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REVEALED: IMF, Ukraine & the Profitability of Manufactured Revolutions




By Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

REVEALED: IMF, Ukraine & the Profitability of Manufactured Revolutions




Whether the government of Ukraine asked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to assess their needs for money, or Christine Lagarde, acting director of the IMF simply felt it was a good sound investment, there are now talks of indebting this region to the technocrats.

Lagarde said: “We are ready to respond and, in the coming days, will send an IMF fact-finding team to Kiev to undertake a preliminary dialogue with the authorities. “This will enable the IMF to make its usual technical, independent assessment of the economic situation in Ukraine and, at the same time, begin to discuss with the authorities the policy reforms that could form the basis of a Fund-supported program.”

In essence, the IMF is determining if their investments in this country will yield a decent return.

As of now, the Ukrainian government owes $13 billion to banking institutions. Russia has frozen accounts for Kiev worth $15 billion; making the transition into democracy quite easy.

In a white paper , the IMF explained that inequality is fostering this nation’s growth as citizens watch the wealthy redistribute their money amongst themselves.

According to the IMF redistribution of wealthy is a “win-win situation” that can encourage “pro-growth effect” and ensure a “faster and more durable” economy.

The paper states: “There is surprisingly little evidence that increases in tax rates impede medium-to-long-run economic growth. We find that higher inequality seems to lead to lower growth. Redistribution, in contrast, has a tiny and statistically insignificant (slightly negative) effect.”

Gerry Rice, spokesperson for the IMF explained that members of the IMF will arrive in the Ukraine next week. While this process could take several months, the plan to infuse fiat financial assistance could be expedited with the help of the US government.

Should the US guarantee $1 billion of loans to the Ukraine, the IMF could be persuaded to become less guarded in their initial assessment of need.

Secretary of State John Kerry explained that the president has been mulling over a separate assistance package to add to the IMF’s loans.

Kerry said: “Personally, I don’t think it is enough for us to be heralding the advent of democracy and to applaud the courage and conviction of the people who brought about this transition and then just not do anything. I think that is unconscionable.”

Two years ago, the UN, the IMF and the World Bank (WB) met in Tokyo , to discuss the Middle East and their economies of which recent Arab Springs have paved the way for globalist influence in the region.

Kim Yong-Yim, president of the WB, remarked that these revolutions have allowed for the international community to refine their development of such areas.

In burgeoning nations, the WB and IMF have traditionally given loans to governments that would be impossible to repay.

In exchange, the sovereignty of those nations is compromised as the WB demands repayment in natural resources. The succession of multi-national corporations in those countries is evidence of the swindle the IMF and WB preformed along with the International Financing Institution (IFI) that forces a grave reduction of governmental spending with the initiation of austerity against the people of those nations.

The WB defines “civil society” as being transformed by what they refer to as perfect opportunities to stabilize the economy of a nation in terms of bringing them to the whims of the international community by way of unplayable loans within a volatile revolutionary setting.

At a meeting held in 2011, the World Bank postulated on how “international financial institutions [can] facilitated citizen empowerment” by way of manufactured uprisings.

Through the use of civilian armies protesting against their government, the WB sees grand schemes whereby they can manipulate the developing situation and implement public policies that suit their agenda by coercion.

As the IMF and WB continue to move under cover of an ignorant populace, their hand in the destabilization of nations goes unnoticed. In the countries they control through economic terrorism, it is abundantly clear how much influence they wield.

As fake revolutions continue to plague the Middle East and spread throughout the world, their ardent cry for “democracy” imbues the UN and other corporate entities to aid with seemingly friendly support of the transitions taking place.

In 2011, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper asserted that international aid to post-revolutionary countries should be facilitated by the central banks in those countries and announced at a G8 summit that Canada would not be directly offering “financial assistance” to those countries implanted with Arab Springs.

It is believed by multi-stakeholders and investors that Arab Springs is the “only bastions against extremism in the Arab World.”

