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Putting bicycles ahead of people



By Tom DeWeese

Putting bicycles ahead of people



Heavy equipment tearing out the trees in front of the Granato home.

This is a story of raw power, collusion and government corruption. A story that is taking place in countless towns all over America. A story of “reinvented” government, where self-proclaimed private “stakeholders” and pressure groups set the rules, local elected officials rubber stamp them, and non-elected regional governments enforce them, sometimes with an iron fist – all with no input from citizens, and apparently no rights for private citizens and property owners to stop them or even have a say.

It’s the story of the destruction of private property rights in America. Of injustice and tyranny. Of unaccountable government run amok. We need to take action! (See below, in blue, for what you can do.)

Jennie Granato is a tax-paying citizen of Montgomery County, Ohio. She and her family own a 165-year-old historic house and farm just outside of Dayton. They’ve lived there forty years. On July 31, Jennie’s front yard was demolished – thanks to local, county and planning commission bureaucrats!

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) has begun seizing people’s private property for its latest “essential” project – a $5-million bike path extension! It has seized almost all of Jennie’s front lawn. The bike path will come within just a few feet of her front door!

Jennie and her family tried for over a year to negotiate and reason with this unelected planning commission. Unfortunately, their neighbors were advised by lawyers not to say anything publicly about the pending land grab, so the media viewed it as a non-story. The county and its appraisers kept stalling, saying they wanted a meeting with Jennie, even as they ignored her pleas and offered a pittance for taking her front yard, and likely driving the value of her home down by tens of thousands of dollars.

The meeting never came – and officials didn’t even allow Jennie’s uncle to speak at a hearing. But the bulldozers certainly came! Last week, with no warning, they just started demolishing trees. Jennie and her family still own the property – BUT the county has barged in, torn out their trees and destroyed their front yard! They will never be able to walk out their front door again, without worrying that they will be run over by bicyclists roaring by at 10 or 20 miles per hour, just inches from their bottom step.

The government trucks and bulldozers also precipitated an even worse tragedy. Jennie’s 85 year old mother became so upset over seeing the government’s heavy machinery destroying her yard and favorite trees that she suffered a heart attack and died.

Of course the government refuses to accept any responsibility for this tragedy. It was just promoting the “public welfare” of the private “stakeholders” and pressure groups it works with.
That too has become far too common. The government and these groups want more and more control over our lives, more power to tell us what we can and cannot do with our property and lives. But they accept no transparency and no accountability, responsibility or liability when their actions hurt … or even kill … someone – or when they destroy the property values, peace and integrity of a home.

The MVRPC is an unelected regional government force driven by federal Sustainable Development grant money. It never faces voters over its actions or positions of seemingly unbridled power. It simply deals with other government agencies – local, state and federal – and with private groups like the American Planning Association, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, and a hoard of other organizations that represent faux “conservation and environmental” interests whose real motivation is money, and the power to control our lives.


Copyright 2013 American Policy Center
Republished with permission

Cat loves duck, any hope for people?


Cat loves duck, any hope for people?

This video was too cute not to share. While watching this video a few thoughts come to mind.

  1. Are animals truly more intelligent or compassionate on a social level?
  2. Would this cat and duck act the same if psychologically poisoned by the same mainstream media propaganda as people are?
  3. If people of different colors, ethnic backgrounds, religions, etc. turned off the D.C. scripted msm message of division through spin and lies could all people join in synergy to right the wrongs, remove the evil and create true peace, prosperity and liberty?


Screen capture from video below.

Screen capture from video below.

A pair of animals in Poland prove love has no bounds.

F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote – “How we stopped SOPA”


F2C2012: Aaron Swartz keynote – “How we stopped SOPA”

YouTube Preview Image

Published on May 22, 2012

Aaron Swartz keynote – “How we stopped SOPA” at F2C:Freedom to Connect 2012, Washington DC on May 21 2012.

Please support #PDFTribute papers uploaded by academics in honour of Aaron Swartz are being scraped here: 

Drug cartels are paying Border Patrol officers to smuggle people and drugs into US



Posted by chris

Drug cartels are paying Border Patrol officers to smuggle people and drugs into USCBS News Press Release


Mexican drug cartels are using money, drugs and sex to pay off corrupt U.S. Border Patrol agents in order to smuggle drugs and people into the United States, CBS News Investigative Correspondent, Sharyl Attkisson reports this weekend on CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH CHARLES OSGOOD.

“I will tell you that drug cartels are becoming increasingly aggressive in targeting and recruiting officers to work with them,” FBI Special Agent, Terry Reed, tells Attkisson. “They’re using cold war style tactics – money, sex, drugs – to convince officers to work with them and to help get their products and their people across the border.”

In the report, to be broadcast Jan. 13, 2013 on CBS SUNDAY MORNING (9:00 AM ET) on the CBS Television Network, Attkisson reveals that while the vast majority of the federal agents guarding the borders are honest, drug cartels are working harder than ever to infiltrate their ranks. A new Inspector General report lists 358 convictions of Customs and Border Protection agents and their associates since 2004. Misconduct complaints are up by more than 75%, Attkisson reports.

Reed tells Attkisson that one agent arrested for corruption was making $2,000 for every person smuggled across the border into the United States.  He also says that the FBI is concerned that the cartels could collaborate with terrorist organizations to smuggle more than people across the border.

“It’s what keeps us up at night,” Reed says. “It’s what drives our behavior. Whether it’s a terrorist or the components to a dirty bomb being smuggled into the US, we know that these vehicles are not being inspected by corrupt officers – they’re being waved through the checkpoints.”

