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Canadian Scientists Ask: Could Bubonic Plague Strike Again?




By Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

Canadian Scientists Ask: Could Bubonic Plague Strike Again?




Scientists from the McMaster University (MMU) in Canada have discovered the Justinian Plague (JP) and the Black Death (BD) were derived from distinct strains of the Yersinia pestis bacterium.

The team of researchers compared 12 skeletons from a Bavarian cemetery and uncovered the YPB in low levels of teeth tested.

Hendrik Poinar, lead author of the study and professor at MMU, explained that regardless of the fact that this research cannot be 100% conclusive, it is their educated opinion that the YPB was present in the teeth of these people buried in the cemetery and these findings are “backed up by similar elements of the bacteria that were discovered in a mass grave of victims from the 1348 bubonic plague in London.”

The bubonic plague “making” DNA material was found by the team. This bacterium is supposed to travel with small rodents and fleas.

The concern of the scientists is whether or not this strain of plague could strike again.

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In 2013, the International Committee of the Red Cross is warning that 20 residents in a village in Madagascar have died due to an outbreak of the bubonic plague.

Other media reports state that 39 people have succumbed to the Black Death.

The Health Ministry for the government stated: “There is an epidemic in Madagascar which is currently affecting five districts (out of 112). Eighty-six people have been inflicted by the plague, of which 39 have died.”

A doctor for the Health Ministry told the press that “90 percent of the cases were pneumonic plague, apparently much more vicious than the common bubonic plague that can kill in three days.”

And still more reports asserted that the death toll had risen to 42 citizens.

This infection is identified as the “pneumonic plague [which] is rarer but far more vicious than the bubonic kind, as it gives little time for antibiotics to act.”

An officer from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that “the situation is changing every moment but the latest data recorded 42 deaths in 5 districts. Forty-three cases were recorded in Mandritsara, northeast of the country, 21 of them died while 22 are currently being healing. Some of the cases in Mandritsara run away to Soanierana Ivongo, east of the country and created 17 new cases but 9 of them died.”

Referred to as a “plague epidemic”, WHO has begun sounding an “early warning and rapid riposte.”

Interestingly, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Factbook , Madagascar is rich in natural resources such as:

• Graphite
• Chromite
• Coal
• Tar sands
• Hydropower
• Petroleum

In 2000, the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) explained how the pneumonic plague could be used as a terrorist weapon.

WHO statistical data claims that “approximately 1000/3000 cases per year of the plague, [are] distributed mostly between Africa, South America and Asia.”

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About the author:

Susanne Posel Chief Editor, Investigative Journalist Radio Host: The Region 10 Report, Live Thursdays 1-3PM PST on American Freedom Radio.


The last antibiotic: Drug companies run out of weapons against the very same superbugs they helped create



By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

The last antibiotic: Drug companies run out of weapons against the very same superbugs they helped create(NaturalNews) The age of antibiotics is over. It’s history. There are no more patented chemical antibiotics in the pipeline. The drug companies have all but abandoned antibiotics research, leaving humanity to suffer the fate of a wave of drug-resistant bacteria — superbugs — that the drug companies actually helped create.

The industry is down to one last-ditch chemical: colistin, a toxic bug-killing chemical discovered in 1949. It kills superbugs, but it also causes kidney damage. So if you’re infected with a superbug in a hospital, you can choose to either die from an infection, or die from the cure.

…There’s a lot of that going on in medicine these days, it seems…

Nearly all antibiotics are now obsolete

In the last 34 years, Big Pharma has only come up with two new classes of antibiotics. Both are now obsolete. And the drug companies are walking away from the research needed to produce new antibiotics even as they run television ads claiming they “put patients first.”

“Last year, Pfizer, the world’s biggest drug company, closed its Connecticut antibiotics research center, laying off 1,200 workers,” reports the Washington Post (…). “The company said it was moving the operation to Shanghai. …Pfizer is struggling to open the Chinese facility and has largely abandoned antibiotics.”

It turns out that drugs for erectile dysfunction, baldness or cholesterol are ten times more profitable than antibiotics. So while a wave of drug-resistant bacteria burns through our hospitals, killing patients by the tens of thousands, Big Pharma is far more interested in making sure some middle-aged guy on statin drugs can still get an erection. There are more profits to be had, after all, in giving people boners rather than cures.

Mummies arise to help battle tuberculosis



Mummies arise to help battle tuberculosis

Mummies found in Hungary could help fight tuberculosis

Medical cures are often found in the strangest places. Point in case: In Hungary, an army of mummies – 265 naturally preserved creatures from the past – are helping local scientists find new ways to fight tuberculosis.

­Buried between 1731 and 1838 in the crypt of a Dominican church in the town of Vac, the mummies were discovered during 1994 renovations at the church.

The mummified bodies reportedly include surgeons, three nuns, 30 priests and the wife and child of the local postmaster. It’s hoped that these ancient creatures, now resting in cardboard boxes at the Hungarian Natural History Museum, could help cure tuberculosis.

Test results revealed that a shocking 89 percent of the mummies, from babies to over 65 years of age, were infected with tuberculosis. Around 35 percent died from the deadly disease.

“What was probably the most exciting and most comprehensive study was the one about tuberculosis. In some of the individuals, the traces of the mutations on the bones caused by tuberculosis are evident to the naked eye,” Idilko Pap, head of the Department of Anthropology of the Hungarian Natural History Museum, told The Associated Press. “So we thought it would be worthwhile to study not only the individuals on whose body the traces of tuberculosis mutations can be seen, but the others as well.”

