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The Crony Media Protection Bill: Senator Cornyn says Schumer “Shield Law” is actually licensing of journalism




By Nick Sorrentino

The Crony Media Protection Bill: Senator Cornyn says Schumer “Shield Law” is actually licensing of journalism




It should be noted that the number 1 contributor to Senator Schumer’s most recent campaign was law firm Paul Weiss which just happens to represent a large swathe of the old media industry. I wonder why the clients of Paul Weiss (who are clients largely because of Paul Weiss’s coziness with politicians) might want reporters to be de facto licensed?

Paul Weiss’s client list as reported on its website:

American Society of Composers,
Authors and PublishersApollo Global ManagementAlibaba GroupAlonzo MourningBarry WhiteBlue Man GroupCablevision Systems CorporationCirque du SoleilCitigroupDiscovery CommunicationsDreamWorks AnimationEndgame Entertainment



Goldman Sachs

Harbinger Capital

Home Box Office

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Ina Garten (“The Barefoot Contessa”)

Jim Cramer

John McEnroe

King World Productions

Lincoln Center Theater

Leiber & Stoller

Lincoln Center Theater


Major League Baseball

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Marvel Studios

Meg Ryan


Miramax Film

National Football League

National Music Publishers’ AssociationNelvana StudiosNews CorporationNew York City OperaNew York YankeesThe Nielsen CompanyOprah WinfreyParamount PicturesRobert RubinRockstar GamesThe Roundabout Theatre

Shanghai Shendi Group

SEGA GameWorks

Spike Lee


Sony Music

Sony Pictures

Stephen Sondheim

Summit Entertainment

Sun-Times Media

Tencent Holdings


Time Warner Cable

Time Warner

TV Azteca

Universal Studios


Warner Brothers

Warner Music

The Weinstein Company

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment


Draw you own conclusions but let’s just say that many of the clients above are in the information brokering business and they (along with establishment politicians) would love to shut down the new media. It’s a fundraising match made in heaven.

The government (and its partners) do not like the rise of new media. One hears over and over from folks in Washington about the “good old days” when we had more or less official gatekeepers of information and how much better things were then. When the “wise” establishment would tell Americans and the world the official version of events. When Walter Cronkite would literally sign off each newscast with “And that’s the way it is,” and people bought it. It was a time when consumers of news were unsophisticated and easily manipulated. That’s why the politicians (and many old media companies) long for this past time.

YouTube Preview Image

Let’s not forget that Diane Feinstein recently said that free speech is a PRIVILEGE not a right. That 1st Amendment thing? Really more of a guideline.

YouTube Preview Image

We must fight this effort to restrict speech and the press at every turn. we must never let what Schumer and Feinstein and their cronies want come to pass. Not in this country.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill-

“We shall fight in the Senate. We shall fight in the blogs and on Reddit. We will fight with growing confidence and growing strength in cyberspace. We will defend our Internet. We shall fight in Twitter and on Facebook, in Instagram and Tumblr. We shall fight in the old media. We shall never surrender.”

“Now, you know, you start to put the dots together and the FCC’s recent discussion about placing monitors in newsrooms, you begin to see that this administration wants to control the information that people get and particularly any information that might be critical of them – which is, as you pointed out in the first instance… the function of a free press: to give people unbiased and factual information they can use to make their own decisions, not to collaborate with government in squashing speech that people find unfavorable,”

Click here for the article. 

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Nick Sorrentino
About Nick Sorrentino

Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of A political and communications consultant with clients across the political spectrum, he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.



Comcast Merger and the FCC controlling the news?



Comcast Merger and the FCC controlling the news?


2-28-2014 8-39-16 PM


YouTube Preview Image

Published by NextNewsNetwork

WASHINGTON DC | The merger between Comcast and Time-Warner cable is a concern to many independent cable providers and others. Critics of the merger, like our guest today believe the purchase will create a monopoly that will dominate the marketplace. When Comcast recently purchased NBC Universal, the company pressed hard for Federal approval. It is interesting to note that FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell, soon after approving the deal, was hired by Comcast. The terms of her employment deal have never been disclosed.

