over 3,000 at Texas A&M Tuesday, Ron Paul drew another 3,000 in Fort Worth last night. Right now the media is declaring the primaries over and yet Ron Paul gets frontrunner treatment everywhere he goes. The Miami Herald reports: “There were 12 [GOP candidates] at one time. […]

Is Oil Smuggling and Organized Crime the Cause of Greece’s Economic Crisis?

Source: http://www.sott.net Jen Alic Oilprice.com Oil smuggling is embedded into the social, political and economic fabric of Greece, with annual revenues generated from illegal fuel smuggling reaching €3 billion euros as of 2008, and some sources say that although Greece imports up to 99 percent of its fuel needs, it still manages to export more […]

7 little-known Social Security benefits

Source: http://www.bankrate.com By Jennie L. Phipps • Bankrate.com That FICA guy won’t be your buddy In the first season of “Friends,” Rachel Green looks at her first paycheck as a waitress and asks, “Who’s this FICA guy, and why is he getting all my money?” That’s one hard lesson about Social Security. Another is that […]

UN Security Council votes to send troops to Syria to enforce ceasefire

Source: http://www.sott.net The UN security council has voted unanimously to send to 30 military observers to Syria to monitor the country’s fragile ceasefire. Russia and China joined the other 13 security council members and voted in favour of the draft resolution on Saturday. Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, made it clear Moscow would […]

Human Eggs Grown in the Lab Could Produce Unlimited Supply of Humans

Source: http://www.sott.net Rebecca Boyle PopSci Thu, 12 Apr 2012 14:00 CDT The first human eggs grown from human stem cells could be fertilized with human sperm cells later this year, potentially revolutionizing fertility treatment for women. This could be one more step on the path toward reproduction sans human interaction – in this case, a […]

What is Heading Our Way?

Source: http://www.sott.net Charles Goyette The Burning Platform Thu, 12 Apr 2012 15:31 CDT Perhaps it’s like shouting an alarm, unheard above the engine noise of two trains on a collision course. Or, screaming helplessly as a car slips its brakes and rolls toward a toddler playing at the bottom of the driveway. It is gruesome […]