The WB is focusing on controlling private sector development once these nations are toppled by internal uprisings. Once in those places of power, the international community can assess how a nation is able to hide their wealth and use international mandate to retrieve assets in off-shore accounts or trustee corporations.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made Arab Springs his top priority and is committing the resources of the international community to moving these nations “toward democracy”.

Ban said that he encourages the younger generation to rise up against their governments and expressed disappointment at the Occupy Movement for not being as effective as other manufactured revolutions.

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About the author:

Susanne Posel Chief Editor, Investigative Journalist Radio Host: The Region 10 Report, Live Thursdays 1-3PM PST on American Freedom Radio.


Charlotte Iserbyt – Common Core – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14



Charlotte Iserbyt – Common Core – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14


2-9-2014 5-51-21 PM


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Published by wearechangect

Author and former educator Charlotte Iserbyt spoke with the electricity of a spark plug about how the American school system purposely indoctrinates our children into robot servants of the system.

Learn more about Charlotte Iserbyt and her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America:…

Learn more about Save Long Island:
Check out the Save Long Island Forum website to see a list of all the speakers:

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G Edward Griffin – Agenda 21 – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14 (Video)



G Edward Griffin – Agenda 21 – Save Long Island Forum 1/18/14 (Video)


2-6-2014 9-48-42 PM


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( H/T Liz Abbott )

Published by wearechangect

The legendary author G Edward Griffin was the headline speaker at the Save Long Island Forum talking about the eugenic plans of the UN’s Agenda 21 to covertly exterminate most of the world’s population.

Learn more about Save Long Island:
Check out the Save Long Island Forum website to see a list of all the speakers:

US and Russia Reach Agreement on Syria Weapons — Can The US Stop Arming the Jihadists Now?




Written by Daniel McAdams


US and Russia Reach Agreement on Syria Weapons — Can The US Stop Arming the Jihadists Now?


Kerry-LavrovThe US and Russia yesterday reached what looks to be a solid agreement on how to proceed with the dismantling of the chemical weapons stores of the Syrian government as well as destruction of Syria’s production capabilities. Syria agreed to the Russian-proposed deal (with a little inspiration from US Secretary of State John Kerry) with the understanding that giving up its chemical weapons would avert a US military attack.

The agreement seems full enough of ambiguities regarding the consequences of less than full Syrian compliance to allow the US government some face-saving saber rattling about retaining the option to strike unilaterally, while being vague enough in defining what exactly constitutes non-compliance to make difficult a clear cut case for a UN Chapter 7 use of force resolution. In other words, seemingly win-win.

The process of identifying and destroying the Syrian cache of chemical weapons is supposed to be completed by next year, but adhering to such a timeline can be difficult. In 1997, the US promised to destroy its vast stores of chemical and biological weapons in ten years. Thirteen years later, the US retains some 2,611 tons of mustard gas and 524 tons of other chemical weapons, including sarin gas.

The US and Russian side have both indicated a new determination to bring the Syrian government and the insurgents fighting to overthrow it to a new round of talks in Geneva, optimistically by October. This is unlikely, however, as although the Russian side had managed to secure agreement to attend on the part of the Syrian government, with which it maintains cordial relations, the US has been completely unable to secure any agreement with the various insurgent factions it is supporting.

Western media and governments claimed that the armed Syrian rebellion started because the Syrian government fired on peaceful demonstrators. That has been proven false many times over, as it became clear that the Islamist extremist struggle against the secular Assad regime had been planned well in advance by forces outside Syria and had been armed from the start.

That Assad retains a level of popularity among the Syrian population — particularly the Christian minority that has come under attack by the insurgents — has been confirmed by polls and by the simple fact that two years into an insurgency heavily supported by outside powers he has managed to retain his position. If his government were as unpopular as was claimed, it would have been impossible to withstand the internal and external pressure.

The US/Russia agreement takes the WMD issue off the table for the US and its regime change allies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and elsewhere. US action is required, it has been claimed, because the Syrian government’s chemical weapons stores are a threat to the region and beyond. Those are to be secured by the UN.

