Obama aide makes absurd statements in attempted defense of IRS, Benghazi and AP scandals

Source: By Madison Ruppert Editor of End the Lie Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer made the talk show rounds today saying that the “law is irrelevant” when discussing the IRS scandal and that Obama’s location in the wake of the Benghazi attack is an “irrelevant fact.” While some of Pfeiffer’s statements were downright absurd, one […]

Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer (Image credit: screenshot from “Meet the Press”)

Blackwater becomes new landlord in Afghanistan for US Special Forces

Source: As President Obama insists on a speedy end to the war in Afghanistan, his administration has other plans. A facility owned by the private security force once known as Blackwater has been awarded a $22 million contract to house US troops through 2015. The private military company Academi — formerly Blackwater and, more […]