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Comcast Merger and the FCC controlling the news?



Comcast Merger and the FCC controlling the news?


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Published by NextNewsNetwork

WASHINGTON DC | The merger between Comcast and Time-Warner cable is a concern to many independent cable providers and others. Critics of the merger, like our guest today believe the purchase will create a monopoly that will dominate the marketplace. When Comcast recently purchased NBC Universal, the company pressed hard for Federal approval. It is interesting to note that FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell, soon after approving the deal, was hired by Comcast. The terms of her employment deal have never been disclosed.

Other than a former FCC Commissioner in their employ – Comcast has close ties to the Obama Administration that may help rubber stamp the merger. Comcast CEO, Brian Roberts, has enjoyed Golf outings with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard, while Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen is a frequent White House guest and major fundraiser for the Democratic Party.

This relationship may underscore NBC’s ongoing coverage of President Obama as Comcast owns NBC – It may also explain the recent move by the FCC to install Government minders in newsrooms across the country – quizzing reporters and editors on how they select stories – a move that was highly criticized and has since been canceled by the White House.

Our guest today to break down the Comcast/Time Warner merger and the FCC’s failed Newsroom Monitoring Program is the director for media and democracy – Todd O’Boyle – his organization – “Common Cause” at

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Dwindling ratings for Mainstream Media in the US




Dwindling ratings for Mainstream Media in the US


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Published by RT America

RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports on the trend of dwindling ratings for the mainstream media news networks in the US, what this means for the corporate channels, why this is happening and what’s to come.

(H/T wchildblog)

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Thieves Are Using “Mystery Gadgets” To Electronically Unlock Cars And Steal What Is Inside




By Michael Snyder

Thieves Are Using “Mystery Gadgets” To Electronically Unlock Cars And Steal What Is Inside


Key-Fobs-Photo-by-ReplaceRemote-300x149All over America, criminals are using improvised electronic devices to electronically unlock vehicles and steal whatever they find inside.  These “mystery gadgets” reportedly recreate the same signals that the key fobs that so many of us carry around send out.  As you will see below, footage is popping up nationwide of thieves using these “mystery gadgets” to remotely unlock car doors and disable alarm systems.  Once a car has been unlocked, it takes these thieves just a few moments to take what they want before leaving without a trace.  This is now happening all over the country, and authorities do not know any way to prevent it from happening.  For now, the most common piece of advice that police are giving to people is to not leave any valuables inside your vehicle at all.

When reports of this sort of crime first came out, even car manufacturers were totally stumped.  Nobody could figure out how this was happening, and CNN startled a lot of people when they started reporting on this.  The following is an excerpt from one of those reports

Police across the country are stumped by a rash of car thefts. In surveillance video of the thefts, criminals appear to open locked cars with a mysterious handheld device.

Nobody, not even the car manufacturers, knows how it works.

In Long Beach, Calif. The man walked up to the car, and used a small box to open it. Right next to him another man, also using a box, opens that car.

The problem is they’re thieves without keys. Now they’ve swiped all valuables from the cars.

In Chicago, it was the exact same scenario. A man by a sedan unlocked it without a key. The alarm was disabled by some mystery device.

Video of the entire CNN report is posted below…

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Did you know that this was happening?

I certainly didn’t.

But it has apparently been going on all over the country.

For example, similar reports of “high-tech wireless thievery” have also been reported in New Jersey

Police in Galloway Township, New Jersey are looking for the thieves who’ve been breaking into cars.

It’s happened about 30 times throughout the township, and this isn’t a matter of a bandit busting a window. This is high-tech wireless thievery.

In those cases, police believe that a device similar to the ones that CNN was describing was being used…

“These thieves are using some sort of RF [radio frequency] device, which is sending an electronic signal toward the vehicles, unlocking the vehicle and disabling the alarm as well, allowing the thieves to enter the vehicle and remove valuables without being detected,” said Detective Ryan Goehringer.

And check out what happened up in Canada just a few days ago

Vicky Mackie and her friend are both certain she locked the doors of her 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan before going to a friend’s apartment.

