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“Rock Star” treatment for Ron Paul

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The Maryland primary is less than a week away and one specific group candidates like to attract is young voters. Hundreds of them showed last night at a Town Hall meeting at the University of Maryland to support Texas Congressman Ron Paul. RT’s Kristine Frazao has the story.
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Ron Paul is Obama’s Biggest Threat


FOX’s Neil Cavuto: Ron Paul is Obama’s Biggest Threat.

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Ron Paul Gets Rock Star Reception at University of Iowa



By Rebecca Kaplan

In the midst of homecoming weekend, 76-year-old congressman manages to draw 1,000 students to campus speech.

Chris Carlson/AP Ron Paul: 2012's septuagenarian rock star?

IOWA CITY, Iowa—It’s homecoming night at the University of Iowa. The air is thick with excitement as students flee Friday classes and the cars of alumni returning to campus clog the streets. As night falls, a parade winds through the downtown area. But at 8 p.m., more than 1,000 students head to the Iowa Memorial Union building for a presidential candidate’s speech.

President Obama?

Nope. It’s Ron Paul.

The 76-year-old Texas congressman says he’s seeing a difference of “night and day” between the way his run for the Republican presidential nomination is being received this year and the last time he ran, four years ago. What’s particularly striking is the rock star reception he’s getting among younger voters, two-thirds of whom voted for Obama in 2008.

“President Paul,” as students here greeted him with chants, is distinctly lacking in conventional sex appeal. The central tenets of his campaign revolve around wonky issues like monetary policy and a return to the gold standard. Yet his libertarian message of smaller government and reduced federal spending appears to be resonating with the campus set.

When Paul touched on one of his signature issues, calling for a full audit of the Federal Reserve, the crowd roared its approval.

“End the Fed! End the Fed!” they chanted.

“So you knew the next step,” the congressman told the students with a smile. “Very good.”

Paul’s only overt appeal to student voters here was his call for the abolition of any possibility of a military draft.

Requiring young men to register with the Selective Service means that “the government knows that they own you and they’ll take you and put you in the military if they want to,” Paul said. “So in a free society, you not only don’t have registration but you never have a military draft either.”

At his speech here, he forgot to mention the other plank in his platform aimed at younger voters: His proposed Social Security reform, released as part of his economic program earlier this week. It would allow Americans younger than 25 to opt out of the retirement program.

His well-received speech here capped a day of events in the eastern part of the state where the first votes of the 2012 presidential contest are scheduled to be cast Jan. 3. Paul’s schedule Friday also included a closed-door meeting with the American Wind Energy Association and a talk to plant workers at TPI Composites, a manufacturing firm in East Newton. When one of the workers there asked Paul about the increasingly divisive nature of the GOP debates, the congressman said he was “tempted to walk off the stage” during the first half of the last one, a noisy squabble on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

“I thought was disgusting,” Paul said.

Although he believes “there are way too many debates,” Paul also opined that he’s not getting enough speaking time. Even so, he noted that he had seen an uptick in support after each face-off with his Republican rivals, including what he said was a $2.5 million haul from an Internet fundraiser timed to coincide with this week’s debate in Las Vegas.


Ron Paul’s favorable status is better than frontrunners Perry and Romney.



Ron Paul is viewed favorably by 37%, which is higher than Perry’s 33% and slightly less than Romney’s 39%, but Romney is viewed unfavorably by 41% and Perry by 36%, while Paul is viewed unfavorably by 36%.  This means that Ron Paul is +1% with 27% undecided, Perry is -3% with 31% undecided and Romey is -2% with 20% undecided.

In an Associated Press-GfK telephone survey of the general population, 37 percent of the respondents said they have a positive view of the libertarian-leaning representative from Texas, while 36 percent said they did not.

Perry, the Texas governor, and Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, invoked similar favorable/unfavorable ratings that also fell within the poll’s 4.1 percent margin of error. Romney was viewed favorably by 39 percent of Americans, and Perry was viewed favorably by 33 percent.

Another 41 percent said they viewed Romney unfavorably, and 36 percent viewed Perry unfavorably.


Neil Cavuto tells Ron Paul that he’s a genius, that he loves having him on, calls him a “rock star” and says he’d make a great co-anchor.  This a welcomed changed from the hostile treatement he received from many Fox News people in 2007 and 2008.

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