Strains of tuberculosis found in the mummies will enable scientists to study tuberculosis pathogens dating back to the days before the development of antibiotics, and prior to the disease becoming widespread during the Industrial Revolution.

“Their immune system was likely better than ours. If we could locate some gene sections and discover why they were more resistant to tuberculosis than us, than that could be of great assistance to modern medical science,” Pap said.

Nearly 1.5 million people died of tuberculosis in 2010, and some 9 million new cases were reported, according to statistics released by the World Health Organisation.

The mummy-related tuberculosis studies are being conducted in cooperation with experts from University College London and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

FDA Ignores Scientists, Dentists Warning of Amalgam Mercury Pandemic



By Mike Barrett

dental visit photo

Mercury found in dental amalgam fillings has been an issue within the dental community and beyond for many years. These fillings, used since the American Civil War, contain an estimated 50 percent mercury. Whenever friction meets these fillings, toxic mercury gases are emitted. This means that with each chew and dental drill comes an emission of mercury gases, leading to numerous health problems. While nearly half of dentists have stopped using amalgam fillings due to health dangers, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to act on these issues.

FDA Ignoring Own Scientists Warnings on Amalgam Fillings

In December 2010, the Food and Drug Administration convened its second scientific advisory panel on dental amalgams. Scientists yet again told the FDA that amalgam use in children, pregnant women, and hypersensitive adults must come to a halt. The toxic vapors emitted are harmful to everyone, but these groups of individuals especially suffer.

According to Campaign for Mercury Free Dentistry:

Dr. Kotagal said there is “no place for mercury in children,” Dr. Ismail said “children less than 6 years of age, I would restrict it significantly,” Dr. Thompson said “definitely not in pregnant women and definitely not in those below 6 years of age,” Dr. Fleming said we need contraindications for pregnant women, and Dr. Burbacher said, “why put amalgams in children if we know they’re going to live with that for the rest of their lives? And we don’t know what that’s going to do.”

In 2009, no one on the FDA’s panel agreed to the FDA’s ruling – unrestricted amalgam use in children and in pregnant women. Then, in 2011, FDA Center Director Jeff Shuren – the person in charge of amalgam issues – was put in the hot seat after being confronted by dentists, consumers, and scientists. In response to the concerns voiced by the dentists, consumers, and scientists, Shuren said that the FDA would make ‘an announcement by the end of the year’.

Needless to say, no such announcement has been made. Until the FDA listens to its scientists, children will continue to develop neurological system complications, and the toxic vapors will continue to toxify the environment.

The solution? Give your Congressman or Congresswoman a call and ask that he/she write the FDA on this issue. To locate the name of your Member of Congress, click here.  Then phone Congress at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Member’s office. Tell them how the continued use of amalgam fillings is leading to human and environmental damage.

Is the Evil Waking Up and are You?


Anyone that runs a blog site, as I am fairly new to this community, knows spammers are always around.  People rarely post comments here, although all are welcome.  The comments are set by default to require approval, to avoid chasing down spam daily on every post ever put up not to stifle freedom of speech, whether the feedback be positive or negative.

With that being said, here comes today with a spam attack of almost 1,300 all from generated bogus accounts.  The initial questions that come to mind is why today and from where?  The why today can most likely be answered by the comments in this post.  The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans, so if that is true the question from where is basically a given.

Funny thing, according to the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

1. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. As most politicians pick and choose over the Constitution and Bill of Rights as if they were making a trip to Subway to decide what toppings they want on their sub sandwich, this is still protected, although I have no doubt evil and corrupt entities such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are working to change that.

2. “or abridging the freedom of speech”.  The government has pretty much bastardized this, creating free speech zones, free video taping in a public place, internet censorship threw it’s Corptocracy, etc.

3. “or of the press”. The free press, investigative journalism and honesty no longer exists in the main stream media (MSM).  We now have corporate puppets and talking heads reading from the script they were handed.  The now six corporate entities that control 90 – 95% of our media has failed, any more people are gaining awareness daily.  The real news will be found on alternative sources, be it blogs, publications on video presentations.  One I would recommend is the Reality Report for no BS reporting on a video format. Gary Franchi does a  great job with the limited time available to to all his patriotic involvements.

4. “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”.  Not so much, as the original intent has been trashed.  Bottom line is now you need a permit (permission, privilege) to assemble, which may or not be granted.  If it is considered anti-politically correct to the entity running the country, which ever party pin it happens to be wear on it’s lapel, you will be a few blocks away in a caged environment, most often, ensuring you can only send your message to your own people or a few stranglers out on the street.  As this has turned from a right to a privilege we can scratch this one off as history.

5. “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.  This was brought forward from The Magna Carta (look it up if needed or link here,  Hundreds of cases have come to the highest court and courts to petition for grievance.  Of course these cases have impact if  actually ruled upon, so to avoid accountability they (higher district and the Supreme Court) say the petitioner has no standing.  If it directly or indirectly affects your freedom, as in life liberty or property, it does affect you and you have standing.  Juridical Branch – fail again.

The biggest effort projected through the MSM is also addressing their biggest fear of the citizens of this great land.  Divide and conquer, which has worked so well for so long. Times up!  I am thinking the message of freedom, liberty and property rights (meaning your body, belongings, etc.) are getting the foothold.  Is there a citizen from any race, ethnic background, religion, or philosophy that would be against it?  Only one, and that is not a part of We The People, it would be considered the machine.

So where do you fit in the picture?


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