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Who voted in Congress yesterday to defund the NSA domestic spying program, and who didn’t. (List and graph)




Who voted in Congress yesterday to defund the NSA domestic spying program, and who didn’t.



It was a very interesting vote with a majority of Republicans joining the Obama Administration and many Dems in support of the continued funding of the NSA spying program which dragnets the data of American citizens without a warrant.


But a large minority of the GOP voted to limit funding. In fact, the Amash Amendment nearly passed with help from a good number on the other side of the aisle.

Whether your congressperson voted to continue funding or not is probably a good determiner of whether your “small government” congressperson is actually for small government. I am sad to say that only 1 member from my home state (more properly the Commonwealth) of Virginia voted for the amendment.

One aside. On the way into Washington DC this morning I was entertained by the ranting of one Republican in the House (on the radio) complaining that too many members of the GOP were acting like “libertarians” in voting to defund the NSA domestic spying program.

If only.

Click here for the list of votes and the geographical breakout. 

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So who wants a Dictator? H.J.Res. 15


Rep. José Serrano [D-NY15]
Image source: Wikipedia

I would be fairly confident that if asking any American walking down the street this question the reply would be a resounding “Hell no!”.  My thinking would be even those people that support endless wars, fiat currency, big government, unlimited spending, wiretaps on US citizens, the NDAA, along with drone attacks and kill lists, like many Republicans and Democrats, would at some point draw the line, at least in regards to a Dictatorship.

Well, I just found out that I would be wrong with that assumption.  It seems Rep. José Serrano [D-NY15] has re-introduced H.J.Res 17 (112th Congress), a bill that died in committee, now as H.J.Res. 15.  This House joint resolution calls for “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.”

According to the web site Rep. Serrano is described as “a far-left Democrat according to GovTrack’s own analysis of bill sponsorship.”

For those interested in Rep. Serrano’s campaign contributions, below is partial information posted on

Top 5 Contributors, 2011-2012, Campaign Cmte

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
American Federation of Teachers $10,000 $0 $10,000
American Postal Workers Union $10,000 $0 $10,000
Deloitte LLP $10,000 $0 $10,000
National Assn of Realtors $10,000 $0 $10,000
Operating Engineers Union $10,000 $0 $10,000

Top 5 Industries, 2011-2012, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Public Sector Unions $57,500 $0 $57,500
Building Trade Unions $17,500 $0 $17,500
Industrial Unions $13,000 $0 $13,000
Real Estate $11,000 $1,000 $10,000
Transportation Unions $10,500 $0 $10,500

Information regarding key votes, recent public statements and issue positions can be found at, which states on their web site that “José Serrano refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2012 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.”

The text of this bill is not yet currently available at the time of this post, but when available can be seen here:

I do not know the intentions of a bill such as H.J.Res 15 by Rep. Serrano, which dictatorship may have nothing to do with, but see the possibility with the elimination of term limits.  Give me your thoughts below.

Oppose this bill here…

Ron Paul Delegates Speak OUT! RE: RNC/GOP Corruption 2012

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Sep 2, 2012 by

While we were in Tampa, Florida on August 26, 2012 we ran across several Ron Paul delegates who offered to share their experience with the GOP corruption that has been ongoing this year.


Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination




Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination

Wait, isn’t Dr. Ron Paul out of the presidential race? Isn’t it all tied up nicely in a bow with the Romney/Ryan ticket?


Why would the GOP be scared of Ron Paul but end up nominating him?

I’ll explain.

Romney and the GOP have demonstrated both poor judgment and poor sportsmanship that might cost them by damaging Romney’s electability among the Ron Paul supporters thus leading to a splitting of votes, which in turn, could cost the GOP the entire election.

Dr. Ron Paul is still in the race for president and is a strong contender for the 2012 GOP nomination.

To be on the GOP ballot Aug. 27, 2012 in Tampa and get a 15-minute speaking slot, a candidate must have won the plurality (majority) of delegates in at least 5 states.

