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Upcoming Election – U.S. Working to Install Pro-U.S. Leaders in Mali?



U.S. officials “cannot work directly with the Malian army until a democratically elected government replaces current leaders who came to power after a coup,” which will probably be the excuse for involvement in Mali’s elections.By Ezra Van Auken

It’s a matter of time until the United States becomes more involved with the Malian occupation. However with indication from Senator Chris Cons, that involvement could come through politics. So far, the U.S. has provided logistical support, refueling, and training to Malian soldiers, and most recently, the $50 million President Obama signed to Western forces.

Now, with the Malian elections coming up, the U.S. looks bright-eyed to have some effect or influence on the cycle. The Herald Sun notes that U.S. officials “cannot work directly with the Malian army until a democratically elected government replaces current leaders who came to power after a coup,” which will probably be the excuse for involvement in Mali’s elections. It’s inevitable that U.S. interests will get involved with Mali’s government, something that happens in nearly every country that America occupies.

Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Africa sub-committee, Chris Coons, told reporters, “There is the hope that there will be additional support from the United States in these and other areas, but … American law prohibits direct assistance to the Malian military following the coup,” calling on more of a U.S.-installed government than what is in place currently. “After there is a full restoration of democracy, I would think it is likely that we will renew our direct support for the Malian military,” Sen. Coons said.

Sen. Coons went on a bipartisan trip to Mali to meet with interim president, Dioncounda Traore, and French and African defense officials. Foreign policy analyst, Jason Ditz reminds spectators, “Before one takes that with a grain of salt, one must remember that the US considers Yemen’s democracy fully functioning after an election with a single US-selected candidate.” In all, Yemen is far from being a perfect government and is experiencing many corrupted problems.

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Cause and Effect – Ron Paul says Blowback from Libya Generated War in Mali



Cause and Effect – Ron Paul says Blowback from Libya Generated War in Mali

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By Ezra Van Auken

As you may know, former Congressman Ron Paul has a weekly talk show, which he uses to deliver opinions on current issues including the economy, civil liberties and foreign policy; this week former Rep. Paul explained some much needed information into the newest Western war of Mali. The retired Texas Congressman first acknowledged that President Obama made a daring statement during his inauguration speech, “A decade of war is now ending.”

Responding to the message of ending war, Paul said, “As he spoke, the US military was rapidly working its way into another war, this time in the impoverished African country of Mali.” So far, the U.S. has provided C130s to the French for transportation of soldiers, deployed trainers to assist in training Mali soldiers and officials have agreed to fueling missions for the French fighter jets. Ramping up even more of a presence in northern Africa, the New York Times reported that AFRICOM’s top officials are seeking the go-ahead to build a drone base in Niger – just east of Mali.

Although American boots are not engaging in gunfire, Ron Paul explained, “Even if US involvement is limited, and, as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, US boots on the ground are not being considered “at this time,” this clearly is developing into another war. As usual, the mission is creeping.” Overall, the stern non-interventionist believes that this war will eventually snowball into something more like the Afghanistan war.

Paul alluded to French officials during the first days of invasion and how they said Mali’s military intervention would be a quick response, fast paced mission that wouldn’t last long. “France announced that it would be forced to send in thousands of troops and would need to remain far longer than the few weeks it initially claimed would be necessary.” To accompany the claim that Mali’s war will turn into another prolong occupation, France’s Defense Minister told France-5 that Mali would be a “total reconquest”.

Jumping back a year or so, Dr. Paul detailed the events leading up to Mali’s war driven country. “When Gaddafi was overthrown in Libya, many fighters from Mali who had lived in Libya and been trained by Gaddafi’s military returned to their home country with sophisticated weapons and a new determination to continue their fight for independence for northern Mali.” Paul then said, “Thus the France-initiated action against Libya in 2011 led to new violence and instability in Mali that France decided it must also address.”

Overall, the former Congressman is calling out blowback for being the reason of instability – by attacking Libya and destabilizing the country – this havoc poured into Mali once extremists were on the move.

Paul summarized his daily talk show on Monday by saying, “By placing that authority in Congress, the people’s branch of government, they intended to blunt the executive branch’s enthusiasm toward overseas adventurism.”