So by what justification does the United States continue to arm and train, in violation of international law, the insurgents that seek to overthrow the Syrian government?

The answer is that there is no justification, as should be obvious at this point. Will the media begin asking these questions? Don’t hold your breath, but there is a sense that a profound shift in the “unipolar moment” that has categorized the post-Cold War period has taken place. There is a sense that the tectonic plates of the existing world order have shifted slightly. History shows us that when a shift occurs, in plate tectonics and in world balance of power, the resulting earthquake can be sudden and profound.

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Hillary Mann Leverett Rocks!



After a couple days I finally had a chance to see this video from September 1st which I had open in a few browser tabs waiting for me.  Hillary Mann Leverett was included in a panel discussion regarding the buildup to yet more warmongering, this time for Syria, held on the quickly fading mainstream media station MSNBC.  A classic study of intelligence verses msm spin in which Hillary Mann Leverett shinned using tactics basically extinct in today’s lapdog media, honesty, facts and logic.  Enjoy!


Written by Daniel McAdams

Lapdog Regime Journalists versus a Bona Fide Expert: Watch the Sparks Fly!


RPI Academic Board Member Hillary Mann Leverett absolutely destroys the conventional wisdom-mongering and regime lapdog “journalists” on Obama’s march to war on Syria. Watch the smug bootlickers discount the sole voice of reason — an expert on the region rather than a  talking head:


video capture

video capture


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Thanks to Travis Holte for link.

Obama Taps the Clapper to Present Syria Intelligence Dossier



Written by Daniel McAdams


Obama Taps the Clapper to Present Syria Intelligence Dossier



President Obama, stung by the defection of the British government from his very tiny “coalition of the willing” to attack Syria, has decided to push on ahead without allies. To go it alone. Perhaps it is meant to look decisive, but in reality it looks rather foolhardy. Everyone else thinks it’s a bad idea, even the rabidly anti-Assad Arab League, but he does not care. Attacking Syria is a matter of the US national interest, he told PBS Wednesday.

Today he promises to release a declassified version of an intelligence dossier he says will prove to the highly skeptical American people and their — with few exceptions — war-eager but politically cautious representatives in Congress that without a doubt chemical weapons were used in Syria on August 21 and that it was the Syrian government that used them. This should be a neat trick, as the UN investigative team actually on the ground doing the testing will not be able to make a determination until Saturday.

As this is to be a product of the US Intelligence Community, the ultimate responsibility for the truthfulness and honesty of this dossier will fall on Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

Yes, the guy who lied to Congress and the America people about NSA spying just months ago.

President Bush had his “Curveball,” Obama has his Clapper…

Do you trust Clapper to tell us the truth?

(h/t SST)

Congressional Committee De-Funds UN Gun Bill


Congressional Committee De-Funds UN Gun Bill


7-30-2013 9-42-47 PM


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Published by  NextNewsNetwork NextNewsNetwork


Published on Jul 30, 2013

WASHINGTON –The Obama administration and UN officials adamantly insist that the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty — which targets international traffic in small arms — is not intended to facilitate a global gun grab, or invalidate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Those statements do not reassure the members of the House Appropriations Committee, which approved an amendment to the 2014 State Department funding bill banning the use of taxpayer funds to implement the UN small arms accord.

This report also includes…

SACRAMENTO — The California State Senate Appropriations Committee is considering a measure entitled the California Liberty Preservation Act.

If approved, that measure would nullify implementation of the section of the National Defense Authorization Act that would permit the indefinite detention, in military custody, of California residents who are accused of terrorism-related offenses.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the exclusive power to declare war on behalf of the U.S. government, on the assumption that an informed electorate will hold Congress accountable for its decisions. But what happens when the public is forbidden to know where, and with whom, the U.S. government is at war?

Since 2001, the U.S. government has claimed to be at war with “Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated forces” — but has never defined who or what those “associated forces” might be.

NORTH POLE ENVIRONMENTAL OBSERVATORY — Striking pictures and video of what appear to be a newly formed lake at the North Pole have been touted as evidence of catastrophic global warming — but even some proponents of the theory of man-caused global climate change are throwing cold water on that idea.

