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Will voters send a message by voting for anyone but Obama & Romney?



By , DC Conservative Examiner

Will voters send a message by voting for anyone but Obama & Romney?

Will “Neither” get more votes
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With several strong alternative candidates available to vote for either on the ballot or as official write-in candidates, will the American people send a strong message to both the major parties by voting for anyone but Obama & Romney? It is hard to say what voters will ultimately do but what is apparent is that there has never been such a strong degree of discontent with the major party choices of candidates than in this presidential election of 2012.

Will Ron Paul finally get his legitimate win in the state of Maine where he has officially been set-up as a write-in candidate? We know the primary results were wrought with obvious fraud and then most of his duly elected delegates were not allowed to be seated at the national convention. Will the people of Maine finally be allowed to be heard in casting their real choice for President on the election night that counts the most?

Ron Paul’s supporters have surprisingly set him up as an official write-in candidate in at least a dozen or more states. The latest state is in California where he will be available for a write-in vote with Judge Napolitano as his Vice Presidential running mate. Don’t expect these write-in votes to be counted, tallied and published until weeks after election night.

Virgil Goode is going to be another one to watch, particularly in the states of Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and possibly in Ohio. He is still wildly popular in southern Virginia where he served as a member of congress for 6 two-year terms and is running his campaign very hard in this state. In Colorado, the Constitution Party broke through in 2010 and now has Major Party status in the state, thanks to the incredible run by Tom Tancredo for Governor in that election year. Expect voters to take Virgil Goode’s candidacy very seriously in Colorado.

Gary Johnson has become a very popular choice among the segment of Ron Paul’s support that leaned more heavily on libertarianism rather than conservatism. Expect him to be a strong force to deal with in several states.


RT to host final US presidential third-party debate



Please note that the debate has been rescheduled for November 5th due to hurricane Sandy.

YouTube Preview Image



Libertarian Party candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein will sound off once more before Election Day, with both presidential hopefuls now slated to debate live from RT’s Washington, DC studio on November 5.

Tens of thousands around the globe watched earlier this week when broadcasting legend Larry King moderated a debate between the top third-party candidates live from Chicago. As those politicians continue to be shunned by the mainstream media and political establishment alike, though, they remain excluded from presenting their platform to the country on the eve of a historic election. RT aims to make a difference, however, and will host Johnson and Stein to speak their minds on the topics Americans really care about in 2012.

Following the success of this week’s Third Party Presidential Debate broadcast on RT live from Chicago, the top candidates as selected by voters on the Free and Equal Elections Foundation website will move on to a second debate from the nation’s capital, this time answering questions dedicated solely to foreign policy.

“The voters have spoken, and we are pleased to announce that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will advance to the second debate,” Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free and Equal, tells RT.

When Johnson and Stein took the stage to participate in the first third-party debate this year, the candidates sounded off on questions that, while vital to the voting public, were absent from the discussions held between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney during the televised debates that selected only Democrat and Republican politicians to participate.

The debate, which was originally set for October 30, was postponed as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The second and final third-party presidential debate will be held on November 5 from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time, (November 6, 1:00 a.m. – 2:30 a.m. GMT)  and will be aired on RT America as well as and on RT’s YouTube channel.



Who Will Win the Elections? “The Republicrats”



By Julie Lévesque

Who Will Win the Elections? “The Republicrats”There is no democracy in the United States.

American political life is dominated by one party with two heads, often called the “Republicrats”.

Republicans and Democrats agree on core issues and only argue on technicalities. Obama, who was portrayed as a peaceful saviour in the last presidential elections, has demonstrated during his four years in office that he is not much different from his predecessor.

Nobel “Peace” Prize Laureate Barack Obama’s “war record” is worse than that of George W. Bush;  the civil rights of Americans have shrunk further in the last four years and President Obama has shown that that is he is closer to Wall Street than to Main Street.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are more of the same on key issues as Glen Ford explains:

To any objective observer, the consensus that exists between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on the fundamental issues of war and peace, Wall Street’s dominance of American life, and fiscal austerity, has been made crystal clear in the two “debates.” In the absence of effective popular resistance to the duopoly of money, the economic and social crisis fails to create a corresponding political crisis for the rulers. As a result, there is nothing important for them to debate. (Glen Ford, Obama-Romney: The Duopoly Debates Itself)

But how are Presidential debates regulated? The history of the Commission on Presidential Debates sheds light on how and why other parties are excluded from the political debate and kept away from the public’s eyes and ears:

The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation headed by the former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic parties. The CPD is a duopoly which allows the major party candidates to draft secret agreements about debate arrangements including moderators, debate format and even participants. The result is a travesty riddled with sterile, non-contentious arguments which consistently exclude alternative voices that Americans want to hear. (VIDEO : SpartacusMoriarty, The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates)

