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Baby taken from mother by UK social services in ‘forced caesarean’





Baby taken from mother by UK social services in ‘forced caesarean’



Social services in the county of Essex reportedly obtained permission from a High Court to forcibly remove an unborn child from its mother’s womb by caesarean section. The Court Order was granted on the basis the woman had suffered a mental breakdown.

The Sunday Telegraph reported the story, citing the woman’s lawyers, who is now fighting for custody of her child. The woman, who is reportedly an Italian national, was in the UK on a business trip last year when she suffered a panic attack. She called the police who subsequently took her to a psychiatric facility where she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Members of her family said the panic attack was caused by her failure to take medication for bipolar disorder, which she had been diagnosed with in Italy.

The legal documents handed to the Sunday Telegraph indicate that after 5 weeks in the ward, the woman was sedated and subjected to a caesarean section procedure to remove the unborn child from her womb. The Essex social services had received an order from a High Court giving them the go ahead to carry out the operation on the grounds that the woman was not mentally fit.

“I have never heard of anything like this in all my 40 years in the job,” Brendan Fleming, the woman’s British lawyer, told The Sunday Telegraph.

The woman’s lawyers say that she was never informed of the procedure.

The aggrieved returned to the UK in February of this year to claim custody of her child at a Crown Court. Her lawyers said that although the judge formed a favorable opinion of her, he ruled that the child should be put up for adoption because there was a danger that she could regress.

Following the ruling the case has snowballed and is now at the center of an international dispute. The woman has also filed a case with a High Court in Rome asking why an Italian citizen had been subjected to UK care proceedings. Her lawyers are currently trying to discern why no next of kin in Italy were informed when she was sectioned.

“If there were concerns about the care of this child by an Italian mother, then the better plan would have been for the authorities here to have notified social services in Italy and for the child to have been taken back there,” wrote Christopher Booker in his column in The Sunday Telegraph.

Lawyers also voiced some concern that the child was put up for adoption when there had been an offer from a family friend in the US to take care of her.


Is America Rome?



By Nick Sorrentino

Is America Rome?



It’s a question I have asked since I was a small boy. John Stossel asks it in the attached piece.

My father, a naval officer and history buff, explained to me how Rome fell into decadence and lost touch with its republican roots. He told me about Nero, and the debasement of the money, and the empire seeking. And then the end.

My dad also talked about “bread and circuses.” That is, that the politicians in Rome appealed to base instincts to control the population. Feed the people and entertain the people. Keep them blind and unaware.

How’s Kim Kardashian doing? Please do not answer that.


Diocletian was worse than Nixon. Rome enforced controls with the death penalty — and forbid people to change professions. Emperor Constantine decreed that those who broke such rules “be bound with chains and reduced to servile condition.”

Eventually, Rome’s empire was so large — and people so resentful of centralized control — that generals in outlying regions began declaring independence from Rome.

Click here for the article.

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How Did America’s Police Become A Military Force On The Streets?



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How Did America’s Police Become A Military Force On The Streets?



Are cops constitutional?

In a 2001 article for the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal, the legal scholar and civil liberties activist Roger Roots posed just that question. Roots, a fairly radical libertarian, believes that the U.S.Constitution doesn’t allow for police as they exist today. At the very least, he argues, police departments, powers and practices today violate the document’s spirit and intent. “Under the criminal justice model known to the framers, professional police officers were unknown,” Roots writes.

The founders and their contemporaries would probably have seen even the early-19th-century police forces as a standing army, and a particularly odious one at that. Just before the American Revolution, it wasn’t the stationing of British troops in the colonies that irked patriots in Boston and Virginia; it was England’s decision to use the troops for everyday law enforcement. This wariness of standing armies was born of experience and a study of history—early American statesmen like Madison, Washington and Adams were well-versed in the history of such armies in Europe, especially in ancient Rome….

Police departments across the country now sport armored personnel carriers designed for use on a battlefield. Some have helicopters, tanks and Humvees. They carry military-grade weapons. Most of this equipment comes from the military itself. Many SWAT teams today are trained by current and former personnel from special forces units like the Navy SEALs or Army Rangers. National Guard helicopters now routinely swoop through rural areas in search of pot plants and, when they find something, send gun-toting troops dressed for battle rappelling down to chop and confiscate the contraband. But it isn’t just drugs. Aggressive, SWAT-style tactics are now used to raid neighborhood poker games, doctors’ offices, bars and restaurants, and head shops—despite the fact that the targets of these raids pose little threat to anyone.

