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MSM doing what they do best, humm, nothing honest

The main stream media owners and their “handlers” are scared.  Freedom of the msm press was a few generations ago, as we now have an agenda controlled press.  You want freedom of research and share real news, got online!

Don’t Believe the Hype. Meet the Real Rick Perry

Source: http://www.rlc.org Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Sends Warning to Republicans Nationwide About Perry’s Tax and Spend Record AUSTIN, TX – Texas Governor Rick Perry may be the flavor of the day for a lot of Republicans, but Texas Republicans who are familiar with his record are a lot less enthusiastic about his presidential run.  […]

The debate: Paul wins, Bachmann wins, Perry heads for the OK Corral

Source: http://thehill.com By Brent Budowsky – 08/12/11 10:29 AM ET The Republican debaters looked like Snow White and the eight dwarfs, though recently Barack Obama has not looked profoundly presidential either. There were two big winners. Ron Paul is establishing himself as the only anti-war candidate in either party, a potentially huge role. Michele Bachmann continued her shredding of Tim Pawlenty, who […]

Calling “BS” on NBC news 1

Here is just another example of the mainstream medias constant efforts to try and avoid covering Ron Paul or doing their best to minimize what coverage they do have to give of him.  This capture taken from the NBC “news” site.  If you took a quick glace at the original article you would never see […]

Paul Wins. Santorum Still a Loser.

Source: http://www.ronpaul2012.com The Washington Post, The Hill, Slate, Newsmax and many others have declared Ron Paul among the winners in last night’s debate. Many have also declared Rick Santorum to be a loser. As for the debate, many have said Santorum lost that too. But perhaps the best post-debate Santorum comments came from Sen. Rand […]

GOP leaders demand transparency on Obamacare waivers

Source: http://island-adv.com “There are many opponents of Obamacare who are voicing outrage that some of the same organizations that carried “Obama’s water” and vocally endorsed his health care “reform” law are the ones who are scrambling for waivers.” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leaders continue to press the Obama Administration to explain how it granted more than 1,400 […]

Breaking: T-Paw dropping out

Source: http://hotair.com News began breaking on Sunday morning before most folks had finished their coffee or had even woken up on the left coast. Some fourteen hours after finishing a relatively distant third place to Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul in the Ames straw poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is ending his quest for […]