One Party Government

By Bionic Mosquito Bionic Mosquito October 15, 2015   One Party Government     In the United States there is only one political party – the welfare-warfare party.  Sure, they all pretend otherwise, and on peripheral, meaningless issues there may be differences.  But on the whole, the US government is about as divided as the […]

One Party Government

Lew Rockwell

Ron Paul and the Political Theatre

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. June 2, 2015   Ron Paul and the Political Theatre   Students in the state’s official propaganda institutions learn about the wonders of the ­­democratic process, so called, throughout their years of formal study. But the truth is on full display during a presidential election season. These are not […]

So who wants a Dictator? H.J.Res. 15 1

I would be fairly confident that if asking any American walking down the street this question the reply would be a resounding “Hell no!”.  My thinking would be even those people that support endless wars, fiat currency, big government, unlimited spending, wiretaps on US citizens, the NDAA, along with drone attacks and kill lists, like […]

Ron Paul Delegates Speak OUT! RE: RNC/GOP Corruption 2012 2

Published on Sep 2, 2012 by messengersforliberty While we were in Tampa, Florida on August 26, 2012 we ran across several Ron Paul delegates who offered to share their experience with the GOP corruption that has been ongoing this year.  

The Obama Campaign & Data Mining

Source: By LOIS ROMANO   CHICAGO — On the sixth floor of a sleek office building here, more than 150 techies are quietly peeling back the layers of your life. They know what you read and where you shop, what kind of work you do and who you count as friends. They also know […]

US veterans face financial ruin waiting for benefits from overburdened VA

Source: By: J. D. Heyes We depend on them to protect our country, our lives, our freedom, our way of life. So why does our government continue to shortchange our veterans by chronically underfunding the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), especially at a time when our vets need the VA the most? As lawmakers […]

Nevada GOP leaders reject legal advice

Source: By Laura Myers SPARKS – Nevada GOP leaders on Friday dismissed legal advice from the Republican National Committee, which threatened not to seat the state’s delegates at the national convention if too many Ron Paul supporters are elected. The decision was made during a meeting of the Nevada Republican Party’s executive committee ahead […]

Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!

“Ron Paul Won Minnesota & Washington State!” Rachel Maddow (THIS IS HOW WE DO IT BABY!) #### [CIM] The time is NOW to take back our personal liberties and freedoms! Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!

RNC may block Nevada delegation if it seats too many pro-Paul delegates

Source: By David Ferguson The Republican National Committee has sent a stern letter to the Nevada Republican Party warning the state not to draw too heavily from supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) for its delegates, reports DC insider blog “The Hill.” If the delegation fails to feature the 20 out of 28 […]

Ron Paul about to win Louisiana (but we need help)

Source: By Matt Collins The Louisiana State Director just called me to ask for me to get the Ron Paul NetRoots moving on this ASAP – we have less than 48 hours. He told me we are about to win Louisiana, but that it could very well be a situation like Maine, where only […]

Five Minutes of [Very Polite] Revolution 1

Source: By Karen Kwiatkowski I am running for Congress in the 6th District of Virginia. Our GOP primary is June 12th. We intend to fill a small part of the void of constitutional and small government backbone that will be left when Dr. Paul steps down from his Congressional seat in 2013. Our local […]

Vote Karen Kwiatkowski

Looking to the last vote of my life

Somewhat as a reply to Sherrie, whose graphic I am borrowing . While Sherrie does a fine job exhibiting her disgust and dismay at the fraud and corruption cloaking the voting process and stemming results, of which I agree, I would have to add to her thoughts. For one, I voted the same way, most […]

Dedicated to Our Troops

Dedicated to Our Troops (currently running on TV) Please endorse Ron Paul ( and donate to Endorse Liberty ( so we can buy advertising and make more videos like this. Endorse Liberty is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Donations are non-tax deductible. (Miami – January 27, 2012) Endorse Liberty, a political action […]