“She confirmed that she heard me lock my door; we actually heard the alarm beep to confirm that,” said the Vancouver woman.

They were only gone for a couple of hours, but when they returned Mackie discovered that her car had been broken into – her phone and sunglasses missing, the papers in the front glove compartment scattered on the floor – in spite of there being no signs of forced entry.

Once again, police believe that a high tech “gadget” was involved.  In fact, there are some that believe that one of these gadgets can be purchased online for as little as 5 dollars

All indications point to a new device in the growing high-tech arsenal of car thieves, one that mimics a car’s keyless entry system, illegally unlocking any door with the push of a button. The gadget can reportedly be purchased online for as little as $5.

And this could only just be the beginning of a major high tech crime wave.

Thanks to all of the “technology” that is in our vehicles these days, they are potentially more vulnerable to hackers than ever.

According to ABC News, researchers have found that hacking into onboard computers and remotely controlling vehicle behavior is not that hard to do…

The possibility of this even stranger and more dangerous crime is lurking on the horizon. Most modern cars use computers to control everything from engine compression to cruise control, airbags and brakes. Those computers communicate with each other on open networks. Using an $80,000 grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), two researchers recently hacked the onboard computers of a Toyota Prius and a Ford Escape SUV.

They made the Prius accelerate and brake, as well as jerk the wheel while traveling at high speeds. They managed to turn the Ford’s steering wheel at low speeds and disable the brakes, which caused researcher Charlie Miller to drive the SUV into his garage and totally destroy his own lawnmower. This is the stuff of nightmares.

So could this kind of hacking have been involved in some of the very unusual “car accidents” that we have seen in recent years?

I am just asking the question.

Most people assume that all of this high technology that surrounds us these days is making us a lot safer.

But that is not really the case at all.

As technology advances, so do the criminals.  And if we are not aware of our vulnerabilities, we potentially become easy prey for those that would like to take advantage of us.


This article first appeared here at the The American Dream.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here

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Gold, Einstein And The Great Fed Robbery




Submitted by Tyler Durden

Gold, Einstein And The Great Fed Robbery


Via Nanex,

One of Einstein’s great contributions to mankind was the theory of relativity, which is based on the fact that there is a real limit on the speed of light. Information doesn’t travel instantly, it is limited by the speed of light, which in a perfect setting is 186 miles (300km) per millisecond. This has been proven in countless scientific experiments over nearly a century of time. Light, or anything else, has never been found to go faster than 186 miles per millisecond. It is simply impossible to transmit information faster.

Too bad that the bad guys on Wall Street who pulled off The Great Fed Robbery didn’t pay attention in science class. Because hard evidence, along with the speed of light, proves that someone got the Fed announcement news before everyone else. There is simply no way for Wall Street to squirm its way out of this one.

Before 2pm, the Fed news was given to a group of reporters under embargo – which means in a secured lock-up room. This is done so reporters have time to write their stories and publish when the Fed releases its statement at 2pm. The lock-up room is in Washington DC. Stocks are traded in New York (New Jersey really), and many financial futures are traded in Chicago. The distances between these 3 cities and the speed of light is key to proving the theft of public information (early, tradeable access to Fed news).

We’ve learned that the speed of light (information), takes 1 millisecond to travel 186 miles (300km). Therefore, the amount of time it takes to transmit information between two points is limited by distance and how fast computers can encode and decode the information on both sides. Our experience analyzing the impact of hundreds of news events at the millisecond level tells us that it takes at least 5 milliseconds for information to travel between Chicago and New York. Even though Chicago is closer to Washington DC than New York, the path between the two cities is not straight or optimized: so it takes information a bit longer, about 7 milliseconds, to travel between Chicago and Washington. It takes little under 2 milliseconds between Washington and New York.

Therefore, when the information was officially released in Washington, New York should see it 2 milliseconds later, and Chicago should see it 7 milliseconds later. Which means we should see a reaction in stocks (which trade in New York) about 5 milliseconds before a reaction in financial futures (which trade in Chicago). And this is in fact what we normally see when news is released from Washington.

