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Sochi Olympics security concern rekindled after Islamic militant threat




By CBC News  Posted: Jan 19, 2014 4:42 PM ET | Last Updated: Jan 19, 2014 5:55 PM ET


Sochi Olympics security concern rekindled after Islamic militant threat

Video posted on extremist website threatens more suicide attacks


Experts and police officers examine a site of a trolleybus in Volgograd, Russia. The city was the site of two bombings. No one had claimed responsibility until now. (Denis Tyrin/The Associated Press)

Experts and police officers examine a site of a trolleybus in Volgograd, Russia. The city was the site of two bombings. No one had claimed responsibility until now. (Denis Tyrin/The Associated Press)




A new terror threat against the Winter Olympics in Sochi is renewing security concerns.

A video posted Sunday on the website of the militant group Vilayat Dagestan appeared to show two Russian-speaking men warning about upcoming suicide attacks and threatening tourists who will be visiting the Olympics site.

The men also claimed responsibility for the twin bombings at a train station and on a bus in the city of Volgograd last December that killed 34 people.

In the video, the pair were seen sitting in front of black banners with Arabic verses warn President Vladimir Putin that if the games are held, “we will give you a present for the innocent Muslim blood being spilled all around the world.”

They added that “for the tourists who come there will be a present, too.”

There had been no previous claim of responsibility for the bombings.

In a statement posted with the video on its website, Vilayat Dagestan claimed responsibility for the Volgograd bombings.

The video claims that the two men, identified as Suleiman and Abdurakhman, were the suicide bombers and purports to show the explosives being prepared and strapped to their bodies.

The 50-minute-long video appeared to show people holding rifles and preparing explosives. There was also a security footage of the twin bombings.

There was no immediate reaction to the video from the Russian security services.

It is unclear when the video was filmed.

The video comes one day before the Olympic torch relay is scheduled to pass Volgograd.

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Pure Failure in Benghazi, 60 Minutes reports





Pure Failure in Benghazi, 60 Minutes reports: Our team was unguarded, and then abandoned when attacked. Damning report.



Good for 60 Minutes. Maybe there are still some real journalists out there in the #oldmedia.

According to this report, supported by interviews with key people involved in defending Ambassador Stevens and his team, the CIA compound was “defended” only by local Libyan militia members (who fled as soon as Al Qaeda descended on the building) and an unarmed American security detail.

What kind of absolutely boneheaded security planning is this? Get the local boys to man the turrets while they learn the lay of the land and talk to to their buddies? And an unarmed American security detail? Why unarmed?

Then when the fight begins, with our team heavily out gunned, no support was called in? In fact the assistant to the ambassador was specifically told that no help was on the way. Again why? We had no one off the coast ready to offer cover in the event this sort of thing happened? I am sure we did. If we didn’t (which I can’t imagine) this is a logistical disaster on a colossal scale. But for whatever reason we didn’t send anyone in. No hell-fire missiles were shot by drones which undoubtedly were patrolling the skies above Benghazi. No, the ambassador and his team were basically left to die Alamo style, as quietly as possible.

Don’t forget. The American public was told that the attack was a spontaneous act of violence born from a protest against an anti-Muslim movie that almost no one saw. This is a lie which was told over and over in the critical weeks after the attack.

Benghazi was a gross failure of the Obama administration with potentially huge impact on the soon to be held 2012 US presidential elections. Likewise it was also as big a failure for Hillary Clinton’s State Department with potentially as big an impact on her likely run for president in 2016.

The below video is an important report. We commend 60 Minutes for it and we are pleased that it appears that not all of the mainstream media, an entity we often call the “crony media,” can be cowed by Washington.

Image credit:

Nick Sorrentino
About Nick Sorrentino

Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of A political and communications consultant with clients across the political spectrum, he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.



No comment, other than…

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Is Gov’t Response to Terror, Terror? – Prof. Beau Grosscup


Is Gov’t Response to Terror, Terror? – Prof. Beau Grosscup (Video Interview)

5-10-2013 6-57-50 AM

Next News Network interviews Prof. Beau Grosscup regarding the governments response to terror threats and terror attacks.

YouTube Preview Image

By NextNewsNetwork



International Law? A Corbett Report Exposé on The Rational Lie of International Criminal Law



YouTube Preview Image



Truth. Justice. Accountability. The idea of an international rule of law appeals to our innate sense of justice, but the most horrific plans are often cloaked in the most beautiful lies. Just as the ideals of international law are used to cloak the imperial ambitions of the globalists, so too is the idea of seeking justice in these controlled courtrooms a phoney pipe dream. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore the only real solution to this problem: removing the bodyguard of lies from the power elite and to withdrawing ourselves from the systems that seek to legitimize their rule.

Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist


Conspiracy theorists like Zbigniew Brzezinski believe that organizations of interest work behind the scenes to manipulate world politics. They believe that false flag terror events are used to justify wars of aggression on political enemies. They believe that humanitarian rhetoric is used to mask military aggression, as in Syria. In short, they are realistic observers of world politics, just like Zbigniew Brzezinski. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we hear all about the conspiratorial view of history straight from the horse’s mouth.

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).

Fear and Oath-ing in D.C.



Common sense commentary about the war on the American people.  “We’re just asking politicians to live up to their oath.”

YouTube Preview Image


Rand Paul single-handedly tries to stop NDAA

YouTube Preview Image

Just days before Thanksgiving, the US Senate was planning on taking a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, but there has been a slight delay. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has proposed an amendment halting the vote. In it, Paul reaffirms the sixth amendment guaranteeing a fair a speedy trial to all Americans which has been threatened by the NDAA. Brian Doherty, senior editor for Reason.Com, give us his take on the latest development.

Messengers for Liberty documentary


The first episode of Messengers for Liberty has been uploaded and is ready to be seen by the world!

This was filmed in Nashville, TN and Missouri. It features interviews with Ron Paul, Austrian Economics Professor Robert Murphy, TMOT, and some familiar faces from the Ron Paul Grassroots movement in Nashville including Barry Donegan, Matt Gulliver, Mandy Singleton, John Drake, and many more!

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Sep 16, 2012 by
“Messengers for Liberty” is a six hour documentary series about the grassroots liberty movement growing in America today. Learn why these grassroots patriots are speaking out and why liberty has transformed their lives. Join us on this documentary journey to explore these founding principles that once made America free and prosperous.

Please do not download and repost. This link’s goal is to provide more accurate viewer totals in order to show the growth of this message. Please help us share it with your friends, family, and neighbors who need to understand the importance of restoring liberty back to America.
Liberty 2012

Terror in Tampa: Billionaires & Ballot Bandits TKO Maine Delegates at RNC

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by N0LINKNEWS

I wanna thank Greg Palast speaking at the convention for the billionaires & ballot bandits phrase.

Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates Erupt After Getting Barred from Republican Convention
Submitted by 35intheShade on Tue, 08/28/2012 – 21:27
in Ron Paul 2012

What a complete fraud. Hopefully all of you will now see that there is a conspiracy happening and it is very very massive. And it hates true liberty. RON PAUL

Continued, with CNN interviewing Maine delegates:

CNN interview:

Maine delegates walk out:

Brent Tweed, Mark Willis after walkout:

They’re stealing the election, but we have the files on them – help support us finish our film & book – The Election Games Launched: Mar 4, 2012 Funding ended: May 3, 2012 Remind Me

Greg Palast’s Billionaires and Ballots Investigation

The top elections-heist investigators in the USA need your donation, here today, to complete our comic book, our elections guide book and our film exposing the attempt to Steal 2012 by a combination of billionaire’s hidden cash and vote heists.

In 1996, Greg Palast filmed the first investigation of The Koch Brothers.

In 2000, Palast uncovered how Katherine Harris purged 56,000 African-Americans from Florida voter rolls.

In 2008, Palast, with Bobby Kennedy, busted the Karl Rove attack on ballots — from ID games to firing US prosecutors.

And now, in 2012, there’s once again a full-scale attack on the right to vote.

If we can get $15,000 right now, we can just make our May 3rd deadline to draw and print our BILLIONAIRES AND BANDITS comic book with genius pen man Ted Rall.

The funds will also allow us to edit and broadcast our film shot over the past four years from all over the USA on Karl Rove’s $200 million game to suppress the vote.


James Holmes Batman shooting to justify UN small arms treaty gun grab?



By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Jul 21, 2012 by

An exploration of the huge questions behind the James Holmes Batman movie theater massacre. Questions include:

* Where did James get his bomb-making training?
* How did James acquire his military-style weapons and gear?
* Why were his actions such a departure from his known personality?
* Why did he calmly surrender to police without a fight?
* Why did he tip off the cops to the bomb booby traps at his apartment?
* Was this part of an agenda related to the UN small arms treaty?

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