Biden guaranteed Mayor of Boston ‘Menino’ by January 31st Obama will sign a Gun Ban/Laws

Source: By Sherrie Questioning All Seems the Vice President is very confident that gun bans will be passed.  He has guaranteed the Mayor of Boston, Menino that Obama will sign a gun ban/law by January 31st. Portion: Vice President Joe Biden “guaranteed” Mayor Thomas M. Menino — a leading national gun control advocate — […]

World War III: the unthinkable cost of preserving the petrodollar 2

Source: Crisishq As noted by many of our readers, one of the key topics omitted from our article on the inevitability of economic collapse was the petrodollar system. Due to its significance, we felt that this subject deserves its own article. If you have never heard of the petrodollar, don’t be surprised. There’s a […]

Social Media Creates Modern Day Nastazi Spies for the Global Elite 1

Source: Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism August 8, 2012 Facebook and its infiltration into our modern society is now the barometer of whether or not a person is “suspicious” or not. Some psychologists are even suggesting that not having a Facebook profile means that you are a psychopath. The link between the Batman shooter and […]