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Ron Paul’s speech, with Michele Bachmann

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A great speech by Dr. Ron Paul while visiting in Minnesota.  Please remember this was back when Michele Bachmann was a strong supporter of Ron Paul.  This dispute her voting record for the Patriot Act and other legislation.  Also, please remember, that when she now brags of being a tax attorney, she was working for and paid by the IRS.  Just saying.

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So what has happened to Michele since this time?  Pretty darn sad she has chosen the neocan path she has.  She was learning what the Constitution is, now only using the word as a prop.  Amazing how away from the truth one will go once on the campaign trail.  Thanks for the flip Michele.

Now more than every we need the Champion of the Constitution!

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Ron Paul Attracts More Than 3,000 Supporters in Minnesota



St. Cloud rally kicks off Minnesota state operations

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted more than 3,000 supporters at a rally in St. Cloud held to kick off his Minnesota state operations.

The event took place in the district of Dr. Paul’s colleague Rep. Michele Bachmann.  The last time Rep. Paul visited Minnesota was in 2009 when the pair held a town hall meeting.The exceptionally large crowd gathered at the St. Cloud Civic Center despite the hunting opener that can sometimes distract Minnesota families from attending large public gatherings.“We are extraordinarily pleased to see the turnout so high,” said Marianne Stebbins, the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign’s Minnesota Chair.“We know Ron Paul’s platform is popular with Minnesotans, but it’s especially gratifying to see the tremendous outpouring of support and concern for his message of Constitutionally-limited government, a return to sound money, and a strong national defense,” said Ms. Stebbins.

In the coming weeks, the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign will formally launch its Minnesota state operations with a new office in Minnetonka.

Michele Bachmann Endorses Ron Paul 2012

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The debate: Paul wins, Bachmann wins, Perry heads for the OK Corral



By Brent Budowsky – 08/12/11 10:29 AM ET

The Republican debaters looked like Snow White and the eight dwarfs, though recently Barack Obama has not looked profoundly presidential either. There were two big winners. Ron Paul is establishing himself as the only anti-war candidate in either party, a potentially huge role. Michele Bachmann continued her shredding of Tim Pawlenty, who will drop out before the big show. Paul and Bachmann are destined for a big clash with Rick Perry for the Anybody But Romney role.

First, Ron Paul: The great political opportunity for Paul is to be the clear and only anti-war candidate, at a time when war is highly unpopular. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with the policy, just suggesting that Ron Paul helped himself big time championing the anti-war position. If Paul keeps escalating his anti-war view, he could break into a clear third place in the polls.

Next, Michele Bachmann: Bachmann is breaking down Pawlenty the way Sugar Ray Leonard broke down boxing opponents. She lands short, hard blows: Pawlenty for cap-and-trade. Pawlenty weak on healthcare. Pawlenty sounds like Obama on government. Each Bachmann jab draws a little blood. She pushes him farther to the left. She keeps him pinned down. Pawlenty is intimidated by Bachmann. He cannot man up against her. His days as a candidate are numbered.

Finally, Rick Perry. The big dog on the cable news today. He is formidable, but I think overrated. Is Perry ready for prime time? I doubt it. Why does Perry hang out with neocons? Does he really want to run as Bush 45? Can he handle the hard nasty questions of brutal presidential politics? Don’t bet on it.

Once Bachmann disposes of Pawlenty, she will turn her fire on Perry. One of them must destroy the other before the grand shootout with Mitt “corporations are people too” Romney. Can you believe he said that?

Ron Paul and Rick Perry are destined for a very big clash on war-and-peace issues, and it will be a sight to behold. Paul says “get out now” while Perry says “bombs away.” The fur will fly. My bet is Ron Paul wins that debate. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Barack Obama pretended he was not the president living in the White House, but another angry voter waving his pitchfork against Democrats as well as Republicans in Washington. A very bad act and a story for another day.


Breaking: T-Paw dropping out



News began breaking on Sunday morning before most folks had finished their coffee or had even woken up on the left coast. Some fourteen hours after finishing a relatively distant third place to Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul in the Ames straw poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is ending his quest for the presidency.

Pawlenty told supporters on a conference call Sunday morning that he would announce on ABC’s “This Week” that he was ending his campaign after a disappointing finish in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday.

The poll was a test of organizational strength and popularity in the state whose caucuses lead off the GOP nomination fight.

Pawlenty had struggled to gain traction in Iowa, a state he had said he must win, after laying the groundwork for a campaign for nearly two years.

I won’t attempt to hide my disappointment since, as most of you know, I was quite a fan of T-Paw and had hoped he would do well. But in the end, there have likely been too many doses of reality being delivered to his campaign. As Ed and Tina already pointed out, while some people brush off the importance of a straw poll like the one in Ames, this was more than just a test of how many free tickets and pulled pork sandwiches one can hand out. It’s also a test of how well you can build your organizational structure and what kind of image you can project.

T-Paw had poured almost all of his remaining campaign funds into this effort and worked the ground game for well over a year, yet he still came up far, far short. It was going to be difficult at best to go back to potential donors after this and convince them to flush more money into the effort. But what Governor Pawlenty really never seemed to overcome was the media branded image that he was simply, “too nice.” He was the vanilla candidate who everyone liked, but they simply didn’t see that “fire in the belly” that everyone talked about. Even his scrappy verbal brawl with Michele Bachmann on Thursday night was too little, too late.

He was also regularly shoved to the back of the pack every time a new “flavor of the month” candidate entered the race and spiked in the poll numbers. This was doubtless compounded with the addition of a new, seriously high voltage competitor entering the race this weekend in the person of Rick Perry.

So where does he go from here? It’s difficult to imagine the final nominee picking him for the veep slot, but anything is possible. There is also the potential for a future Senate run where he might fare quite well, though he has brushed that thought off in the past.

