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Chamber of Commerce to oppose Tea Party in primaries



By Nick Sorrentino

Chamber of Commerce to oppose Tea Party in primaries



“There is a world of difference between being pro-market and being pro-business. Sometimes, the two positions happen to coincide; often they don’t.”
~Daniel Hannan

The Chamber knows the above quote is true. This is why they are going after the small government people running for Congress in 2014. The Chamber just can’t count on the Tea Party folks the way they can count on establishment type Republicans.

See, everything was fine so long as Republicans claimed to be for small government but in reality were not. That tactic has a long history of success. Placate the folks back home with talk of reining in government spending, throw in some rhetoric about how welfare recipients aren’t pulling their weight and taking taxpayer dollars, and then get to Washington and vote for the expansion of government and for ever more corporate welfare. It’s a formula which worked for many years.

What are these small government types thinking? Do they really want to shrink the size of government and to reduce crony capitalism? Oh, we simply can’t have that. We don’t want to be weened!

No one ever does.

(From The Daily Caller)

“In 2014, the chamber will work to protect and expand a pro-business majority in the House and advance our position and our influence in the Senate,” Donohue said. “The business community understands what’s at stake.”

Donohue explained in an interview with Bloomberg, that while he is skeptical of big government, he opposes politicians who have “hitched their trailer to the tea party wagon.”

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Romney needs more Goldman Sachs help?


Mittens Romney = Obama LiteWhen arriving home this evening I was overjoyed to find literature from the Mitt(ens) Romney campaign waiting for me.  My mind was thrilled at the possible ways that I, a personal freedom loving and Constitutional supporting American could contribute to the cause!

Upon opening the information I find it nicely wrapped in a folded poster promoting Mitt(ens) Romney for us to proudly display.  Also was the contribution form, as all candidates supply.  I went to work rapidly with the contribution documentation, hoping to hurry and get it in the mail for it’s return trip.

After filling all the required information out, plus a few additions of my own, I find that the enclosed envelope was only wide enough to hold a personal check.  Funny how things work out sometimes.  Not to be discouraged I fold the paperwork and move to the fold-out sign provided.  Quite the slick little sign, but very low budget artwork and design.  Romney flew to the EU to gather contributions but no evidence based on the simple sign, oh well.

All documentation is prepared for the travel back to some Romney campaign headquarters located at, oh really, who cares.  So I take the “doctored” campaign paperwork, well folded, along the the cut up sign, custom cut to fit the envelope (adding weight) and I begin to stuffing the envelope.  Mind you, this IS legal and not related to state GOP leaders helping to stuff ballot boxes!


Maine GOP Convention: Paul shakes up the party



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By Steve Mistler 

Hoping to send the maverick to Tampa, Ron Paul supporters secure key posts and take over the state convention agenda

AUGUSTA – Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul commandeered the Maine Republican Party convention Saturday as part of a multi-state strategy designed to give him a voice at the national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla.

Despite pre-emptive efforts by state party Chairman Charlie Webster, Paul’s highly organized volunteers and supporters took over the proceedings at the Augusta Civic Center. Using preprinted ballots and floor generals who flashed large signs reminding backers which candidates to support, the Paul campaign bested supporters of Mitt Romney, the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Paul’s backers took control of key parliamentary positions and the convention agenda. The effort was part of the Paul campaign’s national effort to overtake Republican state conventions and win enough state delegates to send Paul to the national convention.

National pundits believe Paul, a proselytizer of free-market economics and libertarianism who hasn’t won a single state primary, has a slim chance of forcing a brokered convention in Tampa to challenge Romney. However, Paul’s supporters in Maine said sending enough delegates to the event will force the Republican National Committee to give him a prominent speaking role to amplify his message.

“Our feeling is that we think it’s important to have our voice heard,” said state Rep. Aaron Libby, R-North Waterford, a Paul supporter. “This election is far too important. We believe Ron Paul is different from all the other candidates, and he’s different in ways that are vital to the well-being of this country.”

The extent of the takeover had yet to be determined, even after a long day of jockeying for position. Extensive procedural delays pushed the election of 15 state delegates well into the evening.

Maine sends 24 delegates to the national convention. Fifteen at-large delegates are elected, as well as three from each congressional district. The state committee chairman, chairwoman and the party chairman also serve as delegates.

The voting was scheduled to take place Saturday afternoon, but the election of parliamentary officers tossed the entire event into chaos, as Paul and Romney delegates exchanged procedural maneuvers…

They Were Following a Candidate – We Are Following a Movement



By Jack Hunter

“They Were Following a Candidate – We Are Following a Movement”

Elizabeth Dwoskin has a good piece at Bloomberg Businessweek “Ron Paul’s Torchbearers.” My only criticism is that there are a number of candidates inspired by Ron Paul running this year who aren’t discussed that have a decent shot at winning their primaries and general elections. Still, Dowskin outlines how Paul’s movement is about more than just one man:

Paul leaves behind a small army of brawlers itching to take up the battle in his name. This election year, at least 65 of his supporters are campaigning for local, state, or national office in 23 states. They join more than a dozen Paul acolytes who won elections in 2010, including GOP Representative Justin Amash of Michigan, who is seeking a second term—not to mention Paul’s son Rand, who was elected to the Senate as a Republican in Kentucky.

Other Paul followers and former aides have maneuvered their way into Republican Party leadership positions in Nevada, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, and Maine, where they are attempting to rewrite party platforms and keep establishment Republicans from giving Paul’s 70-plus primary delegates to Mitt Romney. Usually, “when a candidate drops out, the followers go too,” says Aaron Libby, a 29-year-old Maine blueberry farmer and Paul die-hard who was elected to the state legislature in 2010. “They were following a candidate; we are following a movement.”