Hashtag: #N3

Malala says Taliban used bullets to silence her, but failed



By CBC News

Malala says Taliban used bullets to silence her, but failed


Malala Yousafzai, shot in the head by Taliban, marks 16th birthday with UN speech



Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who drew global attention after being shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating girls’ education, has told the United Nations she has the strength and courage to continue her campaign despite her ordeal.

  • Malala’s 10 most inspiring quotes from her UN speech

The teenager was honoured at the UN headquarters in New York City on Friday, where she addressed the UN Youth Assembly with a speech advocating global education.

“Here I stand, just one girl among many. I speak so those without voice can be heard,” she told the UN audience, adding everyone has the “right to live in peace and to be treated with dignity.”

She recalled the day she was shot on a school bus on Oct. 9, 2012.

“They shot my friends, too. They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed, and out of that silence came thousands of voices.”

The teen also said she will not be stopped from speaking out in support of human rights.

Malala Yousafzai recovers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, after undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair damage to her skull in February. (Reuters)

“The terrorists thought that they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born.

“I’m not against anyone. Neither am I here to speak in terms of personal revenge against the Taliban or any other terrorist group. I’m here to speak for the right of education for every child,” she said.

Malala said the Taliban and other extremist groups are motivated by fear of equality and the power of education when they attack students, teachers and schools.

The teen appeared at the United Nations alongside former British prime minister Gordon Brown — now the UN special envoy for global education. Brown delivered a petition demanding education for all.

Yousafzai has become an international figure as a symbol of resistance to the Taliban’s efforts to deny women’s rights. She is also among the nominees for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The UN has designated July 12 as Malala Day.

Yousafzai was brought to Britain from Pakistan’s Swat Valley for specialist treatment after she was shot in the head at point-blank range by a gunman last October.

She left a hospital in Birmingham in February following a surgery in which doctors mended parts of her skull with a titanium plate and inserted a cochlear implant to help restore hearing on her left side.

Some 500 youth leaders from 85 countries will be on hand in New York to hear Yousafzai speak. This was her first public speech since the attack.

Her speech was delivered amid the release of new UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) research showing 48.5 million children of primary school age and living in areas of armed conflict are not getting an education.

According to the report by UNESCO and the Save the Children aid agency, the total number of children of primary school age who are not getting an education has fallen from 60 million in 2008 to 57 million in 2011, but during that period the percentage of youth in conflict-affected countries who aren’t at primary school rose from 42 per cent to 50 per cent.

In Syria, about 3,900 schools have either been destroyed, damaged or are occupied for non-educational purposes, the report released on Friday said.

The report says more than a fifth of Syrian schools have been made unusable since the conflict began in March 2011.

Copyright © CBC 2013


Republished with permission.

The Snowden Case What You’re Not Being Told


The Snowden Case What You’re Not Being Told


6-27-2013 6-32-29 PM


YouTube Preview Image

Published by StormCloudsGathering

Visit our website:

H/T wchild

When the mainstream media shows you something with their right hand, watch what the left hand is doing.

Cheney calls Snowden a traitor… ah the irony:…

Snowden is on the run seeking asylum in Ecuador:…

Information regarding NSA domestic spying dating back to 2005:…


These are just a fraction of the articles available.

A more revealing leak:…

U.N. Launches an investigation:…

U.N. says the gas was used by the rebels:…

Then France claims rebels used Sarin:…

The U.S. gov. likes version angle, so they’ll run with it. CIA to arm and train the rebels:…

Iran sending troops to Syria:…

China warns against use of force in Syria and Iran:…

Secrets of the Transhumanist Agenda Revealed at 2013 Conference



By Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism

Secrets of the Transhumanist Agenda Revealed at 2013 Conference




Dmitry Itskov spoke at the Global Future 2045 Conference (GF2045) wherein he said that he would like to see technology developed that would allow human consciousness to be inputted into artificial computer neuro-brains and hologram bodies.

