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The Anatomy of Regime Change

By Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute   The Anatomy of Regime Change (Video)   What do all regime change operations have in common? RPI Board Member John Laughland explains to the “World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations” conference last month that all such interventions essentially include the criminal prosecution of the vanquished party. We have […]

John Laughland

Clare Daly REBUKES Bootlicking Irish PM on Snowden

Source: http://www.dailypaul.com Submitted by goldenequity Clare Daly REBUKES Bootlicking Irish PM on Snowden   Clare Daly speaks TRUTH to Cowardice.   http://youtu.be/SmsrIiHWp6M Irish Times Snowden asylum request deserves latitude, says Clare Daly Taoiseach urged to use creativity to allow US whistleblower to access Republic ### Washington’s lapdogs are world wide. Related post: Lawlessness Is The […]

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UN Report Shows Syrian Extremists Increasing; al-Qaeda Head Calls for Unity Against US

Source: http://www.spreadlibertynews.com By Ezra Van Auken Previously stated, Syria’s war is nothing close to being domestic. With Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US and other European interests backing the secularists rebels, the Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah backing President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the Islamists from Iraq and other regions, at times defined and mixed with secularists, everyone […]