Other than a former FCC Commissioner in their employ – Comcast has close ties to the Obama Administration that may help rubber stamp the merger. Comcast CEO, Brian Roberts, has enjoyed Golf outings with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard, while Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen is a frequent White House guest and major fundraiser for the Democratic Party.

This relationship may underscore NBC’s ongoing coverage of President Obama as Comcast owns NBC – It may also explain the recent move by the FCC to install Government minders in newsrooms across the country – quizzing reporters and editors on how they select stories – a move that was highly criticized and has since been canceled by the White House.

Our guest today to break down the Comcast/Time Warner merger and the FCC’s failed Newsroom Monitoring Program is the director for media and democracy – Todd O’Boyle – his organization – “Common Cause” at

Download your free Next News “Heroes & Villains” Poster here:…


The FCC independent? An anonymous voluntary survey?  Are you resting at ease?  Enter your thoughts below.


One media giant is monopolizing the entire local TV market



One media giant is monopolizing the entire local TV market


12-9-2013 10-27-31 PM

RT America video capture


YouTube Preview Image

Published by RT America

Have you ever heard of Sinclair Broadcast Group? Well, if you haven’t, you probably should, especially considering it’s the company that likely owns your local news station. Sinclair is the telecommunications corporation that operates the largest number of local television stations in the United States. But as the stations consolidate into the same company, so does their content, thereby eliminating competition in the market. So how does Sinclair get away with this? RT’s Ameera David reports.

Glenn Greenwald vs. BBC Presstitute, News Anchor Fails



Glenn Greenwald vs. BBC Presstitute, News Anchor Fails (video)


Another fail by the msm presstitutes.  Twist, spin, create and spin again.  After all of the gyrations nothing is accomplished for the #oldmedia in this Glenn Greenwald interview.  On the occasions that the msm #oldmedia interviews those in power promoting crony capitalism and the redistribution of wealth the interrogation is non-existent as they follow the script handed them and their defined marching orders.  Once again, score 1 for the journalist, score 0 for the puppets.

BBC interview video screen capture

BBC interview video screen capture

YouTube Preview Image

Published by BBC Newsnight

The FBI and Johnson and Johnson don’t want you to see this



Source: Next News Network

The FBI and Johnson and Johnson don’t want you to see this


One of the top 3 unsolved crimes in the United States is the Tylenol Murders.

This weekend marks 31 years since they occurred… and the FBI is embarrassed that they never caught the perp.

In the face of mounting new evidence its rumored they are just going to close the case… ignoring the new clues.


Because the trail leads not to a lone madman traveling store to store… but directly to a Johnson & Johnson employee working in the supply chain.

By closing the case, they are basically releasing J&J of liability of the alleged crime committed by their employee.

I’ve been following this story for about 2 years now and this exclusive interview with Michelle Rosen, a victims daughter, is enough to rip open this cold case and solve the crime… but not if the FBI wants to protect their Big Pharma buddies.

Here is a report that you will never see on the MSM because of their ties to Big Pharma – but you will see it on the Next News Network:

9-26-2013 9-13-31 PM

YouTube Preview Image

Published by   NextNewsNetwork    NextNewsNetwork

About the video:

Just over 30 years ago, 7 people died after ingesting cyanide lasted capsules from within Tylenol Bottles manufactured by Johnson and Johnson.

The narrative put forth by the FBI and Johnson and Johnson through the news media at the time was described as a lone madman traveled from store to store placing the cyanide in the bottles.

But is that what really happened?

For the last 2 years, I have been reporting on the investigation and research of Scott Bartz. Bartz is a former Johnson and Johnson employee who claims that the narrative put forth by his employer and the FBI is entirely FALSE.

Last year, on the 30th anniversary of the murders, the FBI carted UNIBOMBER Ted Kazinkski before the cameras again in an attempt to pin the 30 year old cold case on him.

At the same time Bartz released the book, “THE TYLENOL MAFIA: MARKETING, MURDER, AND JOHNSON AND JOHNSON.”

A book, I should point out, that Johnson and Johnson doesn’t want you to read.

What is in this book that Johnson and Johnson don’t want you to know?

