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Ron Paul Rewind: Defense Spending vs. Empire Spending

  Source: http://ronpaulinstitute.org By Chris Rossini Ron Paul Rewind: Defense Spending vs. Empire Spending   Last year, debate “moderators” from Fox News had a hard time understanding the difference between legitimate spending on defending the U.S. versus the wasteful spending on the military empire. Dr. Paul explained it with passion and in true smackdown form, […]

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The EyeOpener Report- Compromised: How the National Security State Blackmails the Government

Source: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com While the world watches every twist and turn in the unfolding Edward Snowden drama, the story becomes less and less about the information he revealed and more and more about an international manhunt. But if the issues of PRISM and spying on China and GCHQ’s spying at the G20 are falling off the […]

Corporations Push to Overrule National Laws – Secret Treaty

Source: http://www.washingtonsblog.com First Congress Member Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “There Is No National Security Purpose In Keeping This Text Secret … This Agreement Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”     Corporations Push to Overrule National Laws We reported last year: Democratic Senator Wyden – the head of the […]

The Real Meaning of President Obama’s National Security Speeches 1

Source: http://ronpaulinstitute.org By Ron Paul The Real Meaning of President Obama’s National Security Speeches   This past Thursday and Friday, President Obama delivered two speeches designed to outline his new thinking on national security and counter-terrorism. While much was made in the media of the president’s statements at the National Defense University and the US […]

President Obama Has Turned Journalists into Criminals 1

Source: http://amberlyonlive.com By Amber Lyon If by “change” President Obama meant criminalizing journalism in the United States, then he’s succeeded. Why should you care?  The investigative journalism that Obama has silenced could have exposed more corruption in the U.S. government, military, banking industry; corruption that has caused anguish to numerous Americans.  The reports that will never be […]

Ron Paul is the Most Incorruptible Man I Have Ever Worked For

Much thanks to: Flo Hoffman ‎”I’ve worked at 7 presidential campaigns. I’ve co-authored books with presidents. I’ve interviewed 6 or 7 of the presidents and first ladies and 19 of their children. I’ve served in the white house for one president and advisory to two presidents. I have never served anyone more INcorruptible than Ron […]