Read the rest at The Liberty Crier, here.

Constitutional Philosophy: Jon Roland, Lecture 1, 2012/11/10



Constitutional Philosophy: Jon Roland, Lecture 1, 2012/11/10

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Jon Roland discusses political philosophy with a focus on discovery of the principles of constitutional design as the key problem in that field.
Lecture 1. 2012/11/10.   Austin Philosophy Discussion Group

Constitutional Philosophy: Jon Roland, Q&A 1, 2012/11/10

Q&A for preceding Lecture 1

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Slides for the lecture.

Smallest artificial heart saves baby in Italy



By Lisa Karpova

Smallest artificial heart saves baby in Rome ItalyDoctors at the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, the Italian capital, have saved the life of a baby of 16 months, thanks to the world’s smallest artificial heart implant. The child, who suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, underwent surgery last month. However, the results were not published until this week.

In this sense, the surgeon, Antonio Amodeo, said: “This is a milestone,” acknowledging that his team has been involved in helping this baby who “is already part of the family.”

“The patient was in our intensive care unit from the first month of life (…) and was one of us.”

The baby managed to stay alive for 13 days until a donor was found and could be transplanted. However, the only concern was that the child had already been operated on many times, doctors said.

Before the implant, the child also had a serious infection around a mechanical pump that had been fitted earlier to support the function of his natural heart.

Cardiomyopathy is a disease that affects the heart muscle, which normally leads to the shrinking or enlargement of the fibers of the heart. The condition gradually weakens the heart, stopping its ability to pump blood effectively.

The artificial heart was developed by American physician, Robert Jarvik, and is capable of handling a blood flow of 1.5 liters per minute despite its 11 grams.

Doctors said the device had been previously tested only on animals.  They needed to obtain special permission from Jarvik and authorities  to perform the procedure.

Translated from the Portuguese version and appended by:
Lisa Karpova

Welcome To Rome, Albeit The Sequel


There are occasions that I like to look back at and share information that is basic and that I normally assume to be in the general knowledge.  Sadly, I am reminded often through posts read and conversations that this is not the case.  Life evolves in a circular fashion. and this is only visible if one can see the past to see the patterns.

Once again we see the potential for history to repeat.  Nothing is a given as long as we have an opportunity to divert the natural flow of progress from one stage to the next.  Consider what you see and know today, reflect back to earlier eras, then make educated decisions on that basis.  Simplicity is the core, while confusion, distraction and division are the goals of the governmental controlled main stream media.

To my knowledge one Constitution was written by or founding fathers.  Not a right verses left version, white verses black version or even a this religion verses that religion version.

We The People should appreciate our differences as that is what makes us all unique and focus on the similarities.  That is a We The People focus that will join masses to collaborate forces for good verses focusing on differences to only alienate and divide us as a people.

Back to basics, the building blocks of knowledge needed to focus.  Without knowledge of were we are, were we should be, the direction we are going and the potential of were we could most likely end up, how do we determine what action is needed?

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Four Priests Charged In Vatican Banking Scandal



By Rob Wile

Pope photoItalian investigators have charged four priests with laundering money out of the Vatican’s official bank, the Institute for the Works of Religion, the National Catholic Reporter’s John L. Allen Jr. writes.

The Italian daily l’Unita was the first to report that the priests were being investigated for laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s the latest in a series of investigations into Vatican finances dating back to 2010. In December of that year, Pope Benedict XVI decreed an updated anti-money laundering law for Vatican finances.

Late last month, an Italian TV program published letters written by the Vatican’s ambassador to the U.S. that charged the Holy See’s financial planners with cronyism and corruption.

In the letters, published by the popular Italian news magazine program “The Untouchables,” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said that his appointment to the U.S. was motivated by a desire to get him out of Rome because he was causing headaches, according to Les Echoes’ Guillaume Delacroix.

Viganò worried that his removal would cause disillusion among those hoping to clean up “corruption and dishonesty” in the city-state, including rigged contract bids and mismanaged investments, Allen reports.

The Vatican has denied the charges.

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