The Bartz’s book alleges that he Cyanide was actually placed in the bottles in the supply chain by a Johnson and Johnson employee and not a lone nut traveling store to store. It alleges the FBI, Johnson and Johnson, and the news media colluded to dissuade the public away from Johnson and Johnson’s full liability to a lone madman traveling store to store.

Now one year after Johnson and Johnson essentially burned Scott Bartz’s book that challenged their narrative of the Tylenol Murders, the FBI has been making phone calls to victims families telling them that they have a big announcement on the 31st anniversary.

Confidential sources say that the FBI will be disbanding the Tylenol Murders Task force. Originally over 100 FBI agents made up this task force, now it’s down to four agents, soon to be Zero, if our sources are correct.

My special guest today is the daughter of one of the victims who ingested the Cyanide laced Tylenol. She can speak to us today because she isn’t under a Johnson and Johnson induced Gag Order like the rest of the victims families.

Hashtag: #N3


Video capture added to original post.

Peter Schiff Was Right Part Deux: The “Taper” Edition




By Michael Krieger

Peter Schiff Was Right Part Deux: The “Taper” Edition


For those of you who remember the months following the 2008 financial crisis, one of the most viral videos out there (it has over 2 million views) was the “Peter Schiff Was Right” compilation. It consists of various clips of Mr. Schiff being prescient about the financial condition of the U.S., as talking heads on various financial shows mock him and laugh in his face.

Well, the “Peter Schiff Was Right Video Part Deux” is now out and I expect this one to go viral as well. In this case, pundits laugh at Peter’s insistence that there will be no taper and that it was all a bluff (they pull off the same bluff every year). It ends in classic fashion with Bob Pisani explaining to the dwindling audience at CNBC that “no one saw it coming.”

I guess we’re back to that again.  The next crisis can’t be far off.


9-26-2013 8-12-52 PM

YouTube Preview Image


Video capture image added to original post.

Diane Feinstein defines free speech, the 1st Amendment, a “privilege.” (Video)





Diane Feinstein defines free speech, the 1st Amendment, a “privilege.” (Video)



Matt Drudge was right when he said last week that Ms. Feinstein was acting is a fascistic way. The woman is breathtaking in her control freakiness. Just watch this video. She has no qualms trashing the most fundamental right there is, to speak freely.

The great unwashed have been given a voice in the Internet which is troublesome in her view. We must license journalism. If it is licensed, the state can control it.

It appears that she holds ordinary citizens who would speak up against the power structure in deep disdain. She may dislike them as much as she dislikes ordinary citizens with guns. Likely she just assumes the two groups are probably the same folks for the most part anyway and should therefore be systematically curtailed.

Feinstein misses the days when her chief of staff could call up a reporter and threaten his or her job if the reporter said the wrong thing about the Senator. Now, people can say whatever they want, and that is a bad thing in the Senator’s view.

Total free speech on the Internet does not produce a poorer product as many in the the power establishment both in Congress and in the #oldmedia assert. Yes there’s lots of crap on the Internet. There are plenty of BS stories about nonsense. But people quickly ferret out poor reporting or analysis. Bad stories are vetted within minutes of posting. Reputations are on the line, all the time. It’s the market of ideas.

Ms. Feinstein is not known as a friend of the market mechanism.

The Senator’s effort to clamp down on free speech is in no way in the interest of the American people. Her efforts are in her interest, and those of her sponsors who fear an empowered American public.

That’s why we must fight her efforts.

Just an aside–How much fun do you think it would be to work in her office?

YouTube Preview Image

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So…You Want It For Free…




By Debbie Lewis,


So…You Want It For Free…


Columbia MO, September 4, 2013 – Ron Paul fans and friends were excited to hear the news that Paul would be taking to the video waves to offer information and his prized insights.  But, since his Ron Paul Channel Debut, people have been berating Paul for asking for subscriptions for full access to his channel.  Like so many people who have tried to delve into alternative media, Paul is having his share of “attacks,” even from people who claim to believe in his message and support his policies.

