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Republican National Convention LIVE: Ron Paul Leads the Battle for the Soul of the GOP



By Charlie Vidal

Republican National Convention LIVE: Ron Paul Leads the Battle for the Soul of the GOP

Republican National Convention LIVE Ron Paul Leads the Battle for the Soul of the GOP Photo from

The 2012 Republican National Convention will primarily serve as the coronation of Mitt Romney as the party’s nominee for president.

Many prominent Republicans will make speeches explaining exactly how Mitt Romney and only Mitt Romney (ok, Paul Ryan too) will save America from the inevitable doom which comes free with Barack Obama. A few of them will be hoping to have their 2004 Boston moment where they burst onto the national stage as a fresh face ready to roll up his sleeves and change the way politics are done in four years. Should Romney not win, of course. Which would be tragic according to everyone in attendance.

What differentiates this convention from most pep rallies is the current fight for the soul of the Republican Party. Ron Paul and his supporters have amassed a fair share of the delegates, and they aren’t going down without letting their voices be heard despite attempts from the Romney campaign to ensure otherwise. After eight years of big government “conservatism” perpetuated by George Bush and the Republican House and Senate, the Tea Party finally stood up to both parties in 2010 and demanded that government live within its means. The battle has even found its way into the ticket, with Paul Ryan rhetorically endorsing fiscal restraint.

My question for the week: how much will Republicans embrace liberty and individual government versus demagoguing Mitt Romney? Stay tuned to the convention and check in here to find out.

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC, Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention



By Chris Miles

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC, Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention Photo from

The Republican National Convention saw some uneasy disruption from within its own ranks on Tuesday, as Ron Paul supporters vocally protested the removing of Ron Paul delegates.

Ron Paul supporters burst out into chants and protests at the Republican convention on Tuesday afternoon, shouting “point of order!” in unison to protest the RNC’s decision not to seat Paul delegates from Maine. A point of order is a matter raised during consideration of a motion concerning the rules of parliamentary procedure.

They also battled rules changes for the 2016 primaries that they warn will reduce the grassroot’s impact. Mitt Romney supporters tried to drown them out with chants of “USA!”

Here’s how it played out:

Chants of “let them sit” erupted on the convention floor supporting Maine’s Ron Paul delegates stripped of their seats. Ron Paul-leaning delegates from Oklahoma and Oregon were allowed to sit.


More Delegates Want to Join Republican Revolt



Submitted by bartc88

Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America

Courthouse News Service: More Delegates Want to Join Repub Revolt
Friday, June 15, 2012

“SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – In a revolt against Romney, at least 40 more national convention delegates asked to join 123 previous plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee, and their attorney said hundreds more may soon follow suit. The first 123 delegates, all from the 9th Circuit, sued the RNC, its Chairman Rince Priebus, and every state party chairman in the 9th Circuit in Federal Court on Monday, demanding the right to vote for the candidate of their choice on every ballot at the Republican National Convention, including the first.

The delegates claim the party violated federal law by forcing them to sign loyalty affidavits, under threat of perjury, to vote for Mitt Romney, though he is not yet the official nominee. They also claimed that state party chairmen are fixing elections at state conventions and changing ballots so that all votes cast count for Romney.

“When nominating someone for a federal office, all delegates must be free to vote their conscience,” Richard Gilbert, of Gilbert & Marlowe, attorney for the delegates, told Courthouse News in an interview Thursday. “They don’t want to be bound to any candidate, or even be forced to vote for the nominee,” Gilbert said. “To have a real convention, the delegates must have free will so that when they meet, they can persuade each other and then decide who to vote for.”
Read more
Courthouse News Service is a nationwide news service for lawyers and the news media. Based in Pasadena, California, Courthouse News focuses on civil litigation, from the date of filing through the appellate level. Unlike other Internet-based publishers that simply aggregate information prepared by other content providers, Courthouse News publishes its own original news content prepared by its staff of reporters and editors based across the country.



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Paul Delegates, Paul’s Party



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Tom Mullen’s latest Washington Timescolumn speculates on different ways Ron Paul delegates could possibly influence the Republican Party platform in Tampa. While this is just speculation at this point, it reminds us of the importance of accumulating delegates and the possibilities it affords: 

The media continue to wonder what Paul hopes to accomplish with those delegates, although he has been clear from the beginning. His primary goal was to win the nomination. His secondary goal was to influence the direction of the Republican Party…

However, one thing everyone acknowledges is that no delegate to the RNC is bound to any candidate’s position on the issues. That means Paul’s 500 delegates can vote any way they want regarding the Republican Party platform.

That might not sound exciting, but consider the implications. The nominee is expected to adopt the platform as his own, or at least not take a position that directly contradicts it. Romney’s positions are diametrically opposed to Paul’s on a range of issues. What if the Ron Paul delegates get one or more of Paul’s positions into the platform?

