Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul Supporters: A Must Read

Source: In a recent post at, Robert Wenzel offered a “30 day reading list” designed to introduce the basic tenets of libertarianism by offering a daily article to read for a month. For anyone interested in learning a lot more about libertarianism in a short period of time, I highly recommend taking Wenzel’s offer. And while I am at best […]

Before He Delivered For Voters, Paul Delivered Babies

Source: by Julie Rovner   Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul is known for his fervent opposition to armed intervention overseas and the Federal Reserve — and for his equally fervent supporters. And while those supporters may want him to be the next president for different reasons, they’re all well aware that […]

Ron Paul Gets Rock Star Reception at University of Iowa 2

Source: By Rebecca Kaplan In the midst of homecoming weekend, 76-year-old congressman manages to draw 1,000 students to campus speech. IOWA CITY, Iowa—It’s homecoming night at the University of Iowa. The air is thick with excitement as students flee Friday classes and the cars of alumni returning to campus clog the streets. As night […]