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Have Voting Machines Already Made their Choice for Prez?

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So, your Nobel Peace Prize-winning European Union is demanding that indebted nations like Greece and Portugal privatize all their water resources if they want to continue receiving bail outs. As in – you want to stay in the Eurozone? Then hand over your most precious commons to transnational corporations. This is in line with the broader privatization agenda we’re seeing all around the world – especially here in America as water, roads, school, prisons – you name it – are all being privatized and taken out of the hands of “we the people.” These are all assaults on democracy.



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Joining voices and efforts for the dissolution of NATO



By: Iraklis Tsavdaridis *

NATO, UN, IMF, CMP, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Chicago, imperialismThe global movement for peace has to join forces against the united effort of capital and monopolies expressed for example by the G8. Imperialism is not all-powerful and is certainly not invincible.

Dear friends and comrades:

Let me thank the U.S. Peace Council for the invitation to be here with you in Chicago, which marked the history of the labor movement. We welcome the millions of people who love peace in the U.S., workers and all the poor and oppressed in this center of imperialism.

At the NATO Summit in Chicago, the CMP would like to denounce once again the largest war machine in human history, responsible for crimes against humanity since its founding in 1949 until today.

NATO has never been a defensive structure, it was not in 1952 when Greece and Turkey joined the “alliance” at the same time, and it was not for the life of the Warsaw Pact, established later than NATO and dissolved in 1991.

NATO was in friendly relations with all bloody and reactionary regimes and movements, all counter-revolutionaries of the world, their governments and leaders, extending the red carpet to Pinochet and the leaders of apartheid, and standing behind the coups and military dictatorships in Latin America and Europe.


Paul’s “Machine”



By Jack Hunter

Ron Paul is 3 for 3 in his endorsements in the last two weeks. Paul endorsed Kurt Bills, and Bills is now the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota. Paul endorsed Thomas Massie, and Massie is now the GOP nominee in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district race. Paul endorsed Ted Cruz, and as of last night Cruz will now go head-to-head with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in a Texas runoff for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.

Coincidence? Not according to Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray who says Ron and Rand Paul are building a “machine:”

Ron Paul, still, if barely, a presidential candidate, suffered another landslide defeat in the Kentucky primary last week. But the Pauls won anyway: Their hand-picked candidate Thomas Massie, backed by Kentucky senator Rand Paul and funded by a wealthy 21-year-old Texan Paul acolyte with a super PAC, won his hotly-contested House primary by a decisive margin.

Quietly, from the remnants of two failed presidential campaigns and the formidable online Paul organizations, a political machine is being born. The Paul agenda of extremely limited government, suspicion of economic elites, and their true outsider street cred have broad appeal in their party’s politics… The Republican Senate nominees in Wisconsin and Minnesota this cycle owe their nomination in part to the Paul influence. A Paul acolyte, Ted Cruz, is on the cusp of an upset victory over the establishment favorite in Texas Republican Senate primary. And Paul’s son Rand, the junior senator from Kentucky, is now mentioned seriously as a prospect for the 2016 Republican nomination should Mitt Romney fall short in November.

This new attention to state races is, a Paul advisor said, a matter of strategy.

“As Ron Paul moves on to a different phase, there will be other leaders who are in a position to emerge,” said the Republican strategist close to the Paul campaign. “Obviously the more people who are sympathetic to their issues, a host of those is a positive thing for the bigger movement. That’s part of the objectives.”

Of the major strategic goals that Paul’s camp is focusing on now — picking up delegates, getting issues onto the platform at the convention, and getting libertarians included in the mainstream Republican party — the last is “critical,” the strategist said:“You’ve got a bunch of other people who can go and lead and build off our infrastructures…”

“Congressman and Senator Paul are both deeply dedicated to helping elect principled Constitutionalists to office and are both working directly and indirectly with dozens of candidates across the country,” said Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton.

A few high-profile candidates, like Ted Cruz in Texas, have been particularly successful at profiting from the Paul anointment. Father and son appeared with him at a rally in Texas and conducted a moneybomb for him. And recent polling suggests Cruz will make it into a runoff with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in July, a scenario many believes favors the outsider.

Kurt Bills, a Minnesota congressman who recently won his primary to face off against Sen. Amy Klobuchar, also benefited from an unusually strong Paulite apparatus in that state, one that also took over the states convention. Bills benefited, too, from Paul himself campaigning and fundraising with him, and sending out fundraising emails on his behalf.