For example, Romney supports the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war against nations that pose a threat to the security of the United States. Paul rejects this policy, insisting that Congress formally declare war before the president orders planned military action.

Contrary to popular belief, a declaration of war is not “permission” by the Congress to start a war. A declaration of war is just that, a declaration that war already exists. Whenever the Congress has declared war in the past, it has done so citing the overt acts of war that the nation in question had already committed against the United States. The whole concept of declaring war rules out preemptive war.

That’s why George W. Bush could not have obtained a declaration of war on Iraq. There were no overt acts of war committed by Iraq against the United States. Ditto for Korea, Viet Nam, Somalia, Bosnia, etc.


War Breaks out in GOP: Broken bones




[CIM} Watch the three videos which are include at the end of Doug Wead’s post below.


By Doug Wead

War Breaks out in GOP: Broken bones

“In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, Chairman of the Rules Committee who made the motion to remove the chair, was arrested by Shreveport police and released.  During his brief detainment, some of his fingers were broken and when he returned to the event he was walking with aid of a cane.”

Join the discussion at Doug Wead

This report from inside the Ron Paul campaign gives you a glimpse of the resistance from establishment Republican Party operatives as they seek to hold power.  Meanwhile, the GOP continues to experience its transformation.  Ron Paul supporters are enduring false arrests, detainment, broken bones and slander as they simply exercise their constitutional rights of voting and participating in party politics.  Keep in mind, the final outcome, as explained to me, was a good one.  And in spite of brutal tactics from some in the establishment who are trying to cling to power, the Republicans of Louisiana will be represented in Tampa.  Most of them will be supporters of Ron Paul, cheering on the GOP nominee.

Here is the report:

“Louisiana GOP officials ignored the vast majority of duly elected delegates and attempted to use illegally adopted rules to deny Ron Paul supporters an opportunity to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Louisiana has 46 delegates.  Five were pledged to Mitt Romney based on the March 23rd primary result and Rick Santorum received 10, meaning most delegates were contestable at the state convention.

“Delegates to the state convention were chosen at caucus meetings on April 28th.  Ron Paul slates won four of six congressional district contests.  Of the approximately 180 delegates attending the state convention, 113 voted to remove the LAGOP chairman when he failed to respond to requests for information and other motions from delegates.  Nearly two-thirds of the delegates began physically moving their chairs, literally turning their back on the GOP chair appointed by the party hierarchy.

“In another instance, State Central Committeeman and Ron Paul supporter Henry Herford Jr. of Franklin Parrish was attacked by some security officials who didn’t realize that the body had voted out the previous chairman.  Mr. Herford has a prosthetic hip and according to a doctor at the scene it appears as though the prosthetic was dislocated and may require replacement.  The injury occurred as he was beginning to call to order the newly re-formed convention.

“In yet another instance, Ron Paul supporter Alex Helwig, Chairman of the Rules Committee who made the motion to remove the chair, was arrested by Shreveport police and released.  During his brief detainment, some of his fingers were broken and when he returned to the event he was walking with aid of a cane.


Maine GOP Convention: Paul shakes up the party



YouTube Preview Image

By Steve Mistler 

Hoping to send the maverick to Tampa, Ron Paul supporters secure key posts and take over the state convention agenda

AUGUSTA – Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul commandeered the Maine Republican Party convention Saturday as part of a multi-state strategy designed to give him a voice at the national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla.

Despite pre-emptive efforts by state party Chairman Charlie Webster, Paul’s highly organized volunteers and supporters took over the proceedings at the Augusta Civic Center. Using preprinted ballots and floor generals who flashed large signs reminding backers which candidates to support, the Paul campaign bested supporters of Mitt Romney, the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Paul’s backers took control of key parliamentary positions and the convention agenda. The effort was part of the Paul campaign’s national effort to overtake Republican state conventions and win enough state delegates to send Paul to the national convention.

National pundits believe Paul, a proselytizer of free-market economics and libertarianism who hasn’t won a single state primary, has a slim chance of forcing a brokered convention in Tampa to challenge Romney. However, Paul’s supporters in Maine said sending enough delegates to the event will force the Republican National Committee to give him a prominent speaking role to amplify his message.

“Our feeling is that we think it’s important to have our voice heard,” said state Rep. Aaron Libby, R-North Waterford, a Paul supporter. “This election is far too important. We believe Ron Paul is different from all the other candidates, and he’s different in ways that are vital to the well-being of this country.”

The extent of the takeover had yet to be determined, even after a long day of jockeying for position. Extensive procedural delays pushed the election of 15 state delegates well into the evening.

Maine sends 24 delegates to the national convention. Fifteen at-large delegates are elected, as well as three from each congressional district. The state committee chairman, chairwoman and the party chairman also serve as delegates.