In 2008, while the Republicrats agreed on bailing out Wall Street, ALL other presidential candidates were against this massive institutionalized fraud. Thanks to the Commission on Presidential Debates, Americans were led to believe that the bank bailout was not only inevitable but in the public interest. Americans were not prevented from hearing the dissenting political voices, who were opposed to this odious debt. The same goes for the Republicrats’ Imperial design fueled by “the war on terrorism and regime change, defended by both Romney and Obama as a legitimate “humanitarian” undertaking


Guilford Co. NC Voters Say Ballot Cast for Romney Came up Obama on Machine



By Adan Salazar

Video capture from

With the presidential election weeks away, residents of Guilford County, North Carolina were alarmed to find out that their voting machines may have been manipulating votes, as some claim their votes for Romney were changed to votes for Obama.

“I was so upset this could happen,” voter Sher Coromalis told Coromalis tried at least three times unsuccessfully to cast her vote for Mitt Romney at early polling, and each time her vote was counted as a vote for Obama.

Coromalis also said she had to press the selection button several times before it was accepted, a problem another voter, Marie Haydock, confirmed having. “The frustration is every vote counts,” Haydock told Fox, convinced that numbers reported by recent Gallup and Rasmussen polls actually reflect the people’s choice.

The Guilford County board of elections tried to explain off the mishap, saying this type of problem is definitely “not a conspiracy” and is solved by recalibrating the machine. “It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert said trying to calm suspicions of foul play.

Infowars has always held a non-partisan stance on elections and presidential candidates. In the past, we’ve also reported on numerous instances of voter fraud, a practice that is almost as American as apple pie and baseball.

North Carolina was recently at the center of a controversy where nearly 30,000 names of registered voters were actually dead people. “Mainly, what we’re concerned about is the potential [for fraud],” Voter Integrity project director Jay DeLancy told the Charlotte Observer. “Since there is no voter ID law in North Carolina, anybody can walk in and claim to be anyone else.”

#StopNDAA – What Obama and Romney didn’t touch on during the debate



#StopNDAA - What Obama and Romney didn't touch on during the debate

US President Barack Obama (R) greets Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (L) following the third and final presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.(AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

The defense bill that lets the government indefinitely detain any US citizen without charge or trial wasn’t mentioned once during the three presidential debates, but that didn’t stop activists from sounding off: #StopNDAA went worldwide Monday night.

A campaign aimed at drawing awareness to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 and a draconian provision that provides the government the power to lock-up any person on mere suspicion of terrorist ties succeeded during Monday’s third and final presidential debate. “#StopNDAA” was among the most popular hashtags included in messages sent over Twitter Monday night, at one point entering the list of top worldwide trends.

The action was coordinated thanks in part to a grassroots campaign orchestrated by Revolution Truth and Demand Progress, among others, advertised through and endorsed by thousands of activists across the globe.

“Both parties are colluding in denying you your First and Fifth amendment rights under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, and both candidates refuse to discuss this bipartisan assault on civil liberties,” a message posted on the Stop NDAA website reads.

Elsewhere on the site, examples of sample tweets were included alongside information about the annual Pentagon spending blueprint that was drafted last year to include a provision, Section 1021, that affirms that the president can use military force to imprison any person considered to have “substantially supported” a terrorist group engaged in hostilities against the US or its allies. Under the law, though, the commander-in-chief can also lock-up any individual until a vaguely defined “end of hostilities” without ever being required to try them in a court of law.


Have Voting Machines Already Made their Choice for Prez?

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Oct 22, 2012 by

So, your Nobel Peace Prize-winning European Union is demanding that indebted nations like Greece and Portugal privatize all their water resources if they want to continue receiving bail outs. As in – you want to stay in the Eurozone? Then hand over your most precious commons to transnational corporations. This is in line with the broader privatization agenda we’re seeing all around the world – especially here in America as water, roads, school, prisons – you name it – are all being privatized and taken out of the hands of “we the people.” These are all assaults on democracy.



For your reference:

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Are voters finally fed-up enough to go for the block?



By Lori Stacey

From the far left to the far right and everywhere in between, American voters are more dissatisfied with the choices of only Barack Obama or Mitt Romney than perhaps anytime in our nation’s history. Thanks to the internet and alternative media sources, voters also are more aware than ever before that there are other choices on the ballot or available via certified write-in status and are finding out about them long before the shock of seeing their actual ballot on election day when it is often too late to research who the other candidates are or what they stand for.

The sham and concerted effort by the entire political system itself and the national mainstream media to try to hide, belittle or exclude the other choices has perhaps reached such a truly un-American level of stench that maybe, just maybe, voters will have finally decided that they have had enough.

