Capitalists Have a Better Plan

By ROBERT P. MURPHY Foundation for Economic Education August 19, 2015   Capitalists Have a Better Plan Why Decentralized Planning Is Superior to Bureaucracy and Socialism   (Image from Shutterstock)   To early 20th-century intellectuals, capitalism looked like anarchy. Why, they wondered, would we trust deliberative, conscious guidance when building a house but not when building […]



Capitalist Theory Is Better Than Socialist Reality

By Sandy Ikeda Foundation for Economic Education July 11, 2015   Capitalist Theory Is Better Than Socialist Reality In This Case, Turnabout Is Fair Play     Tell someone on the left that crony capitalism is not the same as the free market and they’ll often respond that capitalism as it really exists is crony […]

Watch: Socialist Exceptionalism: “Americans Who Look To Government To Save Them… Fail To Realize It Was Government Who F%*ked Them”

By Mac Slavo February 2, 2015   Socialist Exceptionalism: “Americans Who Look To Government To Save Them… Fail To Realize It Was Government Who F%*ked Them”   Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once famously said that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.  As of this writing our […]


Should anyone be taxed over 100% of income? Happened to some in France for tax year 2011.

Should anyone be taxed over 100% of income? Happened to some in France for tax year 2011

Source: By Nick Sorrentino Should anyone be taxed over 100% of income? Happened to some in France for tax year 2011. Vive le France? Well, one of the reasons there is less “vive” in France these days is because of asinine policies such as the one imposed by France’s current Socialist government which is highlighted […]

Student Loan Racketeering: Congress Critter Introduces a Bill to Make Student Loan Payments a Payroll Tax Deduction 1

Source: By Judy Morris Bloomberg had a very interesting article about a congressional bill that was introduced that would force employers to withhold 15% of an employees’ paycheck to pay for student loan debt. Student-Loan Collection Targeted for Overhaul in Congress Congress will consider overhauling debt collection in the $100 billion-a-year U.S. student loan […]

FOX News Admits Romney Cannot Win Without Ron Paul Supporters 2

But true Ron Paul supporters will never back Romney.  Personally, I despise what is happening, and have for some time.  Should Obama be re-elected and continue the transformation of the U.S. into another failing socialist run empire, I will place all the blame on the GOP, that group that cares more abut agendas and saving […]

Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control Treaty 1

Source: By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State has announced that the Obama administration is working with the United Nations (UN) to approve, through the US Congress, the Small Arms Treaty (SAT). Clinton affirmed that the US would facilitate talks with the UN in the Conference on the Arms Trade […]

Still Voting Romney or Obama? Not After This Video! RONY 2012!

Source: By Jana My gift to the Dare County Republicans, North Carolina. Hopefully the simplicity of this blog post my reach your apathetic and dangerous view point of the world in which you have played your role flawlessly. Watch if you “DARE” to WAKE UP! You’ve heard about Kony 2012…Well This is a REAL […]

Ben Bernanke: Supreme Socialist

Source: By Steve Forbes This article originally appeared int he Feb. 27, 2012 issue of Forbes magazine. You thought socialism was dead, other than in miserable countries such as North Korea and Cuba? Think again. It’s alive and well at the Federal Reserve, and we and the world are paying a price for it. […]

G. Edward Griffin, “The Federal Reserve is a Private Banking Cartel”

You have probably seen the images by now. Athens on fire, the city literally burning as politicians within parliament voted to pass tough austerity measures to meet the demands of the EU and IMF, Greece’s international lenders. This story is about more than just austerity and riots – it’s wealth-extraction amidst economic collapse at work. […]

Tennessee House Passes Resolution Against United Nations Agenda 21

Source: Tennessee lawmakers have taken a major step forward in the fight against U.N. Agenda 21 with a House resolution condemning the plan as “destructive and insidious.” The resolution passed 72-23 and was quickly condemned and made fun of by the few local and national media outlets who actually reported on the story. The […]

The End of America – Director’s Cut (Full)

Source:! “The End of America details the ten steps a country takes when it slides toward fascism. It’s not a “lefty”tot tome, rather a historical look at trends in once-functioning democracies from modern history that are being repeated in our country today. It gives any reader (or viewer of the lecture) a much-needed history […]

25 Signs That The Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete 1

Source: By Michael Snyder The United States of America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every single day. In fact, the Nazification of America is almost complete. The parallels between Nazi Germany and the United States of today are going to absolutely shock many of you. Most Americans simply have never learned what life […]

Some Questions That Donald Trump Might Ask

Source: by Thomas J. DiLorenzo by Thomas J. DiLorenzo Upon hearing that Donald Trump will interview his fellow neocons at another GOP debate in late December, I recalled that Trump gave the Republican nomination a shot himself in 2000, and of course again briefly in the past year. A quick Web search unearthed quite […]

Americans in Denial: Futile Elections and Teflon Candidates

Source: by Scott Lazarowitz If these talk radio shows I listen to are indicative of the American population in general, and Republicans and conservatives in particular, then, stop the world, I’m getting off. The statists among the Republican field of presidential candidates propose to change things a little bit here and there, but in […]