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Japan Launches Largest Warship Since World War II

Source: http://nextnewsnetwork.com   Japan Launches Largest Warship Since World War II     JAPAN – Japan unveiled its largest warship since World War II on Tuesday, an 820-foot-long, 19,500-ton flattop capable of carrying 14 helicopters, according to media reports. The ship, named the Izumo, is classified as a helicopter destroyer, though its flattop design makes […]



Air Force Unveils Spirit: The 7th Largest Super Computer in the World 2

Source: http://www.occupycorporatism.com By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Air Force Unveils Spirit: The 7th Largest Super Computer in the World   The US Air Force (USAF) has announced the development of a super computer that will be stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force base (WPAFB). This computer is being touted as the most powerful system – rivaling […]

What Happened in the Christopher Dorner Siege?

   NextNewsNetwork Next News Network (N3) covers information regarding the siege of Christopher Dorner and the ending  battle in Big Bear, California.

Billion-dollar US nuclear sub comes off worst in Strait of Hormuz collision with ‘fishing boat’

Billion-dollar US nuclear sub comes off worst in Strait of Hormuz collision with ‘fishing boat’

Source: http://www.freedomsphoenix.com The American sub was performing a routine pre-dawn patrol when seamen heard a “thump”, according to a Navy source who spoke to several news agencies. The crew tried to ascertain the damage by looking into its periscope, only to realize it was no longer working. The other periscope on the submarine revealed that […]

Bahrain repressed protesters with West’s tacit approval – Amnesty International

Source: http://rt.com A year after an eruption of protests in Bahrain, the ruling monarchy continues to commit serious human rights abuses against activists. Amnesty International has criticized the US and UK for ignoring the repression, and urged action. ­In November 2011, a panel of human rights experts investigated the uprising in Bahrain and its aftermath […]

US Navy orders Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group to head to Israeli shores

Source: http://rt.com Right as the sailors and Marines aboard three of the US Navy’s assault ships were on their way home for Thanksgiving, they received an order to turn the ship around and set sail for Israel. After passing the Strait of Gibraltar, south of Spain, the USS New York, USS Iwo Jima and the […]

Chinese ships breach Japan’s naval border

Source: http://rt.com Six Chinese ships have entered Japanese waters near a group of disputed islets claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo, refusing to follow the Japanese coast guard’s orders to vacate its territorial waters. Currently, six Chinese ships are stationed in the area, which Japan considers its territorial waters. Another two ships are stationed outside […]

Pirates of West Africa: Tanker with Russian crew found near Nigeria

Source: http://rt.com The Energy Centurion oil tanker seized by pirates in Togo’s territorial waters was found off the coast of Nigeria still under pirate control. All the crew members are believed to be safe, as the pirates seem to be interested only in stealing cargo. ­”The vessel is presently sailing off the coast of Nigeria […]

Declaration of Independence 2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izHm2AcLKIM&feature=player_embedded Published on Jun 30, 2012 by mosesmarching 2012 revision of the Declaration of Independence as read by U.S. Service members in Afghanistan. http://mosessanchez.com/

Navy Loses Giant Drone in Maryland Crash

Source: http://www.wired.com By Spencer Ackerman   The Navy was all set to roll out its upgraded spy drone, a 44-foot behemoth. Then one of its Global Hawks crashed into an eastern Maryland marsh on Monday. It’s the latest setback for the Navy’s robotic aircraft. An unarmed RQ-4A Global Hawk went down during a training exercise […]