Somewhat agreeing with the clause of Mali being blowback is Michael Scheuer, a former CIA official – however Scheuer thinks this was far from unintended blowback. Scheuer wrote on his online website, “In Mali, the interventionist establishment already is lying about “unintended consequences”. The ex-CIA official called out Wall Street Journal’s Shiraz Maher, going on to say, “Now, I have never heard of Professor Maher but, clearly, he is an intellectually dishonest jackass.” Scheuer pointed out that “Just as in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no way to truthfully argue that “unintended consequences” are at work in Libya, Mali, or elsewhere in Africa.”

According to Scheuer, the events in North Africa and the Sahel aren’t seen as a positive to the U.S., Canada and Europe – but Scheuer says these wars were easily predictable because of Libyan intervention.

Regardless of blowback being intended or not, one thing is clear and that is, U.S. and European officials have boiled a greater force in the African region since toppling Gaddafi.


Israeli deputy PM’s Facebook, Twitter accounts hacked, filled with pro-Palestine messages



Silvan Shalom’s official youtube page hacked by ZHC group

The Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts of Israeli Deputy Premier Silvan Shalom have been hacked and filled with pro-Palestine status updates. ZCompanyHackingCrew claimed responsibility for this latest act of cyber war against Israel.

The group also claims to have hacked Shalom’s email and extracted personal mail, contacts and documents. The hackers announced plans to release the documents shortly.

In Shalom’s hijacked Twitter feed, the hacker group posted calls for protest against “unjust war and occupation,” and asked, “Who can bare to see the horror, the deaths of children and innocent people trying to protect their occupied land?”

The full-scale cyber attack on the top Israeli official comes just days after prominent hacker group Anonymous leaked the personal information of 5,000 Israeli officials.

Anonymous also hacked over 700 Israeli websites, including the Bank of Jerusalem, the Israeli Defense Ministry, the IDF blog, the president’s official website and many others, with the majority of the pages still down.


US Lawmakers Push for Earlier Afghanistan Withdrawal Date

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers is urging for a diplomatic approach to working with Afghanistan.



If this is the wish of the people to end the failing efforts in Afghanistan then the people would support Ron Paul, not war mongers like BHO and Romney.  There is but one “winner” in this war fiasco, and that is not the US people or those living in Afghanistan, but our Military Industrial Complex right here at home.

Ron Paul and The Many – LibertyPac

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Filmed and Edited by Ray Anderson


Lifestyles by Erwin Steijlen
Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song by Aimee Allen
4th of July by The Brightwings

On May 3rd, 2012 at the University of California at Davis Ron Paul spoke to thousands of cheering, sign waving supporters. Wherever he goes Ron Paul is supported by The Many.

A range of topics were covered included tolerance in society, non-violence, compassion towards others, the free speech issues of today, and a peace through trade foreign policy citing historic and present day examples.

Touching on the cornerstone of his monetary policy, Dr. Paul explained how current economic policies hurt the purchasing power of the middle class, how to solve the inflation issues of today, and how freedom can bring people together to create prosperity.


Joining voices and efforts for the dissolution of NATO



By: Iraklis Tsavdaridis *

NATO, UN, IMF, CMP, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Chicago, imperialismThe global movement for peace has to join forces against the united effort of capital and monopolies expressed for example by the G8. Imperialism is not all-powerful and is certainly not invincible.

Dear friends and comrades:

Let me thank the U.S. Peace Council for the invitation to be here with you in Chicago, which marked the history of the labor movement. We welcome the millions of people who love peace in the U.S., workers and all the poor and oppressed in this center of imperialism.

At the NATO Summit in Chicago, the CMP would like to denounce once again the largest war machine in human history, responsible for crimes against humanity since its founding in 1949 until today.

NATO has never been a defensive structure, it was not in 1952 when Greece and Turkey joined the “alliance” at the same time, and it was not for the life of the Warsaw Pact, established later than NATO and dissolved in 1991.

NATO was in friendly relations with all bloody and reactionary regimes and movements, all counter-revolutionaries of the world, their governments and leaders, extending the red carpet to Pinochet and the leaders of apartheid, and standing behind the coups and military dictatorships in Latin America and Europe.


Ron Paul “The Goal Is Peace! It Isn’t Occupation!”


Ron Paul “The Goal Is Peace! It Isn’t Occupation!” Town Hall Durham, New Hampshire

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Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

Please visit Ron Paul’s official campaign site by following the link below and donate today!


Ron Paul verses Obama


Ron Paul verses Obama

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