Ron Paul Scares GOP With Novel Strategy of Knowing Election Rules



Ron Paul, GOP, StrategyMitt Romney swept the East Coast primaries last night, leaving us with the crushing realization that we’re going to be stuck with seven months worth of retreaded jokes about Romney’s lack of human touch, like dogs stuck a top Mitt’s car. At this point, the last interesting subplot in the Republican primary involves the potential  influence America’s most intelligent and ideologically consistent lawn gnome, Ron Paul, may exert on the convention in Tampa.

Judging by his performance in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, where he finished ahead of Newt Gingrich and is likely to garner several delegates, it will be some time before Paul is forced to return to his former profession of yelling at squirrels while handing out poorly mimeographed newsletters at the local park. Paul’s relative success — he’s generally improved on his 2008 performance — is a result of a novel strategy known as “study the fucking delegates selection rules and follow through after each caucus.”

Not everyone in the GOP is happy with the Paul campaign’s organizational strength. At a county caucus in Washington State, a Republican official tried to shut down a meeting after a Paul supporter had been elected to chair the gathering.

It’s such nefarious rule-learning and organization that will allow Paul to control the Minnesota delegation to the Republican National Convention…

Paul took home 20 of the 24 possible delegates and nearly all the alternative delegates Saturday during the Minnesota congressional district conventions….

Thirteen more at-large delegates will be chosen at the Minnesota state convention, but the delegation demographics there will be very similar to those in the congressional districts, and Paul appears poised to come away with even more delegates after the May 4 convention.

Similarly, Paul is on track to win a majority of Iowa’s delegates, despite coming in third place in the unofficial statewide tally. This means the Iowa Caucuses have now had three winners over the past few months, which begs the question — who do these indecisive Iowa voters think they are, Mitt Romney?

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Our Movement in Fort Worth



By Jack Hunter

After speaking to over 3,000 at Texas A&M Tuesday, Ron Paul drew another 3,000 in Fort Worth last night.

Our Movement in Fort Worth

Right now the media is declaring the primaries over and yet Ron Paul gets frontrunner treatment everywhere he goes. The Miami Herald reports:

“There were 12 [GOP candidates] at one time. Now there are three,” (Ron Paul) told a standing-room-only crowd at the 2,856-seat Will Rogers Auditorium on Wednesday night. “It looks like we are cutting the field down.

“They ask me if I’m going to quit. I thought we were just getting started. We have a revolution to fight, a country to change.”

Yes we do, Ron. Yes we do.


Stand up for Liberty, help stand down Tyranny!

Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!

Paul camp cries fraud over Nevada Caucus results



By Mark Wachtler

Adelson precinct, site of the last open Caucus in Nevada. Ron Paul won the precinct with 58 percent of the vote.


February 5, 2012. Las Vegas. For the second time in just five primary states, the Republican Party, with the assistance of the national corporate news media, is raising questions about the legitimacy of this season’s primary election system. First, the Iowa Republican Party and the entire American media knowingly reported the wrong Iowa Caucus results with the wrong person being declared the winner. Last night, it appears the same thing may be happening in Nevada. And again like Iowa, critics are accusing the GOP of suspicious activity.

Perhaps it’s indicative that the beneficiary of these recurring vote counting “mistakes” always seems to be former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. He’s just happens to be the same man that both the Republican Party establishment and the four corporations that own all of America’s news media outlets are actively supporting.

Iowa Caucus

In Iowa a few weeks ago, local Republican precinct captains – the individuals responsible for providing the official vote count to the state Republican Party – were up in arms and all over the national media claiming their vote counts had somehow been changed once they arrived at the state GOP headquarters. Two weeks later, the party announced that Mitt Romney didn’t win, but instead, Rick Santorum had actually won. This author was one of the only national journalists that predicted the results would be reversed. Two weeks later, they were. Read the article, ‘Santorum won Iowa and didn’t say Black’ for specific details, published two weeks before the Iowa GOP reversed their vote count.

Nevada Caucus

As early as 2:00am this morning, supporters of Ron Paul had taken to social media with cries of “fraud” over the Nevada Caucus election results, or lack there of.

Here are just some of the comments taken from the Ron Paul 2012 Facebook page:

Dorian RM posted, “I am seriously smelling voter fraud again. This is seriously depressing.” Toni P wrote, “I am not a big pusher of conspiracy theories, but this election is swaying me to how corrupt this all is.” Patrick M added, “It’s not a conspiracy. It’s been proven.” Matt K confirmed the same feeling, posting, “I’m smelling voter fraud.” Ryan added, “Is this true about the fraud in Nevada or is everyone just panicking?”

That’s the big question as self-imposed deadline after self-imposed deadline passes without any word from the missing precincts of Clark County. According to the Nevada Republican Party last night, they were going to recount every single vote from Clark County, right there in the smoky, back room of the GOP headquarters. The only good part of the announcement is that a representative from each candidate would be allowed to oversee the recount.

Expected to be over by “midnight”, that deadline turned into “dawn”. When dawn came and went with no vote results in sight, questions over vote fraud really picked up steam. See the below chain of events from last night and decide for yourself if something fishy is going on.

Events of the Las Vegas Caucus, February 4, 2012. All times and percentages are rough estimates from memory. All are from first-hand witness accounts.

Counting the votes

8:00pm EST – Some polls close, roughly 3 percent of the total vote is in. Mitt Romney leads with over 50 percent of the votes counted. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are tied with approximately 20 percent of the vote each.


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