The truth is that millions of Americans are finding alternative party, independent and official write-in candidates that they don’t have to plug their nose to vote for and can get excited about. Whether it is Ron Paul that is expected to be a certified write-in candidate in at least a dozen states, Dr. Jill Stein or Gary Johnson that appeal to social liberals, Vigil Goode or others that appeal to social conservatives, the truth is that the field of candidates running outside the 2-party sham on America are offering real choices that people can support. What they seem to have in common is their recognition that we must get the federal government back in adherence with our constitution, defend our freedoms and finally bring our troops home.

If voters finally stand up on their own set of principles and ideals and just vote for the best individual candidate rather than settling for a major party label, at least a powerful message of blowback will finally be heard in Washington, DC. If enough people reject Obama and Romney, it could result in some state victories for the other candidates. If each of the most popular alternative candidates were able to pick off victories in a state or two each, it could be possible to block both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney from reaching the required 270 electoral votes necessary to win the election outright. Then it would be thrown to the US House to decide and they would of course choose either Romney or Obama. The important thing though is that the 2-party monster of menace would never be the same again.

A group of teenagers put together a video plea to vote only for candidates that will stand up for our founding principles and save their future. They are involved in the organization It is currently going viral across the web. (see video) Will the adults actually take their advice and vote on principle or cave yet again to party loyalty that is bringing our nation to its knees? Aren’t we supposed to be electing a person to live on Pennsylvania Avenue, not a party?

YouTube Preview Image


, DC Conservative Examiner

Lori Stacey has been passionate about politics all her life. She started working on political campaigns going back to Ronald Reagan’s first bid for the White House while growing up in Sacramento. In November 2010, she ran for Secretary of State of South Dakota for the Constitution Party. Lori…


What Ron Paul Might Have Said About That 47%



By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Unlike Romney and Obama, Ron Paul is neither a repeater of Republican Party platitudes about “America’s greatness” nor a mumbler of silly socialist platitudes that sound like they were paraphrased directly from The Communist Manifesto (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”). Ron Paul is a seriously learned man when it comes to economics and political philosophy. He is very familiar with the writings of all the classical liberals, especially Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, F.A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard. As such, he must know that Rothbard considered John C. Calhoun, the nineteenth-century U.S. Senator, Secretary of War, and Vice President of the United States to have been one of America’s greatest political philosophers as well.

Because of his educational background, Ron Paul would have articulated Romney’s truthful comment about how the moochers and parasites of American society (“the 47%”) are on the verge of overwhelming the producers politically. He would not have gotten involved in the mindless media “debate” over whether it is 47 percent or 49 percent of American adults who pay no income taxes but receive benefits from government. He likely would have quoted or paraphrased Rothbard’s favorite American political philosopher, Calhoun, from his magisterial 1850 Disquisition on Government instead.

“When once formed,” Calhoun wrote, a political community “will be divided into two great parties – a major and minor – between which there will be incessant struggles on the one side to retain, and on the other to obtain the majority . . . . ” Consequently, “some portion of the community must pay in taxes more than it receives back in disbursements; while another receives in disbursements more than it pays in taxes.”

The community is thus divided into “two great classes – one consisting of those who . . . pay the taxes . . . and the other, of those who are the recipients of their proceeds.” This will in turn lead to “one class or portion of the community [being] elevated to wealth and power, and the other depressed to abject poverty and dependence, simply by the fiscal action of the government.”


Racist Deer In Texas Repeatedly Destroys Obama Yard Signs…



Racist Deer In Texas Repeatedly Destroys Obama Yard Signs…

Via HuffPo:

A deer in Texas is showing support for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by repeatedly attacking a sign supporting opponent President Barack Obama on an Austin couple’s front lawn.

Tom and Beth Priem said concern over repeated tears in an Obama lawn sign in their front yard led to concern about vandals, reports. Beth Priem sat up one morning with a video camera hoping to catch the culprit and discovered the problem was actually something with four legs. reports:

Beth snapped the photo just as [the sign] landed, destroyed — proof that it wasn’t a dream.

“Apparently, we have a Republican deer in our neighborhood!” said Tom. “The funny thing is, I haven’t seen any other signs damaged. The people directly across the street have four signs, the person across the street and to the left has two, and the next house to the left has one. We can’t figure out why the deer is attacking our signs.

Picture of Billboard on Highway here in East Tennessee




Picture of Billboard on Highway here in East Tennessee “America or Obama – You Can’t have Both”

Picture of Billboard on Highway here in East Tennessee "America or Obama - You Can't have Both"

I took this picture yesterday of this billboard on Highway 40 going East.

It says:



It is located right after the Buttermilk Rd. Exit and before the Oak Ridge Lenoir City Exit.

I think it states it very well!

It says at the bottom it was paid for by the “Roane County Tea Party”

As I see it the only real candidate that could have saved America is out of the running now (Ron Paul).

Romney is just as much as a puppet as Obama.  So…..  my choice is I WILL NOT VOTE!

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