The Continuing Demonization Of Cash

By Paul-Martin Foss Carl Menger Center January 27, 2016   The Continuing Demonization Of Cash     The insidious nature of the war on cash derives not just from the hurdles governments place in the way of those who use cash, but also from the from the aura of suspicion that has begun to pervade […]



The War on Cash

By Daniel McAdams Ron Paul Institute September 2, 2015   The War on Cash   Governments across the globe seek ways to more effectively consolidate their power over those they govern. One of the most effective and insidious ways of gaining control of citizens and their habits is to forbid the use of cash in […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Feds Take Your Money

By Bill Bonner Bonner & Partners July 7, 2015   When the Going Gets Tough, the Feds Take Your Money     LONDON, England – “Cash is king.” So sayeth the Wall Street Journal, reporting on the situation in Greece. The use of cash for everyday transactions has increased 44% in the last two months. […]

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Study: “Anonymous” Credit Card Data Is Actually Completely Identifiable

By Kate Cox Consumerist January 30, 2015   Study: “Anonymous” Credit Card Data Is Actually Completely Identifiable     We all kind of know that credit card data isn’t terribly secure, and that the payment information is likely to get swiped eventually. But that information is all theoretically anonymous. Without a name, address, or ZIP […]

How Embargoes Destroy Freedom

By Ryan McMaken   How Embargoes Destroy Freedom   In the wake of the Obama administration’s partial normalization of relations with Cuba, proponents of the embargo condemned the move, with National Review publishing an unsigned editorial claiming that allowing Americans to trade freely with the island nation amounts to giving comfort to murderous dictators. […]


A Cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine

Source: Most people think of a cashless society as something that is way off in the distant future.  Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.  The truth is that a cashless society is much closer than most people would ever dare to imagine.  To a large degree, the transition to a cashless society is […]

Is Rick Santorum A Mortgage Fraudster?

Source: By Steve Dibert Sweetheart Mortgage Deals and Mortgage Assignments Don’t Add Up. Bobbi Bowman and Zandy Dudiak, A search of land records for the $2 million Great Falls, VA, home of Republican presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Richard Santorum turns up a series of mortgages that at times equaled and exceeded the sales price of […]