Sorry to see you go, Governor, but I understand the decision. Best of luck.

Hmm, What’s Wrong, Or Right with this Picture?


Ron Paul Takes Very Close Second in Ames

AMES, IOWA – August 13, 2011 – News reports, as well as Ron Paul himself, indicated that the twelve-term Texas congressman was expected to do well in today’s straw poll in Ames.  Today’s second-place finish – by a razor-thin margin against local favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann – is a clear victory for Congressman Paul, who neither hails from Iowa nor espouses the foreign interventionism that continues to resonate with some Iowa Republicans.

Any candidate has reason to celebrate a strong showing like Congressman Paul’s in Iowa, said Thomas Woods, Revolution PAC advisory board chairman, but given how radically different Ron Paul’s message is, he should be especially delighted to have come within a handful of votes of first place – a poll in which he placed fifth four years ago..

“Ron Paul is taking dead aim at issues no one else will even touch,” noted Woods.  “No one was talking about the Federal Reserve System until someone of Ron Paul’s boldness and knowledge came along and showed us how this institution was making our economy so unstable and ripping us off in the process.  No one questions the premises behind our government’s disastrous foreign policy.  Ron Paul is trying to undo 100 years of brainwashing, from both official Left and official Right. The Left has its faith in Big Government at home, and the neoconservative Right an equally misplaced faith in Big Government abroad.  Both have embraced fairy tales over real history.

“Ron Paul rejects it all.  The same corrupt political class that has wrecked our economy is the same corrupt political class that has us mired in these trillion-dollar wars.  It’s about time both sides woke up and realized they’ve been had.  That’s what Ron Paul is trying to tell his countrymen.  And in light of his strong showing in Ames, the message is getting through.”

According to Woods, the Congressman’s willingness to take politically unpopular positions on the very eve of the straw poll was an indication of the strength of the candidate’s convictions.  “Congressman Paul said things in that debate – reminding the crowd that people tend not to like it when the CIA installs dictators and secret police in their countries, as happened in Iran in 1953 – that were not calculated to curry favor with the crowd he was wooing at Ames.  But that’s who he is.  He would rather tell unpopular truths than win cheap votes or applause.  He’s not a blowdried phony out of central casting, like most of the candidates our system serves up to us.  He is a real person with real principles, and he has stuck to them since entering public live 35 years ago.  Even his bitterest opponent has to respect that.”

To be sure, in the days leading up to the straw poll, media sources were already trying to downplay the event’s significance.  “This is typical of the media,” said Revolution PAC President Gary Franchi.  “If it looks like one of the officially anointed candidates isn’t going to win, they grab their toys and whine all the way home.  But even the media is going to have a hard time pretending it doesn’t really matter that Congressman Paul did so well in a state where his limited-government philosophy is a hard sell even to many self-described conservatives.”

What’s more, strong showings in Ames have often translated into strong showings at the important Iowa caucuses at the end of the year.

“This was a great day for the Congressman,” said Franchi.  “But it’s the end of the beginning.  Much hard work remains ahead of us.  We can now carry out that work with the confidence that the message of freedom is resonating as none of us could have imagined.”


How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History



How to Market the Greatest Congressman in History

by Thomas Woods

The Panic of 2008 was stage one of the collapse Ron Paul has been warning about for much of his career. Stage two is unfolding before us in the form of the debt crisis, of which the recent downgrading of the U.S. by S&P is only a symbol.

In short, the calamity that Ron Paul has spent his career warning about is upon us. It boggles the mind that Americans could think a difficult choice confronts them in the Republican primary when they have the opportunity to support a true economic prophet, not to mention the greatest congressman in American history.

We are out to change that.

The purpose of our recent billboard campaign in Iowa has been to plant important seeds in the public mind. Our boards read, “The only candidate who predicted the economic crisis is the only one who can fix it.” This is a theme we intend to hammer home repeatedly. When people hear the name Ron Paul, we want them to think: “That’s the guy who predicted this economic mess.”

There is a temptation (not shared by us) to portray Ron Paul as another plain vanilla conservative Republican who favors low taxes and balanced budgets. But a key principle of marketing is differentiation. There is no point in going to the trouble and expense of producing a television ad that Michele Bachmann could also have produced. Ron Paul is not an older, male Michele Bachmann. If we pitch him that way, we will give voters no reason not to vote for the actual Michele Bachmann.

Our efforts to promote Ron Paul will differentiate him from the pack at every turn. Our full-page ad in the Ames Tribune emphasized his prophetic remarks on the economy, his willingness to speak unpopular truths, and his consistent and unmatched track record of fidelity to individual rights and the Constitution.

And for people frustrated with Congress – i.e., everybody – we added that Ron Paul has stood up to that entire body by voting no all by himself more than all other congressmen combined. His arm cannot be twisted, and he is incorruptible.

This is what people most urgently need to know about him, and it’s what we intend to tell them, relentlessly.

Can you help us?

Be assured that contrary to what goes on in the rest of the political world, and indeed in the very Super PACs to which Revolution PAC will be compared, no one here is making six-figure salaries or will surprise you with mysterious five- and six-figure expense reimbursements in FEC reports. We are regular Americans, each of whom has a track record of support for Dr. Paul and what he stands for.

Remember, there are no donation caps for a Super PAC. Mitt Romney has raised many millions through his own Super PAC, with fewer than 90 donors. Do you suppose those people sent him that money out of a deep philosophical commitment to whatever middle-of-the-road so-called principles he was embracing that week? Can you even ask the question with a straight face?

A better question is: what can we do, and how much can we raise, not because we hope for special favors and a spot on the gravy train, but because we know that what Ron Paul stands for is morally and economically right – and urgently necessary for the health of our country?

Please help us.

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