2015: The year the Democrats fully embraced corporatism

By Against Crony Capitalism December 30, 2015   2015: The year the Democrats fully embraced corporatism     There are exceptions, even still. But they are exceptions these days. The Democrats are as corporatist a party as the Republicans. In some, perhaps many ways, more so. (From The Washington Examiner)   No doubt Hillary Clinton, […]


Bipartisanship – for Wall Street.

Politicians Serving Wall Street, Not Main Street (The bipartisan fleecing)

  Source: By Nick Sorrentino Politicians Serving Wall Street, Not Main Street (The bipartisan fleecing)     Washington made a decision 5 years ago to abandon most Americans and to cozy up with the crony capitalists on Wall Street. They rejected the voice of the American people in the Fall of 2008 when they […]

Obamacare fee of $63 per person to be implemented in the new year

Source: By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) Do you remember, at the height of the debate over the Affordable Care Act – the monstrosity that became known not so affectionately as “Obamacare” – when then-House Speaker Pelosi, D-Calif., took to the dais at the 2010 Legislative Conference for the National Association of Counties with this […]

The Congress Insider Trading Scandal Is Outrageous

Source: By Henry Blodget | Daily Ticker You cannot read the description of the personal stock trading allegedly conducted by Rep. Spencer Bachus and other members of Congress during the financial crisis and conclude anything other than the following: Our government is completely corrupt. Yes, this behavior may be technically legal, because of an […]

Pelosi proclaims her goal to “do for childcare what we did for healthcare”

Source: Yippee — just what we want, more federal government intrusion into our lives. Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House, but she’s confident she will be again soon. Since she’s been “out of power,” she’s hit the fundraisers like the average 21-year-old hits the bars, attending 311 nationwide, drawing in $26 […]

GOP leaders demand transparency on Obamacare waivers

Source: “There are many opponents of Obamacare who are voicing outrage that some of the same organizations that carried “Obama’s water” and vocally endorsed his health care “reform” law are the ones who are scrambling for waivers.” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leaders continue to press the Obama Administration to explain how it granted more than 1,400 […]