However, upon close analysis of millisecond time-stamps of trades in stocks and futures (and options, and futures options, and anything else publicly traded), we find that activity in stocks and futures exploded in the same millisecond. This is a physical impossibility. Also, the reaction was within 1 millisecond, meaning it couldn’t have reached Chicago (or New York): another physical possibility. Then there is the case that the information on the Fed Website was not readily understandable for a machine – less than a thousandth of a second is not enough time for someone to commit well over a billion dollars that effectively bought all stocks, futures and options.

The Data

Minutes before the Fed announcement at 14:00 on September 18, 2013, there was significant activity in Comex Gold Futures (traded in Chicago) and the ETF symbol GLD (traded in New Jersey). This gives us an opportunity to measure closely, the exact (to the millisecond) amount of time between trading between these two instruments. The first two charts show about 3.5 minutes of time around the Fed Announcement release, giving us an overview. The stack of charts that follow allow you to easily compare between GLD (New York) and GC Futures (Chicago) for 6 different active periods. You will see that in the first 5 pairs – before the announcement, activity first shows up in GC Futures, followed by activity in GLD between 5 and 7 milliseconds later. In the last pair, which compares activity at exactly 14:00:00.000, you will see both GC futures and GLD react exactly at the same time.

See also: More Charts of Evidence.

1. Animation of December 2013 Gold (GC) Futures followed by GLD stock on September 18, 2013 from 13:57 to 14:00:30.

2. Zooming in 150 milliseconds of time for the high activity periods minutes before and during the annoucement.
The chart shows first, Gold Futures (GC – traded in Chicago) followed by GLD (traded in New York)and clearly show events minutes before the news release: you can clearly see that Gold Futures (GC) trades before GLD. The chart shows the event at 14:00:00, where Gold Futures trades at the exact same time as GLD stock. This is physically impossible unless information was already present in Chicago and New York. It’s easiest if you compare the bottom panels of each chart which shows trading volume for each millisecond.



There are 2 possibilities, and both aren’t good news for Wall Street.

1. Released by a News Organization

The Fed news was condensed by a news service into a simple “No Tapering” message that was placed on news servers co-located next to trading machines in both New York and Chicago at some time before 2pm. The news machines are programmed to release the information at precisely 2pm, allowing the algos to react immediately at both locations. This is how some news services release privately compiled statistics like the Consumer Confidence or Chicago PMI.

In those cases, we see the exact behavior as in the last 2 charts above – an immediate reaction in New York and Chicgo. But the Fed news was released from a lock-up room which prevents transmission of any information to the outside world. Given that several large news organizations were recently caught doing this we think it’s less likely they would do something so bold, so soon. That leaves us with possibility number 2.

2. Leaked to Wall Street

The Fed news was leaked to, or known by, a large Wall Street Firm who made the decision to pre-program their trading machines in both New York and Chicago and wait until precisely 2pm when they would buy everything available. It is somewhat fascinating that they tried to be “honest” by waiting until 2pm, but not a thousandth of a second longer. What makes this a more likely explanation is this: we’ve found that news organizations providing timed release services aren’t so good about synchronizing their master clock – and often release plus or minus 15 milliseconds from actual time. Their news machines in New York and Chicago still release the data at the exact same millisecond, but with the same drift in time as the master clock. That is, we’ll see an immediate market reaction at say, 15 milliseconds before the official scheduled time, but in the same millisecond of time in both New York and Chicago. Historically, these news services have shown a time drift of about 30 milliseconds (+/- 15ms), which places the odds that this event was from a timed news service at about 10%.

What also makes this the more likely conclusion is this: we know the Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently hardened access to their lock-up room, weeding out all but respected news organizations. So imagine a reporter for one of these news organizations who is tasked with distilling the Fed news into a simple message that machines could read in less than a millisecond and interpret to mean, “buy all the things now”.; It’s unlikely that Wall Street would place so much responsibility on one news reporter. It is also unlikely that respected news organizations would tolerate this behavior.

