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Tom DeWeese: Agenda 21 & International Redistribution of Wealth

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Tom DeWeese, the founder and director of the American Policy Center ( informs the sheriffs about the origins of Agenda 21, the central planning strategy that has grown out of the United Nations since 1987 to become soft law in the cities and counties across America to control all facets of the economy for an international redistribution of wealth.

On January 30-31, 2012 over 100 county sheriffs and peace officers, from over 30 states, united to uphold their oaths of office, protect citizen liberty, and stop state and federal tyranny. Inspired and led by the example of former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, the meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, was funded by the generous donations of thousands of Americans from all fifty states, as well as the support of freedom loving sponsors.

The agenda included training on the Bill of Rights, Interposition, Nullification and the importance of Property Rights versus Privileges. Many sheriffs, a police chief and even a county commissioner shared their experiences, challenges and actions taken to uphold their oaths of office, directly with the sheriffs in attendance.

The videos of these presentations are shared here on the County Sheriff Project YouTube channel. We hope that you will share these videos with your own county sheriff and all the oath takers in your county. To read the meeting agenda, see the event sponsors, learn more and show your own support for helping back more constitutional county sheriffs, visit

Think outside the gun!

U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!



by Volubrjotr

Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team

As more people became dissatisfied with federal government controls and land grabs, it was inevitable that local law enforcement would eventually see the bigger picture. At the northern California fairgrounds of Yreka last month, seven California sheriffs and another from Oregon gathered with a large group of citizens to say that they are finally going to do something about it.

“A giant has been awakened,” said Plumas County, Calif. Sheriff Greg Hagwood, “and they didn’t count on that,” speaking of the federal bureaucracy.


With exposure of the Emergency Management Center in San Luis Obispo a few decades ago, California began to offer the rest of the nation some evidence of the psychological conditioning aimed from the federal level at state, county and city law enforcement.

Dean Wilson, sheriff of Del Norte County (Sacramento), is a great example of this great awakening. He received the loudest and longest applause  for his candor in confessing past faults after apologizing for not understanding the central government assault and land grab being committed against the people and what he should have been doing about it. Only in the past year has he done a turnaround and begun to behave as a county sheriff instead of an extension of federal law enforcement.

“I had spent a good part of my life enforcing the penal code, but not understanding my oath of office,” he told the audience. “I was ignorant and naïve, but now I know of the assault against our people by the federal government.”

Host sheriff John Lopey of Siskiyou County, speaking about the federal environmental intervention, said: “I have told federal and state officials over and over that, yes, we want to preserve the environment, but you care more about the fish, frogs, trees and birds than you do about the  human race. When will you start to balance your decisions to the needs of the people?” Later he told the audience, “We are right now in a fight for our survival.”

Glenn Palmer, sheriff of Grant County, Oregon, said, “If an elected official has not taken an oath of office, he does not belong in office.”

AFP readers are familiar with the work of former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, who has spent the latter half of his life teaching sheriffs that they are the top law enforcement officers in their counties despite continuing federal intervention attempts. The ears that were deaf for so long may finally be starting to hear.

“It’s becoming a national movement now,” Mack told AFP, citing Immigration and Naturalization Service failure at the Mexican borders, the phony drug war, plus IRS and other unconstitutional intervention within these states.

His plans to take this movement national will be launched at a January meeting, where he anticipates 200 sheriffs will be in attendance.

“The county sheriff is the last line of defense guarding our people’s liberty,” he said.

Retired USAF Col. Richard Niemela of Reston, Va. has been exposing the federal monster for years.

He told AFP: “It’s the surreptitious domination by international globalists insidiously using unauthorized and illegal tactics to render null and void those historic and unique powers of the sheriff.”

The Time Has Come For Ron Paul!!!!



If you are NOT listening to Ron Paul then you need to start. This is the ONLY man in Congress that is sounding the alarm. The establishment is going to do everything they can to muzzle Dr Paul and they will continue to paint him as a “fringe” candidate. However, poll after poll shows that he is gaining steam and his campaign is growing larger each and every day.

If we TRULY want to put an end to the mess we have in Washington DC then we need to support Dr Ron Paul!!! If you have not done so already, I would encourage you to read his new book “Liberty Defined” in which he tackles the current issues of the day and lays out his stance on each one.

Ron Paul is a very special kind of politician. He is someone who keeps his word. He has NEVER voted for a tax increase and he has NEVER voted for legislation that he cannot reconcile with The Constitution. He takes his Oath of Office very seriously and he is willing to stand in the face of extreme pressure and criticism in order to stand on his principles.

The winds of change are blowing across this country and we are going to end up going one way or the other. We will either go back to our roots as a Constitutional Repulblic  as we were founded to be or we will move toward more of a European socialist state but something has to give. In fact, we getting dangerously close to a soft dictatorship in this country where the Executive Branch has usurped power beyond what is allowable in The Constitution. The boundaries keep getting blurred and each administration pushes the envelope further than the last.

If this country is going to survive into the next 100+ years then we are going to have to make a 180 and turn this ship around. We are quickly becoming an empire and like all that went before it we too will fall. We are militarily spread all over the world, in debt beyind what can be sustained and we are continuing to push the gas pedal down further. If you look far enough into the future you’ll see a massive cliff ahead that is just over the horizon and we are quickly running out of room to stop.

We The People need to make sure that OUR voices are heard this time around. WE need to make sure that WE tell Washington what we WILL and WILL NOT tolerate from our government. Remember that these people work FOR us not us for them. Enough is enough. This must end and it must end now. We are only going to get one shot at this and then it’s over.

I’m not talking about getting rid of Obama either. That seems to be in the cards already anyway. We The People must make the right choice for US. There are GOP candidates that will do just as much if not more harm that Obama has done and that is a fact. Do your research and you’ll discover who these people work for. It’s not you and I that’s for sure.

I am both anxious and concerned about what might happen next November because it WILL be a turning point in the history of our country. If you though 9/11 changed America forever you ain’t seen nothing yet. The election next year could very well tear this country apart.

The media in America is bought and paid for and designed to MAKE you vote a certain way. Don’t let a bunch of idiots pick our next President. The stakes are too high for that. Remeber the media loves a crisis because it increases ratings. Look for them to invent one even if one does not exist. You’ll need to tune them out and search out alternative media in order to get the TRUTH.

I am supporting Ron Paul for President of the United States because quite frankly he is the only one that can fix what is wrong at this point. Let’s shock the world and make this happen!!!



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