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US Foreign Policy of Interminable War to Support the National Security State

By Adam Dick Ron Paul Institute December 15, 2015   US Foreign Policy of Interminable War to Support the National Security State   Continuing his insightful analysis offered in October RT and November Real News Network interviews, Lawrence Wilkerson, a former United States Army colonel and chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin Powel, […]


Siblings and Chinese nationals Mo Hailong and Mo Yu face prosecution for plotting to steal genetically modified seed technology. (Photo: BASF/cc/flickr)

GMO Seed Theft Equals National Security Threat, Argues Government

By Lauren McCauley Common Dreams March 30, 2015 GMO Seed Theft Equals National Security Threat, Argues Government Defense attorneys say spying on alleged Chinese seed plotters in trade dispute signifies ‘breathtaking’ overreach     In what defense attorneys are calling a “breathtaking and unprecedented” abuse of power, a top secret government court has authorized the […]

Ron Paul Rewind: Defense Spending vs. Empire Spending

  Source: By Chris Rossini Ron Paul Rewind: Defense Spending vs. Empire Spending   Last year, debate “moderators” from Fox News had a hard time understanding the difference between legitimate spending on defending the U.S. versus the wasteful spending on the military empire. Dr. Paul explained it with passion and in true smackdown form, […]

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New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

Source:           Written by Ron Paul New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again   Looking at the banners in the massive Egyptian protests last week, we saw many anti-American slogans. Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood-led government that was deposed by the military last week was very critical of what it saw as […]

Corporations Push to Overrule National Laws – Secret Treaty

Source: First Congress Member Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “There Is No National Security Purpose In Keeping This Text Secret … This Agreement Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”     Corporations Push to Overrule National Laws We reported last year: Democratic Senator Wyden – the head of the […]

The Real Meaning of President Obama’s National Security Speeches 1

Source: By Ron Paul The Real Meaning of President Obama’s National Security Speeches   This past Thursday and Friday, President Obama delivered two speeches designed to outline his new thinking on national security and counter-terrorism. While much was made in the media of the president’s statements at the National Defense University and the US […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Congress

Source: By Matthew Hawes Our Honorary Chairman, Congressman Ron Paul, has list of resolutions for the upcoming Congress in his latest Texas Straight Talk: As I prepare to retire from Congress, I’d like to suggest a few New Year’s resolutions for my colleagues to consider.  For the sake of liberty, peace, and prosperity I […]

President Obama Has Turned Journalists into Criminals 1

Source: By Amber Lyon If by “change” President Obama meant criminalizing journalism in the United States, then he’s succeeded. Why should you care?  The investigative journalism that Obama has silenced could have exposed more corruption in the U.S. government, military, banking industry; corruption that has caused anguish to numerous Americans.  The reports that will never be […]

Use Skype in Ethiopia and get 15 years in prison

Source: By Shane McGlaun The Ethiopian government has just made it a criminal offense to use VoIP services within the country such as Skype and Google Talk. Anyone caught using VoIP service can now spend 15 years in prison. Ethiopia passed the new law last month, and it’s only just now becoming known outside […]

Ron Paul – War Propaganda

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Ron Paul is the Most Incorruptible Man I Have Ever Worked For

Much thanks to: Flo Hoffman ‎”I’ve worked at 7 presidential campaigns. I’ve co-authored books with presidents. I’ve interviewed 6 or 7 of the presidents and first ladies and 19 of their children. I’ve served in the white house for one president and advisory to two presidents. I have never served anyone more INcorruptible than Ron […]

International Business Times: “Foreign Policy One of Paul’s Strongest Points”

Source: Writes International Business Times’ Joe Romaine: Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential aspirations are hurt by his foreign policy stance. Or so say the polls. The truth, however, is that foreign policy is one of Paul’s strongest points. Paul is a non-interventionist. He wants to bring troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from all over […]

Senate Approves $662B Defense Bill

Source: by The Associated Press Ignoring a presidential veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a massive, $662 billion defense bill that would require the military to hold suspected terrorists linked to al-Qaida or its affiliates, even those captured on U.S. soil. The vote was 93-7 for the bill authorizing money for […]

Ron Paul – civil liberty’s last hope

Source: Profile Muslims. Bring on the drones. Did we learn anything else from last night’s GOP debate on CNN? Well, once again, it appears as if Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is the only candidate that wants to protect the liberties of Americans. Speaking from DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC Tuesday night, Paul […]