The Republican Debate on FOX News

By Martin Armstrong Armstrong Economics August 7, 2015   The Republican Debate on FOX News     The debate everyone has been waiting for revealed the bias of the moderators and their secret agenda against Trump with the second most interesting exchange was between Christie and Paul. The so-called debate began with the leading question […]



Is the fix in? Has the establishment GOP already chosen the Republican nominee?

By Nick Sorrentino Against Crony Capitalism   Is the fix in? Has the establishment GOP already chosen the Republican nominee?   It is truly amazing is how hostile the leadership of the Republican Party is  to the people who actually make up the Republican Party. I can tell you first hand that the establishment GOP […]

Operation Get Jeb Elected: GOP moves to lock down presidential primary debates

  Source: http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org By Nick Sorrentino Operation Get Jeb Elected: GOP moves to lock down presidential primary debates     The party doesn’t want the “circus” it had in 2012 with the debates. Too much Ron Paul, too little inevitable coronation of the establishment candidate. Read More You see it’s because the people had too […]

Don’t want something like this happening again. What with the youthful excitement, expanding the party, and actually standing for small government and all.

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Is Jesse Benton Warming Up To Lead the Rand Paul 2016 Presidential Campaign?

Source: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com Posted by Robert Wenzel Is Jesse Benton Warming Up To Lead the Rand Paul 2016 Presidential Campaign? Now that Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) has announced she will run for the US Senate  held by Mitch McConnell, it’s time for McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton to take center stage. This bizarre […]

Video: The RNC Benghazi Attack Ad That Never Ran…

Source: http://weaselzippers.us I found this post on Weasel Zippers, as linked above, where you may agree or not, many times the posts are thought provoking and good conversation. Is this a legitimate RNC created video ad regarding Benghazi or a DNC create spin faked to look RNC created? Either way it makes no difference, as […]

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“RNC treatment of Ron Paul – Height of Rudeness and Stupidity” 2

Source: http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot.com By Sherrie Michael Steele on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart “RNC treatment of Ron Paul – Height of Rudeness and Stupidity” At the 3:49 minute mark of the video – Jon Stewart mentions the way Ron Paul was treated by the Republican establishment in Tampa was horrid. Michael Steele, previous chair of […]

The Republican Convention and the Ron Paul Revolution

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com “I don’t think (Ron Paul supporters) have been disrespected.” – Mitt Romney   The Grand Old Party produced a scripted appeal to the faithful. The 2012 Republican Party convention in Tampa, designed to sell a filtered image of a country club version of conservatism, begs the historic substance of a traditional embodiment of […]

Ron Paul Delegates Speak OUT! RE: RNC/GOP Corruption 2012 2

Published on Sep 2, 2012 by messengersforliberty While we were in Tampa, Florida on August 26, 2012 we ran across several Ron Paul delegates who offered to share their experience with the GOP corruption that has been ongoing this year.  

RNC – Mitt Romney Corruption Videos

I am aware that these videos are a few days old but wanted to post some of these together for historical purposes and for reference.   RNC Sham – Ron Priebus Corruption   Boehner Reads Teleprompter Script – Teleprompter Rigged Vote   RNC Rule Change Corruption Explained – No more free delegates   Marco Rubio: […]

Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul with PR A-Bomb

[CIM] This is an excellent interview by Doug Wead conducted by members of WeAreChange.org!  I would encourage folks to watch and share! ### Published on Aug 30, 2012 by wearechange Ron Paul’s Senior 2012 Campaign Adviser Doug Wead gives WeAreChange an exclusive interview about the Ron Paul RNC delegate controversy, criticism of Jesse Benton, and […]

Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul Delegate at 2012 RNC 1

Published on Sep 1, 2012 by VegasPatriot I was waiting to board my plane home from the 2012 RNC when a fellow Ron Paul supporter approached me by the name of Jackie Gloor. Jackie claims bullets were planted in her luggage; listen to her incredible story. ### [CIM] There is no proof as to who […]

Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican 1

Published on Aug 30, 2012 by BenSwannRealityCheck Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at how the most controversial rule change in party history was not legitimately passed. ### [CIM] No matter if you are right, left or capable of critical thinking and not needing a party to tell you where to cast your vote, […]

Terror in Tampa: Billionaires & Ballot Bandits TKO Maine Delegates at RNC 1

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by N0LINKNEWS I wanna thank Greg Palast speaking at the convention for the billionaires & ballot bandits phrase. Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates Erupt After Getting Barred from Republican Convention Submitted by 35intheShade on Tue, 08/28/2012 – 21:27 in Ron Paul 2012 What a complete fraud. Hopefully all of you will […]

RNC Ron Paul Tribute Video 1

This from the GOP at the RNC, which after the blatant display of corruption that would make the Mafia jealous, offers the Judas kiss after the theft and betrayal.  I am so inspired by the GOP effort I look forward to voting GOP, right after I qualify to vote Democrat, like the rest of their […]