We think it was leaked. The evidence is overwhelming.


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What Do You Know About The News? Take The Quiz




Submitted by Tyler Durden

What Do You Know About The News? Take The Quiz


The Pew Research Center has released a comprehensive 13 question quiz which does a surprisingly good, and broad, job of testing readers’ knowledge about “prominent people and major events in the news“, and comparing the results to a sample of 1052 people. See how well you fare in comparison to everyone else on topics that are considered mainstream.

Pew Quiz

* * *

Once done with the quiz, take a look at the answer set: without doubt the most surprising finding is not that Americans continue to be large misinformed about relatively important developments (and would be even more misinformed if there were more questions on monetary or fiscal policy, the petrodollar, the DM-EM “axis-allies” split as shown most recently by the G-20 showed, USD reserve status and all those other things that actually matter), but that the one question answered wrong by most has to do with the performance of the Dow Jones:

It is stunning that only 18% of quiz-taking females and 24% of males, and only 32% of those with a college/grad+ education, can identify what the stock market has done in the past 5 years.

If anything this is the prima facie evidence why QE has failed: for a program whose primary purpose was to restore confidence in the economy through a rising stock market, even if manipulated through and through, the reason why there has been no confidence restored is because about 80% of the population neither knows nor cares that the DJIA is now just a fraction off its all time highs. And without the “confidence” boost arising from that particular “monetary transmission channel”, which is the only real weapon left in the Fed’s arsenal, there is little hope of boosting confidence in the economy through other more conventional means. Which is precisely what we said would happen in March 2009 when this deplorable monetary experiment was launched.

CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/31/2013



CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/31/2013


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CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/17/2013


CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/17/2013


Let me add a quick note of explanation before proceeding with the week in review from this past week.  Inactivity would have to be the descriptive word for this past week, which was due to undergoing surgery early Wednesday morning.  This new week maybe still somewhat slower than normal but it is my hope to be back up to speed in the near future.  Thank you to those sending encouraging wishes :)

Friday 8/16/2013
  1. Study: Near Death Experience Just Surge of Electrical Brain Activity


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CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/10/2013


CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/10/2013


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  2. Maybe You Should Have Gone to Trade School
  3. Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon
  4. Radioactive water overruns Fukushima barrier – TEPCO
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  6. Financial Apocalypse Now? Big Government and Central Banks: The Real Criminals
  7. A Quadrillion Yen And Counting – The Japanese Debt Bomb Could Set Off Global Panic At Any Moment
  8. Perseid meteor shower promises lots of fireballs
  9. County Sheriff Challenges FL Governor on Guns – Sheriff Nick Finch


Friday 8/9/2013
  1. Thank You, TSA, NSA, IRS, FBI and CIA!
  2. The Indebted States of America (It’s worse than you think.)
  3. 31 Percent Of U.S. Honey Bees Were Wiped Out This Year – Who Will Pollinate Our Crops?
  4. Guy rewrites his own terms on credit card application, 0% forever and no limit, bank OKs the deal!
  5. During The Best Period Of Economic Growth In U.S. History There Was No Income Tax And No Federal Reserve

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CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/3/2013


CIM Week In Review ~ Week Ending 8/3/2013


Saturday 8/3/2013
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  2. Can Cantaloupes Help Prevent Cancer?

  3. Editor of Tennessee Paper Fired for Headline Critical of Obama

  4. Tennessee Welcomes Obama With Hundreds of Protesters

  5. Pepper-Spray Cop Files “Psychological” Disability Claim

  6. Doctors ignore back pain self-care guidelines and prescribe useless surgeries and meds instead

  7. Ongoing Costs of “The Forgotten War” – Christine Ahn


Friday 8/2/2013
  1. Where Does the Military Industrial Complex come from? Egypt?