Well, Ron Paul did win the plurality of delegates in 5 states, enough to be eligible for the nomination and a 15-minute speaking slot at the GOP convention. The states he won are Louisiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and Nevada. Then Ron Paul went on to win the plurality in Massachusetts, Romney’s home state and half the delegates in Oregon. Dr. Ron Paul also has around 500 delegates who support him. The exact number of delegates that Romney and Paul have is still a mystery but should be clarified at the convention.

So… Ron Paul won his 5-plus states, he’s on the ballot and writing his speech, right? Not exactly.


The Obama Campaign & Data Mining




Obama's data advantage

The Obama camp hopes to replicate the online excitement that helped him four years ago. (Photo: Reuters)


CHICAGO — On the sixth floor of a sleek office building here, more than 150 techies are quietly peeling back the layers of your life. They know what you read and where you shop, what kind of work you do and who you count as friends. They also know who your mother voted for in the last election.

The depth and breadth of the Obama campaign’s 2012 digital operation — from data mining to online organizing — reaches so far beyond anything politics has ever seen, experts maintain, that it could impact the outcome of a close presidential election. It makes the president’s much-heralded 2008 social media juggernaut — which raised half billion dollars and revolutionized politics — look like cavemen with stone tablets.


US veterans face financial ruin waiting for benefits from overburdened VA



By: J. D. Heyes

US veterans face financial ruin waiting for benefits from overburdened VA  Learn more: depend on them to protect our country, our lives, our freedom, our way of life. So why does our government continue to shortchange our veterans by chronically underfunding the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), especially at a time when our vets need the VA the most?

As lawmakers and the president continue to pour billions into social programs that help earn them votes, once again the nation’s veterans are getting the shaft. Take the case of Rebecca Tew, a 43-year-old psychologist who fought for seven years to get benefits due her husband, Duane Kozlowski, after he left the Army with brain damage and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) so bad he couldn’t hold a job.

Eventually she got them, but not before she borrowed $20,000 from family, ran up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for Duane, stopped paying on student loans and ruined her credit in the process. As of this writing, she was working on finding a landlord willing to rent to her, her husband and their five children.

“It’s basically been like a tornado,” she told BusinessWeek, regarding her dealings with the VA. “It’s wiped out our future. It’s wiped out our relationship with our extended family. It’s wiped everything out and we’re starting out again below ground.”

Nevada GOP leaders reject legal advice



By Laura Myers

SPARKS – Nevada GOP leaders on Friday dismissed legal advice from the Republican National Committee, which threatened not to seat the state’s delegates at the national convention if too many Ron Paul supporters are elected.

The decision was made during a meeting of the Nevada Republican Party’s executive committee ahead of today’s state GOP convention, said Clark County GOP Chairman Dave Gibbs, who sits on the panel.

“We’re going to stand with the rules we agreed to in October and not with the RNC’s interpretation,” Gibbs said. “Nevada Republicans at this convention are going to elect our delegates. The presidential campaigns aren’t going to pick them.”

Two GOP officials, one on the 12-member executive board and one who isn’t, confirmed the unanimous decision made in a private meeting to ignore the RNC threat against the Nevada delegation as well as the RNC’s legal advice.

The decision clears the way for Paul supporters to try to carry out their strategy today to elect as many delegates to the national convention as possible although Mitt Romney won the Feb. 4 presidential caucuses here.

The Romney camp, meanwhile, is working hard to promote its delegates attending the convention to ensure he gets at least half of the 28 Nevada delegates at stake after winning 50 percent of the GOP caucus vote.

Gibbs said the executive committee disagreed with an RNC lawyer who said in a May 2 letter to the party that the presidential campaigns should be allowed to approve the Nevada delegates elected to the national convention to ensure each gets his full allotment. Romney is supposed to get 20 now and Paul eight because Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum dropped out of the race and their delegates were reallocated to Romney and Paul, who finished third on Feb. 4.

