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Imminent Revolution

This is AWESOME video I wanted to share it here for all to see and to have handy to share with others. Much thanks to MatthewDZak who created this video!

An excellent personal endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul for President

I think this an extremely well worded and sincere endorsement for Dr. Ron Paul.  No big celebrity or business mogul, just an average citizen like you and I.  This is in two parts and notice the second part did not have many views, which often is the case, so I wanted to include both together […]

GM collected $17 million from TN for jobs, then left

Source: Written by Chas Sisk | The Tennessean   ‘Tennessean’ Watchdog Report As General Motors teetered on the brink of collapse nearly three years ago, it was able to tap an unexpected source of cash: the state of Tennessee. The automotive giant received nearly $17 million — most of it in the week after […]

Iceland citizens write a new constitution through online collaboration

Source: By Agence France-Presse Friday, July 29th, 2011 — 8:49 pm REYKJAVIK — A group of 25 ordinary citizens on Friday presented to Iceland’s parliamentary speaker a new constitution draft, which they compiled with the help of hundreds of others who chipped in online. The group had been working on the draft since April […]

Random Thoughts Of The Minute :)

Here we sit, some us contemplating the political posturing of the last few days.  Not picking out sides or the pluses (if you saw any please let me know) or the minuses in the debates over the phenomenal debt we find our selves in.  A debt created that is 10% caused by large corporate tax […]

Bernie Sanders: The Top Ten U.S. Corporate Tax Avoiders

[Chris: Oh Bernie, if that “I” stands for Independent you fail, more like flop to whatever thought process is popular.  Still a good point to show, and basically much of our taxes go to the tax refunds of the corporate empire running this country via lobbyists, while they contribute zip.] Source: Goldman Sachs, Bank […]

Looking for someone to blame? Congress is a good place to start

Source: By Charley Reese12:00 a.m. EDT, July 11, 2011 (This column originally ran in the Orlando Sentinel on March 7, 1995. Former columnist Charley Reese retired from the Sentinel 10 years ago. His final column ran on July 29, 2001.) Politicians, as I have often said, are the only people in the world who […]

At 15 Federal Agencies, Death More Common Than Job Loss

Source: How secure are federal workers’ jobs? According to a recent USA Today study, death is the leading cause of job loss in 15 federal agencies. The federal government laid off or fired 0.55 percent of its workforce, according to USA Today – about one sixth of the firing/layoff rate in the private sector. […]

Washington Is Annoyed at Wall Street’s Failure to Panic

[Chris: Did they consider that over time and repeated threats and fear mongering that the people are seeing through this game.  They were hoping for more smoke and a few more mirrors to be set in place, sorry, didn’t happen and not buying it.] Source: By: John Carney Senior Editor, I just got […]