London’s Militarised Olympic Games Conjures Up Orwell’s 1984 2

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca By Finian Cunningham Global Research, July 15, 2012 The London Olympics are fast taking on the appearance and tone of a full-scale land, sea and air military operation rather than an international sporting event. With surface-to-air missiles stationed on top of residential apartment blocks, Royal Navy battleships on alert and Royal Air Force […]

Eric Holder: Largest Money-Launderer in the Drug Business

Source: http://finance.townhall.com By: John Ransom As if Congress didn’t have enough evidence that the Department of Justice has completely lost its mind, the New York Times is reporting that the Drug Enforcement Agency has helped launder “millions of dollars in drug proceeds” on behalf of Mexican drug cartels, a figure much higher than previously estimated. […]