  2. “Trusted Traveler” Caught Smuggling Woman in Car Trunk

  3. Congress to Get Obamacare Exemption

  4. Furious US Officials Slam Russia’s Asylum Grant for Snowden

  5. Teenage Prodigy Spurns MIT, Chooses Entrepreneurship

  6. CIA ‘running arms smuggling team in Benghazi when consulate was attacked’

  7. New UK “Anti-Porn” Web Filter Will Block Controversial Content, Too

  8. Police raid New York blogger’s home after she did Google searches for pressure cookers

  9. New Microchip Can Mimic How a Human Brain Thinks

Thursday 8/1/2013
  1. Decoding the NSA: How the Agency Manipulates Language to Mislead the Public

  2. Why Are The Chinese Gobbling Up Real Estate And Businesses In Detroit?

  3. MIT “Whitewash” Report to Absolve Responsibility in Swartz Death

  4. Don’t Get Sucker Pumped At Gas Pump Skim Scan – Pay Cash at the Pump

  5. Cities use Eminent Domain to Fight Foreclosures

  6. Feds give laid-off Boeing workers a big (GIANT) helping hand (It pays to be a crony)

  7. IRS Chief: I Want to Keep My Health Care Plan, Not Switch to Obamacare

  8. Cop Impersonates Hobo in Distracted Driving “Sting”

  9. Is America Rome?

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  12. The Coming Shortage Of Physical Gold That Will Change Everything

  13. ON LOCATION: Manning Trial Aftermath Ft Meade


Wednesday 7/31/2013
  1. The U.S. Government Has Awarded Contracts To Al-Qaeda In Afghanistan? This can’t be true.

  2. The Most Important Number In The Entire U.S. Economy

  3. Teachers Will Be Armed in Arkansas

  4. Are Americans Capable of Retaining Their Freedom? – Dave Champion

  5. “America’s whole public sector still operates in a financial never-never land”

  6. President Obama’s no-Congress strategy

  7. NSA’s XKeyscore gives one-click real-time access to almost any internet activity

  8. Some thoughts on unions and unicorns

  9. For Congress, ‘it’s classified’ is new equivalent of ‘none of your business’

  10. Google Engineer Wins Award from the NSA and then Slams it

  11. Greenwald Previews New Blockbuster NSA Story

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  13. North Carolina Ends Teacher Tenure, Teachers Will Now Have to Be Good at Their Jobs to Keep Them

  14. Ron Paul on U.S. Dictatorships, Foreign and Domestic

  15. 44 Facts About The Death Of The Middle Class That Every American Should Know


Tuesday 7/30/2013
  1. The House a Happy Hunting Ground for Hackers

  2. Congressional Committee De-Funds UN Gun Bill

  3. The Important Things We DON’T Have Money For, And The Crazy Things We DO Have Money For…

  4. 95-Year Old Man Tasered to Death by Police in Illinois Nursing Home

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  8. Detroit dysfunction from the inside, Former head of transport for the city says it’s a lost cause

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  10. President Outlines New Poverty Program

  11. Ron Paul: House leadership voted for ‘police state’


  13. A case of the “Detroits?”: City of Chicago’s finances look increasingly unsustainable.

  14. America Already Has Socialized Medicine


Monday 7/29/2013
  1. Spain Levies Consumption Tax on Sunlight

  2. Former CIA agent blames Bush, Rice for extraordinary rendition of Egyptian cleric

  3. “I don’t mind spying on terrorists, I just don’t like spying on all Americans.” – Rand Paul

  4. Rep. Peter King Blasts Rand Paul For ‘Apologizing For America’: ‘Fringes’ Will ‘Destroy’ GOP

  5. 7 Charts That Prove That The Stock Market Has Become Completely Divorced From Reality

  6. Amber Lyon – Harvard Law School Speech: “Why Journalists Fear the NDAA”


Sunday 7/28/2013
  1. John Stossel – Detroit Gutted By Government

  2. Glass-Steagall: War on Wall Street

  3. WATCH: Weiner Heated Exchange with Voter Who Doesn’t Vote for Him

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  5. Michael Hastings Crash Caught On Surveillance Camera – New Footage

  6. Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying by Glenn Greenwald

  7. Chesapeake Bay Bridge crash: Woman swims to safety in Maryland after car plunges into water below

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