An email on Paul’s Bills endorsement from the end of March: “If elected to the U.S. Senate, Kurt will join my son, Rand, in leading the fight for fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and constitutional principles in Washington, D.C…”

“These congressmen and state officials and new federal officials are lining up with us because we have the soldiers,” said Paul adviser Doug Wead. “If you want to run for office, you have to have them. They are the activist base of the Republican Party now…”



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When Gadgets Get under Your Skin


Another news story that I would consider filing under “creep me out!”

implant, gadgets, skin

05-19-2012  •, David Zax  

New Scientist’s Jim Giles calls attention to this freaky fact: that in the future–the rather near future–our interfaces with our gadgets may be our own bodies. “Left your phone at home again?” he writes. “A solution is at hand: make sure it is with you at all times by having it implanted in your arm.” That’s certainly a way of having a solution at hand, so to speak.

This is pretty much no longer the realm of science fiction, according to researchers at the Canadian software company Autodesk. The team embedded, somewhat grimly, a button, LED, and touch sensor in a cadaver’s arm. Each element worked just fine when under the skin–Bluetooth connection and wireless charging even worked through the skin.

MIT’s Sherry Turkle weighed in on this, noting that “in general, the trend has been that people are more and more willing to incorporate bits of the machine world into themselves.” After all, to a certain extent, cyborgs are already among us–think of your uncle’s pacemaker. But there’s obviously a difference between elective, versus life-saving, implantation of technology. Where, if anywhere, do we draw the line?

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Ron Paul – The Great Awakening!

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10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve



Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke photoWhat would happen if the Federal Reserve was shut down permanently?  That is a question that CNBC asked recently, but unfortunately most Americans don’t really think about the Fed much. Most Americans are content with believing that the Federal Reserve is just another stuffy government agency that sets our interest rates and that is watching out for the best interests of the American people.  But that is not the case at all.  The truth is that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that has been designed to systematically destroy the value of our currency, drain the wealth of the American public and enslave the federal government to perpetually expanding debt.  During this election year, the economy is the number one issue that voters are concerned about.  But instead of endlessly blaming both political parties, the truth is that most of the blame should be placed at the feet of the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve has more power over the performance of the U.S. economy than anyone else does.  The Federal Reserve controls the money supply, the Federal Reserve sets the interest rates and the Federal Reserve hands out bailouts to the big banks that absolutely dwarf anything that Congress ever did.  If the American people are ever going to learn what is really going on with our economy, then it is absolutely imperative that they get educated about the Federal Reserve.

The following are 10 things that every American should know about the Federal Reserve….

#1 The Federal Reserve System Is A Privately Owned Banking Cartel

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.

The truth is that it is a privately owned central bank.  It is owned by the banks that are members of the Federal Reserve system.  We do not know how much of the system each bank owns, because that has never been disclosed to the American people.

The Federal Reserve openly admits that it is privately owned.  When it was defending itself against a Bloomberg request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, the Federal Reserve stated unequivocally in court that it was “not an agency” of the federal government and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

In fact, if you want to find out that the Federal Reserve system is owned by the member banks, all you have to do is go to the Federal Reserve website….

The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation’s central banking system, are organized much like private corporations–possibly leading to some confusion about “ownership.” For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company. The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.

Foreign governments and foreign banks do own significant ownership interests in the member banks that own the Federal Reserve system.  So it would be accurate to say that the Federal Reserve is partially foreign-owned.

But until the exact ownership shares of the Federal Reserve are revealed, we will never know to what extent the Fed is foreign-owned.


Ron Paul Ad – Washington Machine


Ron Paul Campaign Releases New TV Ad ‘Machine’

Ad condemns harmful Washington atmosphere and presents Ron Paul as leader with a bold plan to solve our economic crisis

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released today a new television ad titled ‘Machine’ airing on television in the key early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.  The ad begins airing today.

The 30-second ad condemns the dysfunctional Washington-insider atmosphere created and furthered by slick politicians, and presents Ron Paul as a leader who has stood apart and above such an environment.

‘Machine’ suggests that the self-serving actions of serial flip-flopping politicians brought about the current period of government-imposed economic weakness.  These politicians are ones that supported corporate bailouts and mandates on businesses, to the detriment of our overall economic health.  In glaring contrast, Ron Paul is showcased as a different kind of politician who has always been outside of the well-oiled machine that works for itself rather than for America’s needs.  Included in the ad are details of the 12-term Congressman from Texas’s ‘Plan to Restore America,’ which makes the hard choices and sets the nation on a path to recovery and lasting, sustainable prosperity.

“Our new ad ‘Machine’ argues the point that Washington is populated with politicians and well-connected interests that serve themselves rather than a vulnerable public that relies on politicians to create the proper atmosphere for fair competition and growth.  In contrast Ron Paul has always been above the fray and promotes policies and initiatives such as his ‘Plan to Restore America,’ an economic blueprint to help Americans recapture their constitutionally-guaranteed economic and civil liberties,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

To view the television ad online, please click here.

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