The Washington Intellectual Gravy Train

By James Bovard Mises.org June 11, 2015   The Washington Intellectual Gravy Train   Intellectuals have long been glorified as champions of truth and defenders of society’s highest values. But in Washington, they serve as Leviathan‘s Praetorian Guard. Intellectuals are thriving in DC thanks in large part to the ruinous policy advice they proffer. The […]

James Bovard


Obama’s Force Authorization is a Blank Check for War Worldwide

By Ron Paul Ron Paul Institute February 12, 2015   Obama’s Force Authorization is a Blank Check for War Worldwide     The president is requesting Congress to pass an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) resolution against ISIS. Congress has not issued a similar resolution since 2002, when President Bush was given […]

US resorts to Illegality To Protect Failed Policies

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler Paul Craig Roberts.org   US resorts to Illegality To Protect Failed Policies   In a blatant and massive market intervention, the price of gold was smashed on Friday. Right after the Comex opened on Friday morning 7,008 paper gold contracts representing 20 tonnes of gold were dumped […]

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber and the Superhero Oath

By Gary Galles Mises.org   Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber and the Superhero Oath   Economic analysis is a powerful tool. But while powerful, it is also amoral; not inherently moral or immoral. Whatever you want to accomplish, applying accurate economic analysis to the issues can help you do it better. If the purpose is good, you […]

The Kumbaya Temptation

Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com By Patrick J. Buchanan   The Kumbaya Temptation   Nov. 4 was a national vote of no confidence in Barack Obama. Had a British prime minister received a vote like this, he would have resigned by now. The one issue on which all Republicans agreed, and all ran, was the rejection of Obama. […]

Patrick J. Buchanan

Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers

  Source: http://the-free-foundation.org By Ron Paul Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers   Fast-food workers across the county have recently held a number of high profile protests to agitate for higher wages. These protests have been accompanied by efforts to increase the wages mandated by state and local minimum wage laws, as well as a renewed […]

Whitehouse.gov website ~ “If you Like your Insurance – Keep it! Period”

  And the games, apologies, lies and misinformation continue.  Alright, maybe there is just a “typo” on the official website, hmm, maybe not.   Sherrie, owner of the blog Sherrie Questioning All posts… Here is the Whitehouse.gov website with the written information: It appears, someone didn’t get the memo at the Whitehouse government website about […]



Biggest winners in Obamacare? The health insurance companies. Very “progressive.” 1

  Source: http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org By Nick Sorrentino Biggest winners in Obamacare? The health insurance companies. Very “progressive.”   Now everybody has to buy their product. One way or another. If someone doesn’t they are fined by the IRS. That is a pretty sweet deal for the insurance companies. But we are told how Obamacare is a […]

President Outlines New Poverty Program

Source: http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org By Hunter Lewis President Outlines New Poverty Program   That is, he proposes measures sure to make even more people poor. The study described below got headlines by revealing that four out of five Americans have been or are in or near poverty. At this site, we have consistently argued that present economic […]


Government School’s Communist Thought Indoctrination Process 2

Trying to make sense of the seemingly insane policies of those government run ( and others) schools and the agenda behind it all. Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com By Becky Akers And She Quotes Isabel Paterson! Vanessa Richardson tells me she is “a homeschool mom.  My son” – and, presumably, her student – “and I made a video in […]

Globalist Controllers Revealed

Source: http://rtr.org http://NextNewsNetwork.com | Next News Network’s WHDT World News Program airs daily at 6pm and 11pm Eastern on Comcast, DirecTV and Over-the-Air and Online at http://usmediavault.com/WHDT.html WHDT World News is available to 6 million viewers from South Beach to Sebastian, Florida and to 2 million viewers in Boston, Massachusetts via WHDN. WHDT broadcasts on […]

What Ron Paul Did For Me

Source: http://www.sherrypeeljackson.org [CIM] For those that do not know about Sherry and her background and story I would strongly suggest you do some homework.  She is a fine and dedicated patriot that spoke the truth and paid the price, almost the ultimate price.  Honesty was her only crime! #### What Ron Paul Did For Me […]

Wave of Banking Resignations Likely Foreshadows Financial Collapse

Source: http://www.activistpost.com By Brandon Turbeville On March 20, 2012, I wrote an article entitled “Worldwide Banking Resignations Triple According To Revised Numbers: Why Now?” which listed the latest banking, CEO, and financial institution resignations as compiled by independent blog, American Kabuki. At the time of the writing of that article, the list of resignations had […]

China orders lawyers to pledge allegiance to Communist Party

Source: http://news.yahoo.com BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Justice Ministry has ordered lawyers to take a loyalty oath to the Communist Party, in an unusual move that has drawn condemnation from attorneys worried about the government’s attempts to rein them in. The ministry issued a notice on Wednesday demanding that first-time applicants and lawyers who want to […]