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Connecticut elementary school shooting: LIVE UPDATES 3

This tragic story has been, and continues to be, covered across the globe in almost every language.  The fact that most of the victims where small children, ages 6 to 11 years of age, makes this story regarding the loss of life even more heart breaking.  My deepest sympathies to the families, friends and loved […]

MSNBC guest: BP oil spill ‘an ongoing tragedy’ 2

Source: http://www.rawstory.com By Andrew Jones MSNBC host Chris Hayes interviewed journalist Antonia Juhasz Saturday morning about the damaging results two years after the BP oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Juhasz, who wrote the book Black Tide based on the many problems after the spill, highlighted key elements that have been overlooked by media […]

Paul camp cries fraud over Nevada Caucus results

Source: http://m.examiner.com By Mark Wachtler   February 5, 2012. Las Vegas. For the second time in just five primary states, the Republican Party, with the assistance of the national corporate news media, is raising questions about the legitimacy of this season’s primary election system. First, the Iowa Republican Party and the entire American media knowingly […]