Gibbs said that under the Nevada GOP rules adopted in October and sent to the RNC, the delegates to the national convention will be chosen in a two-step process that doesn’t include any candidate loyalty test.

First, the 2,000 or so state delegates at today’s convention will elect 28 delegates to attend the national convention – no matter which candidate they support. After that, the secretary of the Nevada GOP meeting will bind 20 of those elected delegates to vote for Romney at the national convention in Tampa and eight to vote for Paul.


Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!


“Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!” Rachel Maddow (THIS IS HOW WE DO IT BABY!)

YouTube Preview Image


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RNC may block Nevada delegation if it seats too many pro-Paul delegates



By David Ferguson

Ron Paul, Nevada, delegates, RNC, GOP

The Republican National Committee has sent a stern letter to the Nevada Republican Party warning the state not to draw too heavily from supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) for its delegates, reports DC insider blog “The Hill.” If the delegation fails to feature the 20 out of 28 supporters it needs for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R), the national committee has warned that it will refuse to seat them at the Republican National Convention this summer.

Rachel Maddow has reported that at this juncture, no delegates have been awarded to any of the candidates from Michigan, Iowa and other states including Nevada. Paul and his supporters have been using their own strategy, including some of the more obscure rules of delegate selection, to pack state committees with their own delegates.

Paul enjoys strong support in Nevada. National officials are becoming worried that the congressman’s popularity could throw a wrench into the works of an otherwise smooth nomination process for Romney.

RNC chief counsel John R. Phillippe Jr. wrote to Nevada GOP chair Michael McDonald, “I believe it is highly likely that any committee with jurisdiction over the matter would find improper any change to the election, selection, allocation, or binding of delegates, thus jeopardizing the seating of Nevada’s entire delegation to the National Convention.”

Typically, delegate distribution is meant to reflect the state’s caucus vote, which took place on February 4, with Romney winning more than 50 percent of the votes cast. National Republicans are concerned that Paul-friendly delegates will use their power in Nevada to game the state convention in Sparks, Nevada this weekend, thus opening the possibility that they will send a delegation to Tampa this summer that will flout party rules and support their candidate over the party’s nominee.

Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston wrote that Nevada’s GOP chair McDonald is “close to some of the Paul folks. He adds that he doesn’t think Paul’s supporters “respect authority too much,” which creates the distinct possibility of havoc this weekend, a prospect that Ralston finds “too delicious.”

Paul himself expressed optimism in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Monday.

“Just look at this last week,” he said, “The news is very favorable to us. We could even end up winning Iowa, ironically enough. In Minnesota, we’re doing well, and Maine, Nevada and Missouri. We’re doing very, very well. Some of the states we could very well win or come up very much because the delegate process is completely different than these straw votes. We’re pleased … It’s another month or so until they count all the delegates and we find out where we stand.”

Initial vote counts said that Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucus, which was one of the earliest primary votes, held on January 3. Recounts have since then shown that the majority of votes in the state were actually won by Paul.



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Ron Paul about to win Louisiana (but we need help)



By Matt Collins

The Louisiana State Director just called me to ask for me to get the Ron Paul NetRoots moving on this ASAP – we have less than 48 hours.

Ron Paul, Louisiana, Daily PaulHe told me we are about to win Louisiana, but that it could very well be a situation like Maine, where only a few dozen or couple of hundred votes make the difference. The Party down there is doing everything they can to stop us from winning the caucuses this Saturday. Things are stacked in our favor at the moment but we need an overwhelming victory to ensure that it will be impossible to be taken from us.

There are 2 things you can do specifically to help out:

1- If you know any Ron Paul supporters in Louisiana please tells us who they are. You can do that by going to and submitting their information to the form titled “Submit A Supporter”.

2- If someone needs to know the details of their caucus, time, location, etc, then they need to visit where they can get the needed information

3- Everyone in Louisiana needs to “vote for slate #7″.

Remember the Republican Party STOLE the election in Louisiana from Ron Paul last time, let’s make history and not let that happen again!


Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now

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