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Planned Parenthood Behind Massive Obamacare Push



Planned Parenthood Behind Massive Obamacare Push


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About: Knock, knock, who’s there? Obamacare! This is no joke. Very soon your dinner may be interrupted by a representative from a new outreach campaign educating the public about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it’s commonly known.

“Community Connect, LLC” has been posting ads on craigslist seeking Canvassers to work 5 hour shifts for 12 dollars per hour and team leaders for 15 per hour…and they state they’re working with the Planned Parenthood National office.

According to the ad, the campaign is set to run from November through March 2014 and is starting in Dallas, FT. Worth, Houston, as well as west palm beach and miami florida.

So who is Community Connect, LLC? After a little investigation I discovered that they we recently incorporated on October 23, 2013 in the state of Delaware.

They were incorporated by the “CORPORATE CREATIONS NETWORK, INC” who operates as their delaware registered agent. and because they were incorporated in Delaware, officer and director names are not listed on their corporate documents.

However, because they’re doing business in Florida they’ve registered as a foreign LLC. Documents filed with the state of florida show Community Connect LLC is managed by Planned Parenthood from their principal address in West 33rd Street in New York, NY.

These corporate filings show that Community Connect LLC is not merely “working with” Planned Parenthood, as they claim, but rather they’re being entirely managed by Planned Parenthood itself.

Where does planned parenthood get it funding to form an LLC and launch a door to door campaign promoting Obamacare? Well, according to Planned Parenthood receives two federal governments sources, the Title X Family planning program and Medicaid.

In August the Washington Times reported that Obama boosted the budget of Planned Parenthood. Clearly now we can see those federal funds are going to being used to interrupt your dinner with a knock at your door and the 10 words Ronald Reagan referred to “most terrifying”…. “I’m with the Government, and we’re here to help”

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Ron Paul Says Santorum Can’t Beat Obama



Ron Paul said he doesn’t think that Rick Santorum can defeat President Obama in a general election. “I don’t see how that’s possible,” he said on Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

Paul also jabbed at Santorum for his aim “to control peoples’ lives” and what he framed as Santorum’s hypocrisy on the birth control issue.

Santorum admitted in a 2006 interview on Fox News that he supported Title X, a government program that provides funds for family planning services, including access to contraceptives. Santorum said he voted for it during his time as Pennsylvania Senator, and though he believes in access to contraceptives, he personally feels they’re harmful to women and that abstinence education is a “healthier” option.

“I don’t see how anybody can get away with that inconsistency—pretending he’s a conservative,” Paul said in reference to Santorum’s vote.

Paul dismissed the recent debate over contraception entirely, saying that while the other candidates discuss birth control, he’s concerned with “the undermining of our civil liberties, the constant wars going on” and the debt.

Paul said the focus on social issues is a fundamental problem and an unwise fight for the GOP.

“I think it’s a losing position,” he said. “I talk about it because I have a precise understanding of how these problems are to be solved,” on a state-specific level, he said.


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