The voting was scheduled to take place Saturday afternoon, but the election of parliamentary officers tossed the entire event into chaos, as Paul and Romney delegates exchanged procedural maneuvers…

NDGOP’s National Delegate Selection Sparks Controversy At Convention



By: Rob Port

NDGOP’s National Delegate Selection Sparks Controversy At Convention

So far the most interesting development at the NDGOP convention has to do with the selection of the state party’s national delegates who would help pick the presidential nominee at the national convention.

You readers will remember that, on caucus night, Rick Santorum cleaned the state up by a significant margin with Ron Paul taking second and Mitt Romney taking third. But it didn’t seem that anyone remembered that when picking the state’s delegates, because I’m told that despite finishing third in statewide voting, Mitt Romney was allotted 60% of the delegates. Rick Santorum got the second most delegates, and Ron Paul was given just a couple.

Not surprisingly, Santorum and Paul supporters aren’t happy, and I’m told may make an issue out of on the floor of the convention today.

North Dakota’s caucus voting isn’t a binding vote. The party does not have to apportion delegates according to the caucus outcome, nor do the delegates have to abide by that outcome. But party officials did say that the caucus vote matters. NDGOP Chairman Stan Stein said delegates would be asked to “use [the caucus vote] as a guideline for their voting.”

Clearly, that wasn’t a true statement. If this is how the NDGOP runs things, why bother even holding a caucus?


Sen. Rand Paul on Last Episode of Freedom Watch

YouTube Preview Image

Rand Paul attacks Obama and the Republicans. 2/13/12

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Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

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Ron Paul’s Delegate Advantage



Writes Katrina Trinko at National Review:

If you think Rick Santorum won Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado, you’re wrong.

Let me explain: Santorum did win the caucus votes in all those states. But because none of those states have bound delegates, that means the state’s delegates to the national convention could theoretically vote for someone besides Santorum for the nomination, someone like say, Ron Paul, whose campaign is aggressively working to control as many state delegates as possible. In Minnesota, where Paul nabbed 27 percent of the caucus vote, the Paul campaign estimates that 75 percent of the current delegates are Paul supporters. In Colorado, where Paul got 12 percent of the vote, 50 percent of the delegates are Paul supporters. Now delegates face elimination rounds, so it’s unclear if the Paul campaign will be successful or not in maintaining these percentages. But the campaign is hoping to pull it off. From my piece today:

The campaign refuses to worry about backlash from the party if its plan succeeds, and Paul’s percentage of delegates at the convention is significantly higher than his percentage of votes.

“We think that’s the way a party should really pick its nominee,” [Paul national campaign chairman Jesse] Benton says. “We think that the activists that are most tuned in to the issues, most engaged in the process should be the ones selecting the nominee.”

It’s true that most states have bound delegates (or at least the vast majority of delegates are bound), so this strategy has limits. But if there is a brokered convention — which is not out of the realm of possibility this cycle — it will matter if most or a significant chunk of delegates are Paul supporters…

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Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

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Is Ron Paul Too Big of Threat to Government Way of Business to Become President?



Is it possible that Ron Paulis actually too big of a threat to the way the government does business to be allowed to become president in 2012? Paul seems to be doing a great job in relaying his idealism on how to get the U.S back to a AAA status country with a flourishing economy, yet he is continually ignored by mainstream media.


He is also going unmentioned by the Obama administration. It is acting as if he is no real threat to President Barack Obama’s chance of winning re-election despite the fact Paul came within 1 percent of beating winner Michele Bachmann in the Iowa Straw Poll as well as doing exceptionally well in online polls and shining like a diamond in GOP debates.

When it comes to answering tough questions on everything from the economy to bringing our boys back from Iraq and Afghanistan, Paul knows which direction our country should take. He has answers that make sense and he gives matter of fact details about how we can climb out of the hole that has been created.

Paul seems to know exactly what his is doing, and has answers to hard hitting questions covered like no other presidential candidate in this race but that is nothing new, even back when Paul ran for Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 election he had great foresight into the future state of the nation.


He warned about the economy imploding and made clear we were headed in a bad direction; he understood then the magnitude of our debt issues and had enough insight to know our economy and our dollar were going to take a dive, yet no one took heed. Now his prior warnings are reality, a reality that has the Obama administration in hot water and yet Obama refuses to admit he is in over his head and that the government’s way of governing needs an aggressive overhaul, one which many Americans believe should include a new president.

Paul acknowledged in a Tuesday video on that he is “trying to change the course of history” and the media doesn’t want to discuss his views; he believes the media are frightened by his campaign challenging the status quo and the establishment of our current government.


Is this why President Obama’s administration has yet to focus on Paul as a front-runner in the 2012 election? Is it possible Obama, his administration and the mainstream media do not want to bring Paul into the spotlight any more than he has already been because they are afraid of the right kind of change; unlike the change President Obama has brought us?

Paul’s change would be the kind that reforms a broken government from the ground up, and that’s change our government would not want. Is it plausible that there is a silent war being waged on Paul one that is designed to keep him out of sight and out of mind?

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