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Ron Paul On The Bubbles the Federal Reserve Is Creating




On Monday, Ron Paul continued his examination of failed Fed policies in his latest “Texas Straight Talk”.

Dr. Paul said:

Although many were up in arms when the Fed said it would buy $600 billion in government debt outright for the previous round, QE2, all seems quiet about the magnitude of QE3 because it doesn’t come with huge up-front total price tag. But by year’s end the Fed’s balance sheet could hit $4 trillion.

With no recovery in sight, where’s all this money going? It is creating bubbles. Bubbles in the housing sector, the stock market, and government debt.

The stock market has been hitting record highs for the past two months as investors seek to capitalize on the Fed’s easy money. After all, as long as the Fed keeps the spigot open, nominal profits are there for the taking. But this is a house of cards. Eventually, just like in 2008-2009, the market will discipline the bad actions of the Fed and seek to find the real normal.

Here’s the full broadcast:

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Ron Paul’s favorable status is better than frontrunners Perry and Romney.



Ron Paul is viewed favorably by 37%, which is higher than Perry’s 33% and slightly less than Romney’s 39%, but Romney is viewed unfavorably by 41% and Perry by 36%, while Paul is viewed unfavorably by 36%.  This means that Ron Paul is +1% with 27% undecided, Perry is -3% with 31% undecided and Romey is -2% with 20% undecided.

In an Associated Press-GfK telephone survey of the general population, 37 percent of the respondents said they have a positive view of the libertarian-leaning representative from Texas, while 36 percent said they did not.

Perry, the Texas governor, and Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, invoked similar favorable/unfavorable ratings that also fell within the poll’s 4.1 percent margin of error. Romney was viewed favorably by 39 percent of Americans, and Perry was viewed favorably by 33 percent.

Another 41 percent said they viewed Romney unfavorably, and 36 percent viewed Perry unfavorably.


Neil Cavuto tells Ron Paul that he’s a genius, that he loves having him on, calls him a “rock star” and says he’d make a great co-anchor.  This a welcomed changed from the hostile treatement he received from many Fox News people in 2007 and 2008.

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“Abolish The Fed! We’re Better Off Without A Central Bank”: Jim Rogers With Former CNBC Analyst Jeff Macke


Source: The Daily Bail

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Jimmy Rogers transcribed:

“I would abolish the FED and resign.  We have had three central banks in America the first two disappeared, and this one is going to disappear because between Greenspan and Bernanke have taken on a staggering amount of debt.  Junk, a lot of it is junk and eventually it is just going to disappear because the U.S. is going to go bankrupt.  They are not doing what’s good for the world.  First of all they have taken on this huge debt which you and I would have to pay and everybody watching this show.  And secondly they have printed all this money.  We would have problems without a central bank but it is better without a central bank than with one that is like this.  We have to recognize the facts – we are the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, and until we at least face that reality and realize that we have been printing a lot of money and start to deal with that fact, it is just going to get worse.”

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