In 2020 Itskov envisions human brains being controlled by remote robots.

By 2025, there could be human consciousness “transplanted” into a robotic body which would replace the flawed physical bodies we now use.

The end goal for Itskov would be artificial brains controlling holographic bodies in 2045.

Referred to as neo-humanity, Istkov has begun his own political party in Russia called Evolution 2045.

Itskov said: “We shouldn’t just observe the wonderful entrepreneurs — we need to move ahead systematically. We are really at the time when technology can affect human evolution. I want us to shape the future, bring it up for public discussion, and avoid any scenario that could damage humanity.”

Itskov wants to align his vision with governments and create a movement within the UN to promote a common goal of merging man with machine.

Martine Rothblatt, speaker at the GF2045, stated that just as organ transplants were once considered insane, someday the public will view neo-humanity as commonplace.

Rothblatt said that Itskov will inspire start-up corporations to capitalize on technological advancements.

Dr. Robert Thurman, scholar, author and Tibetan monk spoke at the GF2045, explaining how there can be a balance between technology and culture with a focus on Buddhist teachings.

YouTube Preview Image

Conflicting ideology in the scientific community views Itskov’s vision as unrealistic. They say that technological progress does not facilitate Istkov’s timeline.

Hiroshi Ishiguro, Japanese robotics researcher presented his android Geminoid (Latin for “twin”) that he controlled remotely through connections to the internet and is able to see with cameras for eyes.

Professor Henrik Scharfe has his own “tele-operated android” that is not autonomous. Scharfe controls the robot with transmitters connected to his body. Ishiguro designed and conceptualized Scharfe’s Geminoid.

YouTube Preview Image

The 2045 Program will create “a new vision of human development that meets global challenges humanity faces today, realization of the possibility of a radical extension of human life by means of cybernetic technology, as well as the formation of a new culture associated with these technologies.”

Transhumanists at the 2045 Program assert that humanity “is in need of a new evolutionary strategy” consisting of a balance between the complexity of technological advances and the acceleration of informational processes to expand the “limited, primitive human” into a “highly self-organized” and technologically “higher intelligence”.

Technology can organize society and integrate unification of a super collective consciousness – a superbeing.

By doing away with individuality, the conclusion is the elimination of:

• Lack of consumer provisions
• Aging, illness and death
• Crime and conflicts
• Natural disasters and catastrophes

Superpeople are the epitome of communitarianism and collectivism as the new globalist vision of society marches toward immortal superpeople.

Because communitarianism is the ideology of the importance of community over the individual, the creation of a communalist society is the emphatic over-reaching value that if it does not provide for the whole, it is not worth pursuit.

The concept of the neo-human and neo-humanity is the replacement for a post-industrial capitalist and consumer-based society where a new form of civilization will emerge.

The goal of transhumanism is to replace all existing laws with the purpose of destroying the essence of humanity for the sake of control.

Hybrid humans with robotic implants are expected to be released into the general public by 2014.

Humanity+, “an international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities”.

In their Transhumanist Declaration they advocate old and new ideals of globalist transhumanism by promoting:

• Using technology to “broaden human potential” by overcoming aging and “cognitive shortcomings”
• Provide forums where globalist scientist and researchers can “deliberate how [to enhance humanity through science] to expedite beneficial applications”
• Facilitate “social order, improve human foresight and wisdom” through genetic enhancement
• Influence policymakers to include the transhumanist “responsible and moral vision”

The Transhumanist Agenda uses eugenics, reproductive controls, sterilization campaigns, genetic engineering, RFID chips and rewiring of the brain through pharmaceuticals to achieve their goals. Their quest for immortality with the merging of human and machine is just one part in their convoluted scheme to retain their global dominance over our society. For now, the general public is guinea pigs to be used to prefect their experiments so that by 2050, they will have full implemented their control grid and there will be no one to dissent.

About the author:

  Susanne Posel Chief Editor, Investigative Journalist   Radio Host: The Region 10 Report, Live Thursdays 1-3PM PST on American Freedom Radio

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