Sarah Palin’s scorched-earth plan for the GOP

By Neil Macdonald Last Updated: Jan 31, 2015 8:33 AM ET CBC News   Sarah Palin’s scorched-earth plan for the GOP Former Alaska governor challenges party to move sharply right   Sarah Palin, who now says she’s definitely interested in “serving” as president next year, made a speech last weekend at a gathering of Republican […]

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speaks during the Freedom Summit last week in Des Moines, Iowa. By most accounts, including Republican ones, it didn't go well. (Associated Press)


Is the fix in? Has the establishment GOP already chosen the Republican nominee?

By Nick Sorrentino Against Crony Capitalism   Is the fix in? Has the establishment GOP already chosen the Republican nominee?   It is truly amazing is how hostile the leadership of the Republican Party is  to the people who actually make up the Republican Party. I can tell you first hand that the establishment GOP […]

Republican Powerbrokers Intend to Clear the GOP Field for a Favored Establishment Candidate 1

By Against Crony Capitalism   Republican Powerbrokers Intend to Clear the GOP Field for a Favored Establishment Candidate   “I don’t like journalism,” – Sheldon Adelson    The old boys with giant checkbooks want Jeb, Christie, or Romney in the White House. (Romney!) You know the guys who completely interchangeable with Hillary. The fat felines don’t want […]


Will voters send a message by voting for anyone but Obama & Romney? 5

Source: By Lori Stacey, DC Conservative Examiner With several strong alternative candidates available to vote for either on the ballot or as official write-in candidates, will the American people send a strong message to both the major parties by voting for anyone but Obama & Romney? It is hard to say what voters will […]

RT to host final US presidential third-party debate

[CIM] Please note that the debate has been rescheduled for November 5th due to hurricane Sandy. ### Source: Libertarian Party candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein will sound off once more before Election Day, with both presidential hopefuls now slated to debate live from RT’s Washington, DC studio on November […]

Who Will Win the Elections? “The Republicrats”

Source: By Julie Lévesque There is no democracy in the United States. American political life is dominated by one party with two heads, often called the “Republicrats”. Republicans and Democrats agree on core issues and only argue on technicalities. Obama, who was portrayed as a peaceful saviour in the last presidential elections, has demonstrated […]

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Guilford Co. NC Voters Say Ballot Cast for Romney Came up Obama on Machine 1

Source: By Adan Salazar With the presidential election weeks away, residents of Guilford County, North Carolina were alarmed to find out that their voting machines may have been manipulating votes, as some claim their votes for Romney were changed to votes for Obama. “I was so upset this could happen,” voter Sher Coromalis told […]

#StopNDAA – What Obama and Romney didn’t touch on during the debate

Source: The defense bill that lets the government indefinitely detain any US citizen without charge or trial wasn’t mentioned once during the three presidential debates, but that didn’t stop activists from sounding off: #StopNDAA went worldwide Monday night. A campaign aimed at drawing awareness to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 […]

Have Voting Machines Already Made their Choice for Prez? 3

Published on Oct 22, 2012 by TheBigPictureRT So, your Nobel Peace Prize-winning European Union is demanding that indebted nations like Greece and Portugal privatize all their water resources if they want to continue receiving bail outs. As in – you want to stay in the Eurozone? Then hand over your most precious commons to transnational […]

Are voters finally fed-up enough to go for the block? 1

Source: By Lori Stacey From the far left to the far right and everywhere in between, American voters are more dissatisfied with the choices of only Barack Obama or Mitt Romney than perhaps anytime in our nation’s history. Thanks to the internet and alternative media sources, voters also are more aware than ever before […]


What Ron Paul Might Have Said About That 47%

Source: By Thomas J. DiLorenzo Unlike Romney and Obama, Ron Paul is neither a repeater of Republican Party platitudes about “America’s greatness” nor a mumbler of silly socialist platitudes that sound like they were paraphrased directly from The Communist Manifesto (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”). Ron Paul […]

Racist Deer In Texas Repeatedly Destroys Obama Yard Signs…

Source: Via HuffPo: A deer in Texas is showing support for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by repeatedly attacking a sign supporting opponent President Barack Obama on an Austin couple’s front lawn. Tom and Beth Priem said concern over repeated tears in an Obama lawn sign in their front yard led to concern about vandals, […]

Picture of Billboard on Highway here in East Tennessee 2

Source: By Sherrie Questioning All Picture of Billboard on Highway here in East Tennessee “America or Obama – You Can’t have Both” I took this picture yesterday of this billboard on Highway 40 going East. It says:   AMERICA OR OBAMA – YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH It is located right after the Buttermilk Rd. […]

The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul Revolution

Source: “I don’t think (Ron Paul supporters) have been disrespected.” – Mitt Romney   The Grand Old Party produced a scripted appeal to the faithful. The 2012 Republican Party convention in Tampa, designed to sell a filtered image of a country club version of conservatism, begs the historic substance of a traditional embodiment of […]