Attkisson’s report will be broadcast Jan. 13, 2013 on CBS SUNDAY MORNING (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network. Rand Morrison is the executive producer.

Counting Down because “Now is the Time”!


Now is the time.  Join the maiden broadcast on Dec 22.

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As the clock ticks down to this historic broadcast please forward to help get the message out — and getting Americans to tune in to hear liberty voices at:
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5:00 PM Mark Lerner
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7:30 PM Lew Rockwell
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8:30 PM Ernie Hancock
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10:15 PM Charles Goyette
11:00 PM Patrick Wood
11:30 PM James Corbett
We’ll be live until midnight at

Ron Paul CNN Interview 06/19/12, Lawsuit On RNC, Mitt Endorsement? RNC CONvention

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Ron Paul CNN Interview June.19, 2012 Lawsuit On RNC, Mitt Endorsement? RNC CONvention

Clinton tours Arctic as big powers vie for resources



By Arshad Mohammed

TROMSO, Norway, June 2 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton boards a research ship on Saturday to tour the Arctic, where big powers are vying for vast deposits of oil, gas and minerals that are becoming available as the polar ice recedes.

The top U.S. diplomat took the unusual step of visiting Tromso, a Norwegian town in the Arctic Circle, to dramatize U.S. interests in a once inaccessible region whose resources are up for grabs as the sea ice melts with climate change.

“From a strategic standpoint, the Arctic has an increasing geopolitical importance as countries vie to protect their rights and extend their influence,” Clinton told reporters in Oslo before making the nearly two-hour flight north to Tromso.

“We want to work with Norway and the Arctic Council to help manage these changes and to agree on what would be, in effect, the rules of the road in the Arctic, so new developments are economically sustainable and environmentally responsible,” she added.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the Arctic holds about 13 percent of the world’s undiscovered conventional oil and 30 percent of its undiscovered natural gas.

Beyond the energy resources, as the ice melts Arctic sea passages are opening for longer periods each year, cutting thousands of miles off trade routes between Europe and Asia.

On an eight-day trip to Scandinavia, the Caucasus and Turkey, Clinton is the latest high-profile visitors to the Arctic as it enjoys unprecedented political and economic power.

While energy development costs could be twice as high as those of conventional onshore resources, that has not stopped of the oil industry’s top players from moving in.

Exxon Mobil is working with Russia’s Rosneft to develop blocks in the Kara Sea, off Siberia, despite the presence of sea ice for up to 300 days a year.


Filmmakers hope to create ‘meaningful’ tribute to Gold Star Mothers




From left, Julie Dickerson, Phyllis Pilgrim, and Mattie Robinson-Bess, the children of Russell Andrews Jr., are presented the flag by a member of the Air Force Honor Guard during the Missing in America Project Memorial Service at the Dayton National Cemetery Tuesday, May 22, 2012 in Dayton, Ohio. Veterans and civilians stood side by side to honor 10 Ohio veterans whose remains were buried Tuesday with full military honors, several months after they were found in a funeral home basement. (AP Photo/The Dayton Daily News, Jim Witmer) LOCAL PRINT OUT; LOCAL TV OUT; WKEF-TV OUT; WRGT-TV OUT; WDTN-TV OUT

A group of filmmakers is working to show the other side of military sacrifice, through the stories and eyes of Gold Star Mothers — mothers who have lost their sons or daughters while serving in the armed forces.

Working closely with the Gold Star Mothers organization, producer Ryan McNamara, director Nick Forte and retired Marine Sergeant Lucien Lafreniere will highlight history of the organization — dating back to 1928 — and delve into the stories of five Gold Star Mothers from completely different geographical locations, backgrounds and political beliefs.

“We are looking to create a meaningful film, something that will further this organization,” Forte said in an interview with The Daily Caller about the film “They Shall Live.”

McNamara added that the top priority is to raise awareness about what it means to be a Gold Star Mother and open Americans’ eyes — especially young people — to the sacrifice that has kept them free.

“Your political views can [be] whatever they are, but at the end of the day, you can’t just let someone’s sacrifice be forgotten, and especially a mother who had no choice in the matter,” McNamara explained to TheDC.


With a low budget in mind, the Connecticut-based trio has been raising money as a tax-deductible 501c3 to help finalize their project.

Eric Holder: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People Against Guns



1995 Video of Eric Holder: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People Against Guns

New video of Eric Holder from 1995 has surfaced, and it may put “Fast and Furious” in a much broader perspective.

Recorded on CSPAN2, the clip shows current Attorney General Eric Holder laying out a strategy to “change the hearts and minds of the people in Washington, DC” in how they look at guns.

“What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes.”

Though it’s no surprise that Eric Holder is anti-gun, critics are saying that his proposed initiatives go too far.  Among other things, Holder suggested that there be some form of hotline you could call if see a gun, or have any “information” about one.

He also said that the school board should have some form of anti-violence or anti-gun message every day.  “Every day, every school, at every level,” he stated.

Last, Holder admitted that his proposal is “brainwashing.”

“We have to be repetitive about this,” he said.  “We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

Watch the video, unearthed by contributor Charles C. Johnson, below:

Holder has recently come under fire for “Operation Fast and Furious,” where guns were sold to Mexican drug cartels but not properly tracked.  The operation resulted in hundreds of deaths, including that of a U.S. Border patrol agent.  Critics of the Attorney General claim that the operation was intended to create horrific gun violence, allowing the U.S. government to tighten gun control regulations.

You’ve Felt It Your Entire Life


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Thanks to Sherrie for sharing :)

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