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Retired Russian General: “The USSR Collapsed and the Same Fate Has Been Prepared for the USA”




Retired Russian General: “The USSR Collapsed and the Same Fate Has Been Prepared for the USA”  Read more:


Retired Russian General Konstantin P. Petrov appears in a video commentary where he asks some sobering questions and includes a few thoughts of his own on a variety of topics such as the 9-11 attacks being used to engage America in war in the Middle East, the end of the US dollar world dominance and the people behind the politicians in the coming economic collapse that is being orchestrated before our very eyes.

While we have plenty of propaganda inside the US for sure, the US clearly does not exist in a vacuum. As such we must take seriously what is taking place in the world and prepare accordingly. There is no one in Washington with the guts to do what is needed to keep us from following the same path that they have in Europe and with the Federal Reserve pulling some of the stunts it has, I thought this video might be quite valuable to readers of FreedomOutpost. The video is in Russian with English Transcripts.

From the video, in part:

How did they ruin the USSR? They called the Soviet Union a ‘prison for people’ and an ‘evil empire’.

The same thing is being done to the United States.

We also intervened in Afghanistan and do you remember how that ended? It’s the same thing with the United States, and the American can’t do anything there. Now the entire muslim world hates the United States.

And when the global mafia dumps the dollar the entire world will think that the Americans deserved this. But this won’t benefit people in our country, especially those who’ve been saving up dollars.

There’s another thing that we should take into account.

In the United States lives 5% of the world’s population, but Americans consume 50% of the world’s energy resources. The global mafia sees this as a problem.

Some of our people who fled to the US, and now live there on welfare, live better there unemployed than they would have lived in Russia even if they were employed.

The slave masters think that this situation in the US is unacceptable because even the slaves live relatively well there. so the United States is doomed too in this sense.

Even if you’re the head of a mighty state and you don’t understand global politics and don’t understand the methods of global politics you’re still a hostage of the global mafia. The leadership of the USSR and the leadership of the USA carried out internal and external politics, but the global mafia carries out global politics.

The USSR collapsed and the same fate has been prepared for the USA.

View the entire video below:

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Below is the video information taken from YouTube.

Russian General Konstantin Petrov asks some interesting questions and includes his own thoughts (perhaps the non-official Russian position) about a variety of topics that include the end of US dollar hegemony, the orchestration of the 9-11 attacks to engage America in a mid-east war, the puppeteers behind the politicians and the coming premeditated collapse of the United States of America as we know it.

Circa 2009.

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