Ron Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

I have read such comments as, “I donated thousands to your last run for office, I should get the Ron Paul channel for free” and “oh yeah that’s right, only previews unless you pay,” and one of my personal favorites, “I really support your message Ron Paul, but think it’s disappointing that we have to pay a monthly fee just to watch your videos on youtube. Isn’t the main objective to spread the message across your country and the world? this makes it seem more like a business scheme and consequently makes it lose some of it’s credit in my opinion”

It’s time for those who claim they can’t trust the mainstream media, and according to polls, there are MANY of us, to step up to the plate.  I don’t think you understand.  While there is access to free information, it takes a team and MANY precious man hours to produce polished, professional news of any kind.  Paul is just starting and YES, it take time for him to get his momentum going.  His shows will get better and better with more experience and the ability to PAY a professional to help.

There is another side to this that Paul supporters, as well as anyone who claims to be in favor of alternative media, seem to be overlooking.  Money!  Mainstream media gets LOTS of funding from advertising dollars.  Because of that, the message can be controlled, and many times IS controlled, by whoever is funding the outlet.  My own research for our documentary exposing the mainstream media, Peddling Influence, proved without a doubt, the message is being controlled by whoever is willing to spend the money.

When I stumbled across an interesting quote in a published lecture, I had to immediately recheck the date of the lecture, because the quote could apply today.

“There is no such thing, at this stage in the world’s history in America, as an independent press, you know it and I know it.  I am PAID to keep honest opinions out of the paper.”  (Emphasis mine.)

The quote was made by journalist John Swinton during a ceremony celebrating his body of work.  He was the one who chose to expose what he knew, and it happened sometime around the 1880’s.  You read that right, the 1880’s!  The more I researched the mainstream media, the more I was convinced it is worse than any enemy we think we have.  In many cases, they print, or not, what they’re told.

Another thing I uncovered and exposed in Peddling Influence was the staggering amount of money spent by advertisers to sell their wares.  In 2011, for example, ad hacks spent $410 PER PERSON living in our country.  That’s a WHOPPING $127-plus BILLION spent to “sell” you stuff!  Do you think for one minute the media would do something to lose that kind of revenue?  No, they won’t.  During World War I, the media was quite literally controlled by a group of men to persuade our population to demand we enter the world war.  JP Morgan, Jr. stood to gain substantially from the war and sacrificed the lives of many to make a quick few million bucks.  The US entry into the Spanish American War was the result of a “war for readership” between William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer.  And, that information is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


Hillary Mann Leverett Rocks!



After a couple days I finally had a chance to see this video from September 1st which I had open in a few browser tabs waiting for me.  Hillary Mann Leverett was included in a panel discussion regarding the buildup to yet more warmongering, this time for Syria, held on the quickly fading mainstream media station MSNBC.  A classic study of intelligence verses msm spin in which Hillary Mann Leverett shinned using tactics basically extinct in today’s lapdog media, honesty, facts and logic.  Enjoy!


Written by Daniel McAdams

Lapdog Regime Journalists versus a Bona Fide Expert: Watch the Sparks Fly!


RPI Academic Board Member Hillary Mann Leverett absolutely destroys the conventional wisdom-mongering and regime lapdog “journalists” on Obama’s march to war on Syria. Watch the smug bootlickers discount the sole voice of reason — an expert on the region rather than a  talking head:


video capture

video capture


YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Travis Holte for link.

Google Silencing Washington Times?


Google Silencing Washington Times?


From a recent security scan and alert I received while performing the scan, Google has placed the Washington Times web site ( on the list of offenders added to Google’s Safe Browsing List.

[Updated to include security scan screen capture below, 1 example of 22 such results.]


The results seemed mixed as the mobile site loads without a problem or warning screen but the screen capture below is what loaded when viewing in my machine browser.

8-20-2013 7-06-27 PM

When scanning posts on I had 22 posts that contained a link to information posted on’s web site, dating back to at least June of 2011 at quick glance.  When going to Google’s diagnostic page regarding their Safe Browsing list here is the information displayed…

8-20-2013 7-14-26 PM

Funny, Google has been monitoring the site and has seen 20 issues in the last 90 days but late this afternoon the site is now listed on the evil roster of sites that could cause potential harm to all that visit, calling the site an “Attack Page”.  Did all those issues manifest late this afternoon?

Is the Google notice based on fact or fiction, presented for safety or censorship?  You be the judge, just passing along the information.  Feel free to enter your thoughts in the comments below and let us see what the general consensus is.

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